Nail fungus treatment of advanced

Onychomycosis is a common disease that affects the nails feet and hands of people of different ages.Since the fungus pathogens are very resistant, the treatment of onychomycosis is a long, complicated process.Among the agents are very aggressive species, deeply affecting the nail plate.Often there are pathological process involved lymph nodes, which can lead to the reappearance of the fungus on the nails of the hands or feet.


onychomycosis is usually caused by fungi, parasites or yeast and molds.Nail fungus can occur in isolation or affect the skin, hair.Patients common disease associated with several types of pathogens, fungi are possible combinations of different types of bacteria.Such tandems often cause human allergic reactions and stimulate the emergence of new pathologies.

reasons that may contribute to the emergence of fungal toenails are:

  • wearing tight shoes, injured feet;
  • immunodeficiency, including AIDS;
  • a long course of antibiotics, cytostatics, corticosteroids;
  • nervous disorders, degeneration;
  • impact of ionizing radiation;
  • chronic disease diabetes mellitus type and others;
  • poor circulation, disturbance of lymph drainage, chronic venous insufficiency;
  • lasting effect on the blood vessels of the fungus pathogen.

stages of the disease and its symptoms

Infection with nail fungus is carried out invisibly to human disease is often a very long time does not have any external manifestations.First, the fungus affects the nail edge - well formed center from which the infection spreads to the neighboring fingers.The first symptom of onychomycosis is often a change in the color of the nail plate.Depending on the species of the pathogen, the fungus, it can take gray, yellow, brown or white.

second stage of the fungus is characterized by a change in the structure of the nail.The plate becomes chapped, get fat several times.Typically, during this period of onychomycosis person notices symptoms and surgery begins.If you let the disease take its course, the nail will begin to flake and crumble.Doing pedicure or manicure, you can feel the characteristic odor.

Nail fungus can cause severe itching and flaking of the skin between the toes.When running a fingernail form may be sick or get off completely.If you find one of these symptoms - a sure sign of fungal nail infections.But an accurate diagnosis must put a doctor, so immediately contact your dermatologist.The longer you ignore the problem, the harder it will be treated.

Methods of treatment of nail fungus in the form of neglect

Traditional methods of treating nail fungus at advanced stage are not always effective, so they are used as an adjunct to medical therapy, which appoints an expert.Selection of methods of treatment of onychomycosis should be made a doctor, because the self can further aggravate the disease, causing complications and progression of the infection.In such cases, the patient begins to flake off the nail, the fungus spreads to healthy plate.

Local agents: creams, ointments, gels and droplets

To treat nail fungus is necessary to use special creams, drops, ointments and gels.Before their application 2 times a day to the affected nail polish nail file.Topical preparations for the treatment of onychomycosis prevent the spread of harmful spores to neighboring nail plates, killing fungal cells.The use of gels or drops less effective than treatment with varnishes as quickly erased with the first surface of the nails.Here is a list of local resources:

  • clotrimazole.The drug prevents the synthesis of nucleic acid type, which leads to the destruction of the membrane of fungi and cell death.Before using the foot wash and disinfect using a bath with salt and soda (salt per liter of water).Apply the ointment should be twice a day, after cutting off the plate as short as possible for the best means of penetration.During pregnancy, treatment clotrimazole prohibited.
  • creolin.This veterinary medicine, which features a powerful disinfectant, antiparasitic activity.Apply it should be very cautious that the drug did not get on the skin (it is better to stick it around the nail adhesive).Treat your nails infected with the fungus, during 2-2.5 months once a day until fully grown healthy.
  • Mikozan.The drug effectively destroys the membrane of the fungus, it eliminates the produced enzymes that damage the nail, and creates a protective film on the plate against other pathogens of onychomycosis.Before treatment Mikozanom clean the nails from the nail polish, grind disposable nail file (once a week), removing dead skin layers and apply a remedy.Use the drug should be twice a day, morning and evening.
  • Lamisil.This medical device is used 1-2 times a day, prescribed by a doctor.Before using Lamisil affected by nail fungus are dried and cleaned.The spray is sprayed on the plate and adjacent areas of the skin so that they are strongly moistened.
  • Exoderil.Available in the form of a spray and ointments, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect.The drug helps to eliminate itching.In onychomycosis should remove the affected plate nail file or nail scissors, then spray or coat the nail Ekzoderilom.Apply the medication should be twice a day for 5-6 months.
  • Dimexidum.It has anti-fungal, analgesic effect.Apply to the affected nail and the area around it.Depending on the stage of the fungus the doctor prescribes a daily rate equal to 1-2 applications.
  • Fukortsin.This antifungal solution is applied using a brush or cotton swab from 2 to 4 times per day.After drying, the drug in the treated nails, you can apply more paste or ointment.
  • Tsitrosept.This drug application represents the internal essence of grapefruit and performance similar to antibiotics.In onychomycosis doctors prescribe a daily dose of about 30 drops are taken in 2 sets.Gradually increasing the dosage.

