Gargling Calendula

It has long been known for its medicinal properties calendula.Doctors often prescribe the use of tinctures, ointments, tablets with this flower for the treatment of various diseases.Especially popular use of calendula for respiratory diseases and angina: if a patient needs to take frequent gargle to relieve inflammation, disinfect the mouth and destroy harmful microorganisms.What are the useful properties of calendula, how to prepare a solution for rinsing and how to do the procedure?

as divorce and brew the infusion of calendula for gargling

Typically, doctors prescribe rinses Calendula when the first symptoms of sore throat, when there are painful sensations, there is redness, scratchy, inflamed lymph nodes, and it hurts to swallow.Even if carried out serious drug therapy, calendula rarely bypassed.This is caused by substances contained in the composition and its beneficial effects on the body.What is contained in the plant and make it useful:

  • Flavonoids.They provide strong antimi
    crobial effects, destroying harmful bacteria.
  • essential oils.It turns soothing effect.
  • salicylate.Bates inflammation, act as antiseptics.
  • group vitamins E, A is an antioxidant.
  • Vitamins B. Helps soon restore the damaged layer of the epithelium and heal the throat.

tincture with this plant is available for the price.Rinse with Calendula sore throat means may be carried out, independently manufactured, alcoholic extract, purchased at a pharmacy, or an aqueous solution in a proportion of 1 part to 10 parts of marigold alcohol or water.Rinse alcohol tincture is not recommended during acute angina with severe neck injuries.The presence of alcohol may make antiseptic oral irritation even more, although this agent kills microbes perfectly.

It is advisable to buy an aqueous solution of calendula, which will not bring additional discomfort during illness.To get mouthwash, type a glass of warm boiled water (250 ml), to pour a tablespoon of medicinal tinctures, mix well.If you have a home flower alcohol solution, consult your doctor to clarify the proportions that are individually suited to your condition.Take a look at the video, as do the anesthetic infusion (infusion of oil-based) Calendula:

You can prepare a solution to rinse the throat Calendula yourself.To do this you will need a tablespoon of dried flowers and a glass of boiling water.How to prepare:

  1. Take a suitable bowl, made of glass or enamel.
  2. Fill the container dry flowers medicinal plants.
  3. Pour boiling water.
  4. Cover and let sit for an hour until the solution cools.
  5. Strain the resulting liquid to rinse through clean cheesecloth.
  6. Press remnants plant in Marl.

receipt of funds will be the perfect companion for angina.To achieve the best effect, you can make teas and tinctures of calendula with other medicinal ingredients.For example, a wonderful calming effect has regular chamomile, wormwood, plantain.All herbs in the preparation of the rinse is used desirably in equal proportions.

Guide: how to rinse

proper preparation and conduct of the rinse - a fifty percent effect of the treatment of Calendula.Many do not follow the correct procedure, technology, and therefore do not receive the healing effects that may have calendula.Breeding calendula tincture for gargling in angina (or other diseases) that need water temperature, which will be pleasing to the mouth.In no case do not do too hot solution - a high temperature capable of further harm irritated throat surface epithelium.

not start rinse immediately after infusion planted calendula water.Prepare another glass of warm boiled the liquid and rinse the mouth several times to remove food residues, mucus, which will prevent the solution trace elements provide invigorating effect on the mucous membrane of the throat.The rules of the medical procedure pain:

  1. Good zaprokinte head back (this will contribute to the fact that the root of the tongue drops and the maximum infusion can wash all affected areas of the throat).
  2. little fluid type in the mouth.Do not run into the mouth too much of the solution, so you can swallow excess.
  3. Start pronounce the sound "A", creating a vibration that will assist purge fluid with calendula sore throat areas.Try to constantly say "A" for thirty seconds.The more - the better.
  4. spit out liquid.Repeat as long as the glass does not remain empty.Separately can several times to rinse the mouth, not throwing back his head, and without starting fluid is too deep.

If you want to achieve maximum therapeutic effect of the rinse calendula, be prepared to carry out this procedure up to five times a day (in the case where the disease is difficult).Treatment plants colors the solution should be carried out at least a week.Even if unpleasant symptoms were gone, continue to rinse your mouth, throat could remain harmful microorganisms.

Can gargle Calendula during pregnancy?

body of a pregnant woman is extremely sensitive to all sorts of drugs, so many drugs that are used against sore throat and other throat diseases, it will be contraindicated.Help comes rinse calendula, because this herb has no contraindications during pregnancy, on the contrary - it is considered gentler way to heal the future mother of the throat.If a pregnant woman is not strong individual sensitivity to the tincture, calendula will exceptionally beneficial effect on a woman's body.

In some cases, the use of calendula contraindicated

  • wary to begin treatment Calendula need people with low blood pressure and slow heart rate.Flower able to strengthen hypotension with bradycardia.
  • not stand alone without consulting your doctor and tests to make an infusion plant those who are prone to frequent allergic reactions, especially on the elements of the flora.
  • contraindication to the use of a flower as individual intolerance.