How to strengthen the nervous system

How to strengthen the nervous system should be aware of everyone because none of us is immune from a nervous breakdown.Fatigue, chronic sleep deprivation, stress, poor environment - these are some of the most important and critical factors that affect our psyche and nervous system.When "the nerves to hell," do not want anything, there is only one wish - to restore the nervous system, to pull back to life, and to establish a positive perception of the world.That's why your favorite website Sovets useful will tell you today about how to restore the nervous system.

How to strengthen the nervous system in the home

The best way to restore the nervous system a rest.Of course the ideal option - it is to go on vacation to a warmer climate to the sea.The sea air, the noise of the surf, clean air and gentle sunshine a positive impact on the psycho-emotional health.That is why we always come back after a holiday full of strength and energy.If you can not get so long and far, but give yourself a bre

ak you need, go to the country or just a long walk in the nature in your day.Beautiful nature, greenery and birds singing away from the bustle of the city will help you recover and gain strength.Colourful and delicate flowers will help to restore the nervous system, low-cost delivery of flowers in Moscow - is a great way to cheer yourself up and do something nice for a loved one.

You must understand and remember that restore the nervous system without a full sleep will not work.For the body enough sleep 8 hours every day, but you should not deprive yourself of the precious hours of rest under any circumstances.Chronic sleep deprivation worsens memory in humans, increased nervousness, decreased immunity, as well as premature aging of the brain are observed.

restore the nervous system will help to a balanced diet.Especially important it is for women.Your diet should be constantly present fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, with which the body will draw useful vitamins and minerals.For the health of the nervous system is important to the consumption of seafood, as sea fish rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3.Also seafood this substance is contained in flaxseed and olive oil, and in a certain amount and in fruits and vegetables.Do not limit the consumption of meat products, a protein important for a solid emotional health.Prefer chicken meat, turkey meat and beef.

Try to have a rest, fully fed, get rid of bad habits, and then your nervous system will be in perfect order.

How to strengthen the nervous system of people's means

The following recipes are proven as folk remedies to strengthen the nervous system.

Composition 1

Mix 100 grams of sweet flag root with the same number of colors mullein and 100 grams of mint.With grinders chop the grass up to the minute status of flour.Two tablespoons of herb collection pour two cups of boiling water.It is advisable to prepare a decoction of the evening in a thermos, and then insisted the night, in the morning means will be ready for use.In the morning, strain the infusion and take it half a cup four times a day on an empty stomach.

Composition 2

Two tablespoons of herbs centaury fill a thermos with two cups of boiling water.Also, let it brew broth until the morning, in the morning strain and take four times a day on an empty stomach.

Composition 3

At a time when honeysuckle begins to bloom, tear off a bit of her branches themselves to strengthen the nervous system.In a coffee grinder or blender to grind flour branch status.Pour one teaspoon of shredded honeysuckle branches cup boiling water, boil the broth over low heat for five minutes.Remove from heat and strain.A decoction of honeysuckle take a tablespoon three times a day.

How to strengthen the nervous teenager

system Often the nervous system of children suffering due to lack of vitamins and minerals of the group.Since children are more prone to nervous exhaustion, when there is a lack of calcium in their body.When calcium shortage child becomes more irritable, nervous and restless.Of course, you can give your child a vitamin complex, which includes calcium, but do not forget about good nutrition.The daily diet of the child must include dairy products.

rapid fatigue and excessive excitation in children contributes to a lack of vitamins Group B. In order to improve the child's attention, increase its efficiency and strengthen the nervous system, it is necessary to include in the teen menu foods high in vitamin B. It is products such as meat, seafood, beansand dairy products.

Remember that the child will tire quickly and will be inattentive during the day, if he had a hearty and nutritious breakfast.Do not forget in the morning to give the child a handful of nuts, to strengthen the nervous system.But dinner should be easier, and the evening meal should take place no later than three hours before bedtime, so that the child does not go to bed on a full stomach, or about any proper rest at night and can be no question.

No that does not work so well to strengthen the nervous system of the child, as a recreation and entertainment.More often with a baby in the air, perform for family in the country, where you can play outdoor games.On a vacation the child must have a rest, do not overload his job, if you see that he is tired.Make sure that your offspring did not spend much time at the computer for games.Computer fights strongly overload child's brain and psyche that does not contribute to the strengthening of the nervous system.Only such a comprehensive approach (varied and balanced diet, taking vitamin complex and complete rest) will help to strengthen the nervous system of your child.