Medical paints and sprays destroying fungus

to treat early forms of the fungus is possible to manage only the local media, for example, special sprays or lacquers.If the plate is no more damaged than ¾ of, and not affected nail fungus growth zone, the doctor recommends treatment with topical medications.Modern pharmaceutical companies produce a lot of medicinal nail polishes that contain anti-fungal components:

  • Lotseril.When applying the varnish, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the plate and nail bed.The drug tends to accumulate in the affected place of the fungus, its effective concentration is maintained in the nail plate even more than a week following a single application.For the treatment of onychomycosis solution cover damaged nails on the hands or legs 1-2 times a week.The course of treatment should be continued until the plate is not fully restored.Lotseril not recommended during pregnancy or during lactation.
  • Batrafen.The varnish is effective against dermatomitsetami, molds, yeasts and other fungi.It is used for the treatment of onychomycosis, or fungal infection of the skin.A side effect of the drug allergy is manifested in the form of peeling or redness of the skin.
  • Demikten.Nail fungus treatment nails or soft tissue.The drug is effective for the relief of fungal diseases, it relieves itching, eliminates the unpleasant smell of feet, it promotes healing of heel cracks.

Tablets for oral

With the defeat of the fungus growth area of ​​nail plates, doctors include the treatment of onychomycosis and tablets.Take these drugs to patients with nail fungus should be from 1 to 3 times a knock, that depends on the stage of the disease and the individual tolerability written out funds.Systemic treatment is only under specialist supervision because such therapy may affect the liver and digestive tract health.Here are the main types of tablets from onychomycosis:

  • Fluconazole.Depending on the medical indications, clinical situation and the chosen treatment regimen, the initial daily dose is assigned 50 to 400 mg.When pregnancy is contraindicated means, an exception - cases of severe fungal infection when there is a risk to the fetus.
  • Terbinafine.During the course of treatment with this drug in the skin, the nails, the hair accumulates active ingredients that provide fungicidal action.The average duration of treatment of onychomycosis is 6-12 months.
  • Metronidazole.Effective drug for combating protozoa which differs antibacterial activity.The physician determines the duration of treatment of the fungus individually for each patient.The maximum daily dose - 4 mg.

laser treatment

This method fungus treatment is the gradual warming of the nail plate laser emitting in the wavelength range of the short-pulse.The device provides heating of the feet and nails of hands to a temperature at which the die dermatophytes - 47 degrees.Maximum efficiency is achieved by the procedure in the treatment of primary forms of infection.Depending on the severity of the disease, it may require from 1 to 8 sessions of laser therapy with an interval of 2 weeks before months.


In advanced forms of onychomycosis with clearly marked deformity of the nail plate may require removal of the affected areas of the nail.For this procedure, doctors use a local or general anesthesia.Subsequently, the patient is prescribed a course of treatment with antifungal drugs.The main drawback of surgery is considered to be damage to the nail bed, as a result of the nail begins to grow unevenly.This method of treatment does not guarantee the absence of relapses.

