Why do I get cellulite

This annoying problem is ready to appear at any moment."Orange peel" on the hands, feet, abdomen or the priest found in 15 years, and 50 - cellulite all ages, all types of submissive figures.Defeating him is every woman.The main thing - to understand why cellulite appears, act on the cause, not the consequence.The results are not long in coming.

What is cellulite

Some doctors define it as a disease, others dismiss the problem.In fact, cellulite - is changing the structure of fat cells.In the affected areas of disturbed metabolism.Fat cells grow, accumulate toxins that are fixed on the problem areas - the pope, on the legs, arms, abdomen, - preventing good circulation and nutrition of tissues.Where there is cellulite, derma covers the "orange peel" - it pits, bumps, knots, bluish spots.

direct threat to the internal organs cellulite can not be held, but it is unacceptable to ignore.The affected areas of cellulite, do not get the vitamins, minerals, oxygen, toxins accumulate, become a s

ource of general intoxication.If you have a flabby skin - the same "orange peel", is a clear signal: the body needs attention and support.

sufferer often faced with the psychological effects of cellulite - do not feel beautiful.Bare back, ajar hip pictures in a bathing suit, a spectacular appearance in public?What is there!Without going into the details of why cellulite ladies seek by all means get rid of the "orange peel".Large costs easily avoided if you understand, from what appears cellulite.

Causes of cellulite in women

According to research, "orange peel" Cellulite appears in 90% of women.In lean and pyshnotelye give the same process develops.Why does cellulite appear much more frequently in women than in men?Of the many reasons why specialists are three main: unprofitable products, hormonal imbalance, smoking.Guards also the following factors:

  • Lack of fluid.Seared worse body remove waste and toxins, and therefore prone to cellulite.
  • use of antibiotics, diuretics, hypnotics.Aggressive medication violate the self-cleaning mechanism and regulation of metabolic processes, inherent nature.Cellulite - the internal system response to external interference.
  • Excessive fad diets.The body, which is constantly kept on a starvation diet, nutrition in rare days tends to delay longer of energy resources.New fat cells - a perfect environment for the development of cellulite.

products that cause cellulite

fast pace of life, inattention to the body - the reasons for the love of delicious dishes but harmful, products.They provoke ill health, as well as contribute to the appearance of "orange peel".If the fight against cellulite has become the main objective would have to abandon them forever.I wonder why there hated cellulite, and decided to deal with it, you have to give up these products and dishes like:

  • cakes, pastries, desserts, sweet pastries.Fast carbohydrates, barely hitting the body, deposited in the fat depots, turning into cellulite.Carbohydrates slow - eaten on breakfast cereal, fruit, dark chocolate - will give a lot of energy, without causing harm to the figure.
  • Table salt to excess.Wealthy its products cause fluid retention.Finding no way out, she delayed ... in the form of cellulite.Do not exclude this substance at all.The daily rate of salt, do not provoke the appearance of "orange peel" - only 5 g This product contains fresh vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed.
  • Any thermally treated and harvested for future use food.Together with sausages, pates, mayonnaise, ketchup into the stomach gets a large dose of preservatives, dyes, thickeners, fillers.Wise body recognizes them as dangerous substances and strives to get rid of the ballast.Some of these substances settle in the form of cellulite ....
  • Dairy products with a maximum fat content.The human digestive system is unable to fully grasp the heavy animal products.Not all fats are removed from the body, the rest - are stored in problem areas.The appearance of cellulite is guaranteed.It is not necessary to renounce from dairy products.Instead, choose a cottage cheese and yogurt with a zero-fat, low-calorie cream most, then cellulite will not be afraid of you.
  • sweet drinks, alcohol, and especially soluble coffee.If these drinks occupy a significant place, then the answer to the question why there is cellulite, you have found in your diet.Replace them with water, weak green, black tea, fresh juices.


often accompanies cellulite hormonal failure.Excess estrogen weakens the blood vessels, and the affected areas covered by cellulite.Hormonal restructuring female body undergoes constant: at puberty, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, after menopause.the estrogen level is high, because of what occurs after childbirth, lactation, and in later years cellulite.


Recognize heavy smokers easily on the skin condition.Yellowish white, thin, covered with a web of wrinkles, and in problem areas - the "orange peel" cellulite.Tobacco smoke dries the epidermis, the nicotine level in the intercellular violates the oxygen exchange and tobacco tar poison the fragile female body.It brings to cellulite each cigarette.

Male cellulite

This problem is traditionally considered feminine.Often ladies resent why men do not have cellulite?And in vain.The answer to the question whether there is cellulite in men is ambiguous.Yes, the "orange peel" can not see.But if women cellulite fat cells accumulate throughout the body, then men suffer waist and abdomen.In appearance can not be said that the soft rolls - a "lifeline" - is cellulite.Thicker same than in women, skin is able to hide under an uneven "orange peel".

Another feature of the male body - more active burning of fat, which is the foundation of cellulite.This is how the hormone epinephrine.The blood of men it very much.Unlike the female, the body of representatives of the strong half of humanity tends to increase muscle mass, but does not accumulate excess fat.Cellulite in such circumstances formed simply not on anything.

How to get rid of cellulite at home

quickly get rid of the "orange peel" cellulite is unlikely: 2 weeks to liquidate stocks of arms, on the legs, on the abdomen will not work.The main thing - to know how cellulite is formed, and remember that it really win in 18 years, and 30 and 60. The program to get rid of "orange peel" includes exercise, massage, diet revision, the overall improvement of the body.It is better not to wonder for how much you can eliminate the effects of cellulite and make beneficial changes in a part of life.From the "orange peel" only memories remain over time.


increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite usual daily morning exercises (charge), which includes such exercises:

  1. squats and crouch.Perform multiple sets of 10-15 times, alternating with squat crouch.This is a great lesson how to help remove the "orange peel" on the legs and buttocks muscles tighten, to maintain the tone in the affected cellulite body.
  2. Mahi legs standing up and lying down.Lift the leg or along the body side, and cellulite deposits begin to melt.The main rule - do the exercise by working muscles.
  3. Any abdominal exercises in the prone position.Evenly Develop direct, obliques, upper and lower sections, to get rid of "orange peel" cellulite in this area.


Pills declared as a means of cellulite, a lot.Some of the "drug" are harmless, others cause severe blow to the body, but not at the "orange peel".Magic pills do not have cellulite!Good: good nutrition, personal care, massage areas, where there is "orange peel" cleansing of the body, sport.The means, directly carrying out the treatment of cellulite, not yet invented.


This method - one of the most effective in the fight against the "orange peel".The course is for cellulite includes at least 10 procedures.It is best left to professionals who will be able to cope with the "orange peel".Pre-tune to the discomfort: to break the fat deposits of cellulite, get the body to pump blood to get uneasy.In such areas, the therapist works very actively.

Diet Diet for cellulite is essentially identical to the one that forms the basis of a healthy way of life: fresh food, natural food cooked with his own hands, at least fat, lots of fruits and vegetables.In the fight against "orange peel" cellulite do not forget the water (2-3 liters a day) and supplements.Balanced complex of vitamins and minerals better take a month 2-3 times a year.

Video: how to deal with cellulite on legs

In the fight against "orange peel" video tutorials to programs against cellulite perfect substitute for a workout in the fitness center.Placement of video below will help you to cope with cellulite on the legs.This is perhaps the most problematic area.Where cellulite occurs earlier than in other areas, and is very common.You will have to work hard, getting rid of fat deposits.The result is a smooth skin without cellulite will certainly please.