How to quickly lower the pressure at home

Hypertension - a true companion of people who live under constant stress.If you are familiar with this problem, take note of these methods are quick release high pressure.Choose for yourself the most effective use of them as a magic wand.

Stress, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle - these are the main causes of high blood pressure and related diseases.Do not always have the opportunity to begin treatment in the hospital, so many hypertensive patients with varying degrees of success are struggling with their own disease.To learn how to quickly lower the pressure at home, we now discuss.

Since the treatment of hypertension, should decide what sort of pressure is considered normal.The ideal pressure is absolutely healthy person is considered to be the pressure of 120/80 mm.Because of the human body in some normal pressure is in the range 110-140 / 70-100 mm Hg.

If these values ​​are exceeded, there is every reason to suspect hypertension, and thus to do it in a timely treatment.When the

pressure to a value of 170/120 mm comes hypertensive crisis, and should take immediate action.

high pressure Symptoms

sudden fatigue, deterioration of health - the first signs of pressure.The primary signs of hypertension also include facial redness of the skin, head, headache, ringing in the ears, "flies" in front of his eyes.Sometimes health deteriorates until the dizziness and fainting.

If you do not pay attention to the signs mentioned above for a long time, there are other changes in health.It appears causeless irritability, turning into a permanent stress and insomnia.Deteriorating memory and visual acuity, a person begins to feel badly even minor changes in the heart, which causes anxiety and fear.Frequent hypertension satellite - shortness of breath and dizziness.Sometimes high blood pressure also complain of nosebleeds.

How to reduce the pressure in the home medicine

Taking drugs is permitted only on prescription - he must write out a prescription.Self-medication is a health hazard.In traditional medicine, to rapidly reduce the pressure of using drugs to facilitate rapid removal from the body of water and protein.

  • Atenolol - contributes to the rapid decrease in pressure, the drug does not accumulate in internal organs and excreted from the body within days.
  • bisoprolol - adopted a course of 15 to 30 days.Accumulate in the body, it helps to normalize pressure.The dosage is determined by the attending physician.
  • Anaprilin - the drug has a pronounced hypotensive effect.
  • Vazokardin - used to reduce pressure during hypertensive crises.The drug is strong, you need to start receiving after consultation with the attending physician.
  • verapamil - inexpensive and effective drug for the removal of high pressure.It is able to accumulate in the body, in some cases, there are side effects - weakness, allergy, puffiness.
  • censer - recommended for reducing the pressure people who spend a lot of time in the position of "standing."Effective with tachycardia, it has contraindications.

Simple and effective non-drug methods of decompression

  1. Practice shows that reducing pressure quickly helps a few simple measures.Seat the patient so that it was convenient.Shoulders should be lowered, to keep his head straight.All muscles should be relaxed.
  2. not need to think about the cause of high blood pressure, it is better to try to relax, tidy emotions.
  3. proven effective exercises for the next breath.Breathing should be smooth, on three accounts breath for four counts exhale.The pause between inhalation and exhalation on one account.
  4. Ordinary mustard laid on the collar area and shoulders, just a quarter of an hour will provide blood flow to the brain.
  5. Acetic compress laid on foot, in 20 minutes will reduce the pressure to a normal state.
  6. weak tea with lemon, cranberry juice or Aronia promotes rapid normalization of the heart and the tone of cerebral vessels.
  7. Neck zone massage and contrast shower - a great tool for normalization of pressure.

How quickly reduce the pressure of folk remedies

decoction of nettle and fennel

Ingredients: May nettle, dry dill - 2 tablespoons.l .;Milk - 500 grams.

Pour over fennel and nettle milk, bring to a boil, remove from heat and infuse for 8-10 minutes.Strain, consume immediately.Broth will have effect after a quarter of an hour.

decoction of plantain and meadowsweet

Composition: meadowsweet, plantain - 1 tbsp;
Water - 1 cup.

Boil water, boil the broth, which is used in 2 divided doses.Half of the broth consumed immediately, then go to rest for half an hour.After a rest to drink the rest of the broth.

drugs in combination with tinctures and drops

Action will strengthen drug infusions (valerian, wild rose, motherwort), which should be consumed immediately after taking the medicine recommended by your doctor.After taking the medicine and tinctures need to lie down.


Shred radish, put it on the floor.To stand on it for 15 minutes with bare feet.Fifteen minutes later, the pressure is normalized.

Hot tea in combination with massage

Brew tea in a glass, stir a teaspoon of sugar.A spoonful of the glass is not removed, so she warmed.After that, put a spoonful alternately to each nostril until its full cooling.Next, attach the fingers to the glass.Heated fingers attached to the ear lobes.Repeat the procedure two times for 3.Drink all the tea.Fifteen minutes later, the pressure returns to normal.

Leaves horseradish

couple of sheets of horseradish attach to the forehead, and one - to the left side of the chest near the heart.Status will return to normal in half an hour.

branches of aspen

prepare aspen twigs with young leaflets.Omit them in boiling water 3 minutes put them behind the ears, securing a handkerchief.Pressure indicators will come back to normal after 30 minutes.

berries, bark and leaves of sea buckthorn sea buckthorn

mixture (tablespoon), pour a glass of boiling water, drink 100 grams of broth in a quarter of an hour, the rest of the broth to use in another 15 minutes.Condition will get better after a short time.

Another recipe.Two tablespoons of the bark of sea buckthorn cover with water (500 grams), bring to a boil and cook over low heat for half an hour.Drink 70 grams 3 times per day for three weeks.

sea buckthorn juice in an amount of 100 grams consumed three times a day for three weeks.


Grind fresh leaf geranium, rub the pulp on the temples, sniff.We also offer another way - rub a leaf geraniums, attach the wrist.In both cases, the figure fell to 20 units already in half an hour.


Pour in a tablespoon teaspoon of sugar, pour a teaspoon of brandy spoon.Condition: the mixture does not swallow and keep under the tongue.After 20 minutes, it becomes easier.


clover flowers (1 tbsp. Spoon) pour 200 grams of water, bring to a boil and cook on low heat for fifteen minutes.To insist broth for 1 hour, drink 2 tablespoons.5 tablespoons once a day.

Yogurt and cinnamon

Add a glass of yogurt with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.Drink at once.Condition of the body to improve in just one hour.

Causes Hypertension Hypertension

- disease of modern civilization.There are several major causes of the disease.

  • unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of alcohol in large quantities.
  • predominance in the diet smoked, salted, plenty of spices.
  • High loads at work, low physical activity.
  • unhealthy psychological environment at home and at work, constant stress, worries, anxiety and fear.

Hypertension Prevention

Overweight - a factor that dramatically increases the likelihood of hypertension.From the extra kilos you need to get rid of in the first place.Improper diet is harmful to health.Coffee, flour, salt, smoked and fatty meals, and alcohol should be consumed in limited quantities.

People who are prone to hypertension, it is recommended to eat every day not more than 2 grams of salt.Good for the heart and vascular trace elements such as magnesium and potassium, must be ingested in sufficient quantities.In addition to potassium and magnesium cardiovascular system needs fatty acids omega-3, found in fish and seafood.

Smoking harms not only easy, but also other organs.Timely cessation of smoking contributes to the preservation of health and reduces the likelihood of hypertension.

Regular exercise train the heart and blood vessels, making them resistant hypertension.Best for preventing high blood pressure suit jogging, swimming, fitness, yoga.Bodybuilding and strength sports are not conducive to the prevention of hypertension.Every year several courses pass reception decoctions based on hawthorn and wild rose.

Try to avoid stress, remember that many diseases, and hypertension is no exception, developed against the background of negative emotions and stress.