Disabling services at Beeline Chameleon

mobile operators offer their customers not only pay, but free applications.Chameleon in the second category, but by the use of options, which inform messages are almost always available for cash.The essence of the service is to inform customers about the news and entertainment world.If there is a question how to disable a chameleon on the Beeline, it is recommended to use in several ways.All options are easy and convenient.Cancellation notification is done immediately after a query.

off method Chameleon services Beeline

News reports are not always valuable to the user, in some situations, they can be distracting and interfere with regular audio alerts.Free and paid additional functions are connected and locked in several ways.Cancel sending messages offered with the help of your mobile phone or computer.If none of these methods it is impossible to reproduce, then ask the question, how to disable the service on the Beeline Chameleon is necessary to call technical support 0611. The consultant will

make the team remotely.

Cancellation of connectivity options:

1. A personal account:

Each operator has its own Internet platform.personal account must be created on the official website and find the "Connect / disconnect services" section.Cancel informational messages is as simple as pressing a button.In addition, the user is offered a description of other ways to manage applications.In some cases you must confirm operations with your phone.

2. With the help of sms-commands:

To instantly lock option, it is necessary to send a command from your mobile.The keyboard introduced the combination * 110 * 20 # and key "Call".Due to this effect a cancellation request is processed applications for several minutes.On completion of operations carried out by the subscriber is notified by message or notification on the phone screen.

3. A mobile phone menu:

to each sim-card is automatically activated menu mobile operator.In all models, it is called the devices "BiInfo".This information is important in deciding whether to waive the paid services.Free options are controlled in a similar manner.Information application shuts down with the appropriate name tab by pressing the command "Disable Feed."

Video: how to cancel the service

about how to disable a chameleon, explains in the video below.All steps shown in stages, which allows you to choose not only a more suitable option, and the option to turn off while watching a video.Video is easy to put on pause if you need time to find the appropriate menu item in your phone, or download the service in a private office.After studying the lesson questions will not remain even for a subscriber who first confronted with the situation, how to block or connect any operator subscription.