How to lose weight on a diet of beer

«Ruining people is not beer, water destroys people ..." - involuntarily reminded of the lines this fun songs when looking for arguments, beneficial or harmful Popular foamy drink.Is beer can be a dietary product?Find out what the beer diet for weight loss, a diet she means and why more suited to men.After reading the above information and reviews of people who used it, you can make an informed decision, whether you approach this method of weight loss.

How to remove belly fat man with no gym

Probably everyone overweight would like to be slimmer, which means - and healthier.Most men on such dreams is not comes.When thinking about losing weight they once represented a grueling workout, which often have neither the time nor the inclination.We emphasize that the recommendation to join the gym is not the first answer to the question of how to remove belly fat man.First you need to change and adjust the power.

most important thing - that a man was a full breakfast and lunch, and then in the

evening there will be less eaten.Also, the diet should be rich in protein, fiber include cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables.It is necessary to limit the intake of alcohol, which stimulates appetite.Following the above, the representatives of the stronger sex raises the question: is on the way to trim figure it is necessary to give up all the gastronomic pleasures of life?It's not obligatory.For example, there are a lot of positive feedback on how to get rid of the stomach with the help of many men loved beer.

This men's beer diet

Why this diet is more suitable for men?This is due to such facts.This diet at home is easy to use.It involves the use of a certain amount of beer combined with easy-to-prepare foods.It is believed that a set of trace elements and vitamins, which are part of the beverage, the meager diet enriched diet.

Since this drink is consumed cold, then the body spends more energy on self-warming, which helps to burn calories.Adhering to this diet every day a man gets a kind of a bonus in the form of misted glass of your favorite beer.Unlike girls, who after such a diet can easily become alcoholics beer, men such unpleasant consequences for the week will not get any.

beer diet diet for 7 days

Note especially the use of diet for weight loss, based on the foam beverage.For these applications it is necessary to select a high-quality, better living unpasteurized beer.Naturally, you need to use it without snacks.We must renounce the use of sugar, salt, follow the sufficient amount you drink, you can drink herbal teas.Keep in mind that such a diet designed for a week.Even very inspired with received within 7 days of the results, to renew it for a long period can not be!Repeat it possible not earlier than in two months.Here is a detailed menu for the week:

day diet

number of beer, a liter




100 g of boiled buckwheat



100 g boiled or grilled chicken breast



100 g of boiled meat turkey or chicken



100g commodity or baked in foil lean fish



salad of fresh vegetables, fruits



diet limited only drunk throughout the day beer



drink per day 2 liters of mineral water Lightly

have beer-based diet has contraindications.It is impossible to adhere to pregnant and lactating women.If you have any chronic diseases, to such frequent use of beer in your diet you should consult your doctor.There can be no question of a combination of diet control car or its application during operation.

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Mikhail, 37 years : I can confirm that the beer, but not nuts, and salads with light - this is a quick way to lose weight.In the last summer vacation all week, I had such a diet for men: I drank a liter of beer - and a half a day and then ate a light vegetable salads.I am satisfied that after beer in the intense heat a lot less thirsty.After 7 days, I lost about 5 kg.

Igor, 28 years : I was not impressed on the beer diet.I do not argue, stick to it because of the possibility to drink your favorite beverage grade - not a bad idea.Only the sense of such a diet a little, because after a beer I want to eat.Once I started a diet, but threw it on the third day.The second time, stayed the whole week, but on the scale - only minus 2 kg.It's not worth it.