As you can pump up the press in the past month

Life is full of surprises and sometimes it happens that suddenly tomorrow you will find yourself in a travel agency that will make you an interesting offer holiday hot in warm countries.All is fine, and you decide to take, but that's bad luck: the need for a month to bring the figure in order to bring the muscles in tone and time to pump up the press with beautiful cubes.It would seem that this problem is unrealistic to embody in life.However, there are some effective tips to fully respond to the question: how in the past month to pump up the press to your figure in a bathing suit shining perfect on exotic beaches.

How to build a press to cubes at home

Houses pump and pull up the perfect abs to dice - completely solved the problem, the main thing to be patient, to use all his hard work and give everything 100%.To this end, it is not necessary to acquire a professional trainer at home, you just need to get acquainted with a few rules to be followed during your home training, observing a strict diet


  • first thing we start - a proper diet.We eat low-fat food, meat only boiled or steamed, the maximum fruit with a minimum of glucose, vegetables, rich in fiber.Eliminate sugar, flour, do not eat after 6 pm.
  • Inflate the press over the last month will help you foods rich in protein.Protein - is an enzyme that promotes rapid increase any muscle of the body, including the abdominal area.You start to lose weight faster, becauseduring the digestion of food consisting of proteins, spent a huge amount of calories are effectively getting rid of fat on the body;

  • Train every day from performing any exercise at least 20 repetitions;
  • first few days is better to reduce the load, start slowly, daily, increasing the number of presses, reaching its maximum;
  • Drink more water to quicker metabolism.

As a girl at home to get a nice press for 1 month

There are universal tips that will effectively help to not only lose weight but also to pump the desired abdominal muscles for maximum short term.Girls are particularly difficult to build muscle region of his stomach to the point that there were cubes, because the characteristics and structure of the organism: protein assimilation and muscle growth is much slower than that of men.However, there is no impossible tasks, which will prevent to deal with the question of how the past month the girl pump the press.To help you with the following recommendations:

  1. Each day of the month you have to go to bed and wake up in a strictly one and the same time.Make sure that your body and the body is completely spilled within the allotted time to sleep.Sleep with the window open to let air circulate well in the room.
  2. Wake up so that you have all morning procedures with enough time to spare.Stress - this is your first enemy of a healthy operation of the day.
  3. Getting morning exercises to properly and effectively to pump up the press, be sure to start with a warm-up, followed by a good stretch the muscles.
  4. immediately ready to run for half an hour.
  5. After jogging do not give your muscles cool, proceed to push-ups, bench, etc.
  6. Feel free to go to the press of the press, choose a variety of movements.

The best exercises for a press

order within a month to pump beautiful abs, do not stop at two or three examples of exercises.Make diversity, creating several sets of exercises that you will rotate through the day.Pick motion challenging, intense, do not spare himself, after all, is not an easy task: pump up the cubes in just one month.And here are some lessons for the press, proved the best:

  1. From a prone position: hands in the castle of the head with the elbows diluted in hand, legs bent, feet do not come off the floor.Make full exhalation, lift the torso up to sitting position, full exhale - back, so 20 approaches.A similar exercise, use, adding motion crossing elbows and knees on the rise.
  2. Lying on your back, arms breed in hand, leg lift to 45 degrees and begin to turn the bike up to five minutes.It is important to maintain the same degree angle throughout the exercise.The loin is pressed to the floor, only to follow the movement of the stomach muscles, do not perform due to the arms and shoulders.
  3. Keep your hands under the buttocks, exhale, tear off his feet with her buttocks, fixing the position for a few seconds.Inhale and return to its original state.Repeat up to 20 times.Watch out for blades on the back, they have to be fixed properly lay out the spine when lowering the leg down.

Video: Press over the last month - is it real?Many seem

idea pump up the press in the past month is absolutely impossible, but it's not as scary as it may seem at first glance.Subject to common rules, recommendations, the task of one month from the category of impossible, it goes into the category of real purpose.Yes, work is always justifies the means, but nobody said that the pump blocks in a short time - it's just watching a video proving this fact:

Photo beautiful press