Lock SIM cards Megaphone

How much unrest and trouble delivers phone loss: there is no way to solve urgent matters, you can not get through to you.Even worse, if the unit is stolen.Scammers are able to call on your behalf, compromising you spend money from your account.It is especially dangerous if you have activated the service "Mobile Banking".In all of these situations should disable the use of a mobile phone.After this operation, you save yourself from unnecessary problems.How to lock the SIM card Megaphone?To do this, there are simple and understandable ways.

Ways lock sim card Megaphone

disable the use of the card is carried out for reasons not related to the loss or theft.Not excluded cases such as:

• water damage the unit or by mechanical means;

• disabling smartphone while on vacation;

• complete abandonment of service, replacement of operator;

• temporarily disable expensive tariff;

• transfer numbers to another sim card;

• time limit using a mobile.

There are several ways how to block the SIM card.The

simplest of them - to go to the shop where you purchased the phone and ask for help to the operator.He will check your documents and shut off Simcoe.Please note - for this operation will have to pay.If you want to keep your number, in the first week with the money you do not take, and further service cost 30 rubles per month.

How to block a number Megafon, if you want to ever give it up?For example, a plan to replace the operator.It should come with your passport at the service center, where to buy a mobile phone and a subscriber.Write an application for voluntary termination of the contract.You must not be a debt to pay.If the balance of money left, you decide together with the operator how to dispose of them.Application consider, give consent, and Simcoe will disconnect from the service.This procedure is free.

Through personal cabinet

online How to perform a lock sim card?Do this in your account on the operator's website.To do this, you need a password.Get it by typing * 105 * 00 #.Password will be sent to you in reverse SMS.Then you need to do so:

  1. go to the official website of the operator.
  2. Open a personal account.
  3. Enter login - the phone number.
  4. Dial your password.
  5. login to your account.
  6. Find the "Settings" section.
  7. Choose Folder "Number".
  8. Block.
  9. Specify the period.(It is the price of 30 rubles per month).

There is another option.A search to find a "service guide Megaphone."It is a system of self-service, allowing to quickly solve issues on the mobile.The personal office enter login.Instead, type the password puk, which you have in your set of documents - where a PIN code.In the "Services and Prices" select the "Block number" and set the desired period.

Through Megaphone service

When you are going on vacation where there is no plan to use a mobile phone, make a temporary blocking of SIM cards.Reference operator service: 8-800-333-05-00 or short: 0500 mobile phone.Call him and tell them how long you want to disable, at what point to remove the sim card service.Do not forget to prepare a passport, so that the operator has verified your information.

Use this method and in a situation when you need to immediately block the sim card to remove it from your mobile.If the lock needs to be done when the phone is in roaming, please call 8 (926) 111-0500.There is another way: send a free text message to 0500 with the data of your passport and phone number that you want to disable.

Video: how to block the sim card megaphone

Check out the video below and you'll learn how to block the sim card from your cell phone screen.How to enter in your personal account and control of it all the necessary functions.How convenient to use the self-service system service guide.You'll see what it offers opportunities for comfortable control your phone via the Internet, including the blocking of SIM cards.

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Personal account Megafon, where you can lock the SIM card