Oil for the growth of eyelashes

All girls love thick eyelashes, so give them a great value.Some are dissatisfied with their condition, spend a lot of effort to build artificial.Oil for the growth of eyelashes - budget deal, can solve many problems.Fans of such funds know that the beauty of your eyes, they are obliged to this natural elixir.Knowing the characteristics of oil and examining all the details of their use, you will choose a means for the growth of eyelashes at home easily.

Which oil for strengthening and growth of eyelashes better

Even the most luxurious lashes are in need of constant support and prevention of hair loss.The daily application of mascara, makeup flushing with special means, the use of overhead hair very traumatic for ever.Being exposed to such adverse effects, the hair follicles are losing vital functions.Many natural oils can help to strengthen the hair, increase their volume.To strengthen the roots and hair structure, it is necessary to smear on them such oils:

  • Castor oil - copes with hair loss.Whe
    n used, they will become thicker and alive.People who suffer from allergies, you should use this method with caution.
  • Sandthorn hood - another budget option for strengthening the hair.Due to the content of fatty acids, restores the hair structure, making them elastic, shiny and elastic.Sea buckthorn is rich in carotene and retinol, these components benevolently affect their structure.

  • Almond oil - the leader on the content of vitamin A, so it is a pleasure to use in cosmetics.It is used as a means for the growth of eyelashes, to prevent their loss.
  • Fish oil adds shine and effect of silk hairs, due to such property, they are easy to twist, do not get confused and keep their shape for a long time.
  • Cosmetologists advised to make a mask on the eyelids of Vaseline.After a month of daily use of this ointment, you will see an improvement: the eyelashes begin to grow faster.
  • Peach oil has on hair moisturizing, rejuvenating, regenerating effect.This tool promotes active growth of hair follicles.
  • Camphor oil refers to ether, concentrated fats, so it is used in a diluted form by adding a few drops of other cosmetics.Camphor has a warming and irritating effect, whereby awaken ciliary follicles, the hair grow faster.

  • for the prevention and elimination of loss of eyelashes cosmetologists are advised to replace expensive professional liquid to remove the carcass from the eyes of the olive extract: excellent removes mascara gently cares for the skin age.This means a lot of saturated vitamins, natural minerals.Daily use of oil for eyelashes growth making them strong, thick, lush.
  • Due to the content of fatty acids and vitamins in argan oil, it is used at loss, brittle hair.Constant use will give them thickness and shine.
  • coconut is known for its healing properties for eyelashes: contains all the necessary vitamins to their active growth.When applied to the hair, this oil nourishes, moisturizes them.Even after rinsing the film remains on the eyelashes, which protects them from the harmful effects of mascara, sunlight and wind.
  • Burdock oil is very popular due to its medicinal properties, low cost.This tool contains a large amount of protein, which makes up the bulk of the hair.With regular use, fine hairs become stronger and sturdier to external stimuli.

  • Linseed oil cold pressed rich in proteins, vitamins B, D and E, which can help strengthen the hair follicle with loss of eyelashes.After a few weeks you will notice the result: the hair will be shiny, elastic and longer than usual.
  • Jojoba oil not only nourish the hair but also moisturizes the skin around the eyelids, giving it radiance.This drug contains the necessary components to ensure rapid growth, rooting ciliary bulbs.After prolonged use of visible result of this tool: the hairs acquire luster and elasticity, the desired length.

Professional oils that stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

For many modern girls do not have time to understand the benefits of oils, preferences for the product.Ready for fluid on the eyebrows and eyelashes care have several advantages over the pharmacy drugs: easy to use, adapted to the eye, have a pleasant scent.Some of the popular professional inventions:

  • «DNC» - a solution of castor oil and sea-buckthorn extract in one package, with the addition of vitamins, aromatic fragrances.This tool is used to enhance hair growth.After the first use, they become darker, which allows not to use mascara.
  • «Elma» - a mixture of oils for the care of hair, contains extra vitamins.This tool is convenient to his laconic pack brasmatika.It has a brush for a comfortable application.«Elma» curl hair, giving them a graceful curve.

  • «Gemene» consists of castor oil, vitamin B complex.It is recommended for recovery of fine, rare hairs.
  • Indian "Kareprost" oil - hormonal drugs used in ophthalmology for the treatment of the retina.Due to the content of growth hormone is used in cosmetics to strengthen, giving the density of hairs.Before using "Kareprosta" read the instructions for use.

Where to buy and how much it costs

buy drugs to enhance eyelash growth is possible in the pharmacy and cosmetics stores.On the shelves of a large selection of tools designed for every budget.If you do not have time for hiking in the outlets, then find a professional oil for eyelash growth is easy in an Internet pharmacy.Summary table of prices, addresses cosmetics stores:

Drug Name

store name, address

Price (rub.)


Conditioner eyelash growth «Advanced lash»






eyebrow growth stimulator «Alerana»

Dia pulse


IFC Pharmacies



Drops "Travatan»

Alexander pharmacy


pharmacy wholesale prices

Moscow, pr. Mira 64.



Oil eyebrow growth «Elma»





Howapply oil to

home eyes - a very delicate part of the face.In order for them to properly apply the mixture to the hair growth, you need to familiarize yourself with some subtleties:

  1. Before applying the oil to the growth of eyelashes makeup rinse with age.
  2. If you wear lenses - must remove before applying, otherwise in contact with them, they spoil the mixture.
  3. mixture is preheated in a water bath.
  4. Slightly moisten a cotton swab into the mixture and gently put on the top, and then on the lower eyelid to excess do not fall into the eye.
  5. remains of the mixture applied to the eyebrows.
  6. Do not leave the mixture on the lashes overnight - it will lead to irritation of the mucous membrane, undesirable swelling.Hold tool is recommended no more than half an hour, then remove the excess with a dry cloth or cotton pad.

Videoretsept: a mixture of oils for the density and growth of eyelashes

If you want to prepare for the growth of eyelashes oil at home, look at the video below, which offers a detailed recipe of accessible and affordable products that are sold in your local pharmacy.This video will be useful to view for those looking for the perfect solution to combat the loss of eyelashes.You will learn about the benefits and rules of application of the mixture of oils in the home.

Customer Reviews and recommendations of doctors

Maria, 28 years : I work in a beauty studio, to my treatments come client who after eyelash its beginning to break off and fall, there have been cases of their complete lack of.Having tried a lot of makeup, I want to say that the most effective tool for the growth of eyelashes - all available and known fish oil with a few drops of lavender ether.

Olga, 33 years : always dreamed of thick eyelashes, bought expensive professional gels for stimulating their growth, conditioners, vitamins Saw "Aevitum", but the result was not.A friend advised me to try a mixture of burdock with sea buckthorn oil.I use such means two months, when I saw the first results: eyelashes have become docile and smooth.The hairs become thicker, but until the desired length has not increased.

Marina, 40 years : My eyelashes have always been very dull: thin, sparse and very bright.Having tried a lot of strengthening means of popular recipes to professional care, I found your ideal product - a liquid for rapid growth of eyelashes "Aleran".After using it transformed my eyelashes: thick steel twice, a little grown up, even in the dark with one tone.