The rules of healthy eating

When it comes to nutrition, many people once there is sadness.In fact, any undertaking can be multi-faceted.Healthy eating - this is not a meager set of products, and a full, delicious diet.Healthy living is a modern approach, many people opt for such a program to maintain the beauty, activity, longevity.Culture gastronomic environment - these are the rules of healthy eating, which is know to those who protects himself.

rules and principles of healthy eating

to feel good, to be in good spirits through proper diet, you need to know the nuances of drawing up a healthy diet.Note the main points on which to base a healthy diet: variety, measure mode.Based on these rules, choose the most important rules that will guarantee the right balance your daily diet:

  1. There need when you are really hungry.Healthy appetite will itself, it is not necessary to stimulate.
  2. Reduce dosage sweets in your diet, it is not healthy.
  3. When selecting spices for the dishes better to give preference to the herbs,
    pepper, but no salt.
  4. Raw food healthier, more nutritious, healthier than fried or boiled.
  5. Vegetables and fruits, choose different colors, because the fruit color indicates that it has a certain flavonoids.
  6. better if you prefer a type of meat turkey, chicken, lamb, not pork, beef.
  7. no semi-finished products: dyes and food additives are natural in the unlikely sausages, dumplings purchased, fast food.
  8. Increase fluid intake.Coffee, alcohol, purchased juices are not recommended.

Which products should be included in the diet

memo about a healthy diet includes a sample list of foods consumed, which will provide a person a surge of strength, energy and vitality.Enter in this list the usual products:

  • bread;
  • meat (about 150 g) - turkey, chicken breast, lamb;
  • eggs (in the 7 days allowed 5 pieces) - better boiled than fried;
  • seafood - allowed for the daily diet, they are very useful, low-calorie;
  • beans - it's just a bomb in a healthy protein and nutrition, which will be useful for strong muscles;
  • milk and dairy foods - milk, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, but it is desirable to home;
  • oil cold pressed;
  • fruits and vegetables for the food in any way the fruit of pure juices, salads (except grapes and bananas).

How to eat to lose weight

The menu of healthy and useful food should prevail herbal products.Eliminate fatty foods completely impossible - so the metabolism and the process of assimilation of mineral vitamins the body will be slowed down.We need to reduce the fat content of the food to make it the most healthy: cook and bake foods (meat, vegetables, fish) apart from each other.Last meal - 5 hours before bedtime, and even better to build a diet so as not to eat after six pm.

Menu for the week

no strict definition of foods that you should consume during the day with a healthy diet and healthy food.A sample diet slimming usefully healthy person for 7 days is as follows:

  • Monday

Breakfast: cottage cheese low fat, raisins and dried apricots.

Lunch: chicken soup, vegetable salad (dressing - olive oil).

Snack: cake without cream, yogurt, fruit.

Dinner: steak steamed spaghetti, a little grated cheese.

  • Tuesday

Breakfast: oatmeal with a banana, an apple.

Dinner: mashed potatoes, a piece of baked fish.

Snack: Fruit salad.

Dinner: vegetable casserole.

  • Wednesday

Breakfast: rice syrup (preferably cherry).

Lunch: vegetable soup with sorrel, uzvar.

Afternoon: 2 apples, herbal tea (you can add a little honey)

Dinner: chicken breast, baked with herbs, buckwheat.

  • Thursday

Breakfast: oatmeal with milk with the addition of dried fruits.

Dinner: mashed potatoes, lean meat on the grill.

Snack: 3 kiwi or orange and banana.

Dinner: a portion of roasted vegetables.

  • Friday

Breakfast: steam or baked omelette (2 eggs), a slice of homemade sausage.

Lunch: chicken soup with croutons.

Snack: milk porridge (buckwheat), orange juice.

Dinner: boiled or steamed chicken, rice.

  • Saturday

Breakfast: green tea, sandwiches with cheese.

Lunch: soup with meatballs (chicken).

Afternoon snack: fruit juice.

Dinner: rice, salad, dressed with olive oil.

  • Sunday

Breakfast: rice with a couple of spoonfuls of jam (raspberry, plum, apricot).

Lunch: pasta, a slice of lean beef tea.

Snack: yogurt, biscuits (cookies).

Dinner: spaghetti, chicken grilled, tomato juice.

healthy diet for children of school and preschool age

If you have to feed the children of school age or children, while respecting the norms of a healthy lifestyle, the rules are as follows:

  1. Lunch optional.Hot soup, soup can help avoid problems with digestion.
  2. Fruits, vegetables, drinks and meals on the basis of their children need.
  3. Strong tea, coffee, soda for children's healthy eating habits are prohibited.
  4. child Dinner should be delicious, but easy.

