How to glue the protective glass on the smartphone

screen any gadget for communication needs to be protected.Even if you have purchased the latest model of the iPhone, then do not neglect the opportunity to install additional display film.This will prolong the life of the phone, will allow it to last longer look attractive.Such mechanical damage, such as scratches, blows will not be afraid, if you know how to stick the protective glass on the phone.Not an easy task, but in compliance with the instructions to do this can be at home without help.

How to stick the protective glass on the smartphone

For a beginner procedure may seem daunting, but more training will make of you a true specialist.It is worth noting that there is no significant difference in how we are sticking the protective glass on the iPhone 5 and other models of phones and tablets.The procedure remains the same.Inexperienced person is better to start from the back panel of the gadget, and then move on to the screen.

necessary materials and tools

If you have just purchased a s

mart phone, it is important to understand how to stick the protective glass on the phone.devaysa display is very sensitive to mechanical damage.Being just in your pocket gadget damaged coins, keys or your fingernail.Even the smallest scratch can lead to the appearance of bubbles during gluing.The same applies to situations where you just want to replace the old phone protection.

For the procedure, you will need:

  • alcohol wipes;
  • dry cloth;
  • special liquid for cleaning TV screens or computers;
  • scotch or a dust collector;
  • glass.

Step by Step

important point is considered workplace preparation.Choose a room with a minimum of dust.It is best to fit a kitchen or bathroom.In the bedroom, too much of textiles, which attracts the particles.This time prevents proper process and may complicate the procedure.If you do not know how to glue the protective glass on the phone, follow the steps:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, then lay out the equipment, protective glass for the iPhone 6, or another phone on a clean smooth surface.
  2. remove the old film from the device before starting the procedure.To do this, pull a little over the edge at an angle of 60 degrees.
  3. Using alcohol wipes or cloth with the cleaner to remove the dirt from the phone screen.This tool is sold in stores or art done independently.To do this you need to mix a 5: 1 water and alcohol, to add a little gel dishwashing.
  4. rub the screen to shine.If there are dust particles that are passed over the surface of an adhesive tape or a dust collector.
  5. We get the device from the packaging and remove him plenochku.
  6. Set protection so that it is consistent with the central button of the gadget and speakers.
  7. Swipe down the middle from top to bottom, to secure the consignment surface.
  8. remaining expels air from the center outwards using a credit card or a spatula, which is often attached.

Do not press too hard on the screen to remove small air bubbles.They disappear within a few days after the procedure.As a result, you should get a smooth, perfectly smooth coating of the screen.Although tempered glass on the phone has a thickness of only 0.18 mm, it perfectly protects the device against mechanical damage.

Can I re-glue the protective glass on the phone

quality surface for iPhone 5s and other gadget models can be reused.To do this, carefully remove the glass and the adhesive side of the handle ant alcohol.Gently wipe it with a cloth soaked in this liquid, and give a little time to drain.Then install the protection in accordance with speaker and button.Easy movements from the center to the edges of the air and expel the liquid.Small bubbles will disappear in a day.

Video: how to glue the cover glass without bubbles

Rollers below tell how in the home without the help of a specialist to equip the gadget display.You will learn how to stick the protective glass on your phone or tablet.With the coated screen is well protected from the negative impact that will allow him to maintain an attractive appearance for longer.Protection will protect the device from scratches and absorb the shock of the fall.The sensitivity of the sensor of your phone will remain the same.

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