Fashion ragged haircut on long hair

In the 80s of the last century created a new style of hair stylists, trying to find a non-standard styles and shapes.This discovery became ragged haircut on long hair.Owners of soft thin strands perfect for this style.To do this, you can do a cascade or ladder and slightly trim the ends.At the very person at the request of several distinguished pryadok.Winning looks haircut and chubby, because it hides the cheeks and visually elongates the face.Style available for any length.The main rule - a step and multi-layer cropping pryadok the person or all of the hair.

Options ragged cuts

Long strands give scope for experimentation.Ragged haircut on long hair - is no exception.For example, the stage is stepped and smooth lines, moving from the top to the very tip.It is suitable for any type of person can be carried out with a bang, or without.Another interesting option - a ladder.For it is characteristic of a step transition, which is made only in person and not through the hair mass.On the sho

ulder locks placed ladder.If you have bangs hairstyle smoothly it goes.

difference between the ladder and the cascade is that the first version gives you increase the amount of strands.But the ladder will not give such effect, it is necessary to lay a hairdryer, hairbrush round on a daily basis.If you're ready for the original incarnations, experiments, then you'll love variant torn cap.The bottom line is a combination of two cuts: the bottom left of your strands length and trimmed top hat.Once created fragmentary effect on the locks.This style looks impressive and extraordinary.

Another option for the brave ladies - asymmetrical jagged haircut on long hair or medium.Such a creative variation definitely provide you distinguish beneficial to all.The line asymmetry is created according to your desire, the same applies to the length of the drop.The spectacular all with option appears torn oblique bangs, which echoes the main motive of hairstyles.

With bangs

This item is an image, like bangs, easy to pick up any type of appearance.Individual free volume hairstyles suitable for every face shape.Some relate to the nuances of selecting a bang, because it is capable of both stress and hide flaws.Rvanki combined with bangs completely different types.Especially interesting to look round long bangs that are drawn along the contour feathers, or asymmetric.

textured bangs of different thickness and length perfectly with rvankoy, which creates the impression that the strands of specially cut short to make it look easy.This option is suitable for oblong and oval face.If you think of the chubby ladies, then give preference oblique bangs.This visually flatten the roundness, make the face smoother and thinner.

If the selected stage, the milled or thick bangs look to him harmonious and stylish.It balances the proportions of the face, slightly lengthen it.To face did not look too elongated, smooth corners should bangs.Short asymmetric version of it will focus on the eyebrows and eyes, and the triangle - on the nose.Therefore, the ragged haircut on long hair try to trim bangs depending on what features you want to pay attention.

Hairstyle with a cap that creates a fringe effect and looks interesting due to its two-tier structure, is well combined with a straight horizontal bangs.Use different styling options.If you - the owner of the long strands of light, such option may be your forte, as more original, he looks at the blonde ladies.

Without bangs

Using ragged effect, the calibration gives the sculptural, visual waves.Actual stage at all times can be worn as a volume without curled bangs and smooth.If you prefer to slight negligence, naturalness in the way, you'll like jagged haircut with bangs without jagged edges.Styling takes a little more time and skill, if you want to translate the grunge style on their hair.


Ragged cascade that is created through the use of the razor, is relevant for any occasion, easy to install, looks great on long hair.This hairstyle - a harmonious combination of volume and length.It gives an extra amount of thinning of the hair, keeping their length.Cascade can tame unruly, thick hair, giving them shape and facilitating locks.

Ragged cascade can be worn with or without bangs, it all depends on the shape of the face and of your desire.Chubby is better to prefer a forward or asymmetrical bangs and face with elongated oval, it is desirable to stop on a thick line, which never loses its relevance.If your face shape is ideal, the fringe is not obligatory: boldly demonstrates to the world your beautiful forehead.

This hairstyle can easily switch to the classic stage: it is necessary to clarify a little bit separate locks the pleasant shade of blonde that will soften the image, or change the version of the installation.The advantage of it is that you safely get rid of damaged hair and gain additional volume.As a whole cascade of locks revives, heals all mop.

Technique ragged cuts + video instruction

Video instructions below will help you master the technique of performing different types of hairstyles torn.In the first video, see how to create a hairstyle layers.This version emphasizes the structure of the hair without losing the core length.

Create ragged haircut cascade you can, step by step video watching a master class.It demonstrates an interesting option of laying a hair, resulting in hair fall with beautiful curls.

Another option to create a ragged hair styles - combined - will be within your power, if you watch the following video.After manipulating the hair will be beautiful to lay a ladder on his shoulders, and, in general, it will be easy and stylish.

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