Effective folk remedies for treatment at home

  • Apple cider or wine vinegar.Mix sunflower seed oil and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions, dilute 1/3 of the water solution.Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and make a compress to the affected nail fungus, securing it with a plaster.Pre-wash the feet need economic or tar soap.Perform the procedure every day, fixing compress at night.
  • Tea tree oil.Daily lubricate this means the surface of the infected nail.The oil has a powerful antiseptic.
  • tincture of propolis (20%).An effective remedy for nail fungus.Dipped in tincture cotton pad should be daily applied to the infected nail fungus and surrounding skin areas.After a certain period of time plate will disappear, and will start to grow a new one.
  • ammonia.Spread a tablespoon of ammonia spoon in a glass of water, soak in the liquid natural fabric flap, wrap them to the nail plate, on top of the package and put on socks, leave compress at night.Pre perform hygiene - wash your feet, and sand the top layer of the nail fungus infection.
  • hydrogen peroxide.Steam out feet with the help of soda baths (per liter of hot water a teaspoon of baking soda).Cut a piece of cotton pad in the form of the nail bed, saturate it with hydrogen peroxide and apply to the nail steamed.Do the procedure every day.
  • iodine solution.Pre-cleaned and podpilennuyu nail plate twice daily treat with a solution of iodine.You can handle healthy nails yodinolom for prevention.If after some time the skin around the plates turn yellow, cut the number of procedures.
  • celandine.Tear fresh celandine leaves, skip them through a meat grinder, squeeze the juice with the help of gauze folded twice.Treat an infected fingernail liquid.The procedure is repeated daily for 3 months.
  • Tar.Foot wash, pat dry with a towel and lubricate the nails and the adjacent skin of birch tar.Put the foot on the paper and wait for half an hour.Then remove the remaining tar with gauze or cotton wool and put on cotton socks.
  • Lemon.Cut the fruit in half, selling center and put it on the fungus infected toe as a thimble.To compress held, the top tie up bandage.The procedure should be repeated every day, better at night.Lemon perfectly softens the nail plate, allowing the crop affected area painlessly.
  • Garlic.100 grams of heated butter, mix with 2 chopped chives.Gruel let it brew for a day, then it everyday treat the nails after washing.
  • Soda.Daily do baths for feet or hands, a solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 2 liters of water heated to 40 degrees.The solution is to add a small amount of liquid soap and hold nails in the bath for 20-30 minutes.

Prices for nail fungus treatment in clinics of Moscow

cost of treatment of onychomycosis in different clinics of Moscow is very different.The price is usually formed based on several considerations, including the selected laser type or anesthesia during surgery.However, to save on treatment is not necessary, because the conventional low-frequency instrument does not destroy the spores of the fungus completely, and only activates metabolic processes feet or hands, which is not enough to achieve the desired effect.The average cost of one laser procedure in Moscow varies from 250 rubles to 2,000 rubles.

Video tips on how to treat onychomycosis advanced stage

Onychomycosis - One of the most common nail disease.He is more prone to the toes, rather than hands.Treatment of the fungus are best left to the doctor, but there are situations where a visit to a specialist is difficult and time delayed.The longer it lasts, the greater the likelihood of running form onihomikoa, and then its treatment becomes very problematic.Watch the video below, you will find out what ways to combat the disease the most effective.

feedback on the results of

Sergei, 41 years:

infect fungus still in the army, but for a long time did not pay attention to it, is a toe infection is not passed also on hand.Tried many drugs: Orungal, Lotseril and others - they have not given effect.Later I came across an article about Ekzefin pills that kill in the blood disputes and decided to try it.The course of treatment was long (more than a year) 1 tablet per day, but is now completely healthy nails.

Elena, 34 years:

I've never been a fan of homeopathy, but ill fungus and having tried many tablets / ointment / Coatings decided to move on folk remedies.Daily brewed strong coffee and dipped a finger in it.So I sit for 20-30 minutes (how many times).All shoes treat with acetic acid, washed after every wear socks tar soap.Nails also smeared overnight salicylic acid.Fungus retreated.

Paul, 28 years:

I do not know where exactly I picked up the fungus, but the treatment was troublesome and time-consuming.The doctor advised me to buy any antifungal drug on the basis of bifonazole.Daily apply the ointment twice a month got off plate, but it was absolutely painless.A healthy nail to grow very long, but I'm happy with the result.Six months later, there was no recurrence.