That's about a healthy and nutritious menu for a student or toddlers in kindergarten day:

  • Breakfast - porridge, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese cakes, pancakes, meat, fish, bread with butter.Drinks - cocoa, milk, tea.
  • Lunch - the first hot dish, fresh vegetable salad, side dish in combination with meat, fish, fruit.Drinks: juice, pudding, smoothies.
  • Snack - cake, pastry, biscuit or cheese cheesecake, fruit.Drinks: compote, juice, yogurt, milk, fermented baked milk.
  • Dinner - porridge, baked vegetables, fish, meat.Drinks: chamomile tea, warm milk.

Recipes for every day

Here are some recipes that will open you a healthy and tasty food.Among all the dishes from cereals interesting looks barley porridge with pumpkin cooked in multivarka.To prepare a healthy lunch, you will need:

  • pearl barley - 150 g;
  • pumpkin pulp - 350 g;
  • water - 350 ml;
  • vegetable oil;
  • herbs, spices to taste.

start cooking:

  1. Pearl barley well washed, pour the water at night in a bowl Multivarki.
  2. adds to Perlovka pumpkin cut into pieces, herbs, spices.
  3. Set mode "Pilaf" ( "Buckwheat", "Kashi") for 40 - 60 minutes.
  4. At the end of cooking add the butter and mix thoroughly.

Chicken saltisons - yet another diet, tasty and healthy dish.To cook it, cook in advance:

  • chicken - 2 pcs .;
  • gelatin - 15 g;
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • spices: red pepper, black pepper, Provencal herbs, salt.

process looks like this:

  1. Finely cut the chicken, add the gelatin dry, sagging garlic, spices, knead all, down to the sleeve edge tying.
  2. Drop received the parcel into the pan, into the boiling water.
  3. Cook hour.We get, cool and serve saltisons, sliced ​​circles.

Traditional for lovers of healthy vegetable dishes cabbage fritters find inexpensive and hearty dinner.Products:

  • cabbage - small head;
  • flour;
  • 3 eggs;
  • soda - 1 tsp .;.
  • seasonings;
  • vegetable oil for frying.

of cooking a healthy diet:

  1. Head of cabbage cut into pieces, put in a pan, fill with water, add the spices.
  2. Cook until tender cabbage, merge virtually all the water and leave until cool.
  3. add all the remaining ingredients, stir.
  4. The resulting mixture was spread with a spoon into the pan and fry in vegetable oil on both sides.

sweet pumpkin dessert multivarka will appeal to children and adults for its preparation as a tasty healthy sweet must have:

  • pumpkin - 0.5 kg;
  • honey - 3 tbsp.l .;
  • cinnamon - pinch;
  • butter - a teaspoon.

Make healthy meals and delicious and a favorite dish correctly is not difficult even novice hostess:

  1. clean the pumpkin, cut into small pieces, add honey, cinnamon and stir.
  2. Bowl Multivarki lubricating oil and the mixture spread it for baking.
  3. Put "Baking" mode, time - 30 minutes.

And what drink?Watermelon fresh!You will need:

  • small watermelon;
  • sugar - 1-2 tbsp
  • juice of half an orange.


  1. Watermelon exempt from the crust and seeds, cut into pieces.
  2. Pyuriruem blender, squeeze into a mixture of orange juice.If
  3. drink sour, add sugar to taste.

pyramid healthy eating

In the definition of a healthy diet and proper nutrition, some products are very important body, and some will have to be reduced, so as not to harm the health and figure.

  1. basis of power in terms of the importance and usefulness - breads, cereals, pasta.
  2. second tier of the pyramid of health and food culture - this vitamin complexes - vegetables, fruits, where the first bit prevail.The amount of sugar a minimum, vitamins - the maximum that a significant plus for health.
  3. third tier of food necessary for a healthy lifestyle, equally contains 2 parts: the first - milk, dairy products, the second - meat, fish, beans and eggs.These are products of natural origin, which are saturated fats, they are good for health, but they need to be more careful in the preparation diet.
  4. The top layer of the pyramid of healthy food - sweets, sugar, salt, fatty foods.They need to be cut back from the diet in order to avoid the deterioration of health and many diseases: diabetes, obesity, migraine headaches, rashes on the skin.

Video: how to begin to eat properly

Health of the Nation - is not only giving up smoking, alcohol and drugs, and regular care of their health, diet.Reviewing your gastronomic predilections, it is recognized that a healthy and proper nutrition - is a definite plus, not a minus for the body's health.Good nutrition will give you many years of activity, improve mood, energize.How to switch to a healthy diet is right and what is necessary to consider, learn from the video.