How to take the promised payment to MTS

Modern man is always somewhere in a hurry.For this reason, do not always have time to recharge the phone balance, and really need to call.This makes the mobile phone users look for ways to take credit for MTS to continue to make calls and write messages.The operator offers its customers the opportunity: to use the communication even with zero balance.

Service Promised payment

What confidence payment?It is a way to get money instantly to your phone.The amount provided by the operator, depending on the activity of communication usage.The validity of the options - a week.If you are interested in how to get the promised payment of MTS, the first thing to check - it is balance.It should not exceed -30 p.Only then are given the opportunity to take confidence payment to the phone.

How to connect

use any of the methods, how to take confidence payment to MTS:

  1. Dial the phone * 111 * 123 #.Press the call button.Will come with instructions, following which you will be able to connect option.
  2. Take advantage of the "Internet Assistant".After selecting the section "Payment" on the official website, activate trustee payment.
  3. use short number 1113. By calling it, follow the instructions.
  4. Refer to the operator due to the cabin.You will need a passport or other document.

How to take

debt How to take a loan to MTS money to the account, if the minus exceeds the 30 p.The answer is simple - to connect the service "Credit".According to her, the amount of the debt is provided by 300 p.To take out a loan to MTS phone, select one of the simplest methods of service connection:

  1. Send an SMS to the short number 2828. The message specify figure 1.
  2. Dial the number 0890. By calling, follow the advice of how to get a loan.
  3. Dial * 111 * 30 #.
  4. use the can connect any of the options in the Personal cabinet MTS site.


Another way to borrow money on the MTS - is to use the "In full confidence."This option differs from the previous ones that say you can borrow for a month and then pay the invoice.A simple way to get the "full trust On" - is to make a call by dialing * 111 * 32 #.After that, given the limit of 300 p.Then it will be a monthly increase if the client complies with 3 simple conditions:

  • payment of expenses without delay;
  • rising costs for mobile communication;
  • difference between assigned and the previous limit of more than 50 p.

size limit is reduced to the initial minimum value, if the client has not paid on time the invoice.Provided amount can be fixed by typing * 111 * 2136 #.Services "In full trust" and "Promised payment" can not be connected together.How to take credit for MTS confidence?The following conditions must be met:

  • use operator services for more than 3 months;
  • balance above zero;
  • enrollment of more than 300 p.for the last 3 months;
  • absence of other unpaid bills.

How to get a credit card MTS

Credit card - this method is to take a consumer loan to MTS, which pay for purchases in retail establishments, where the reception is carried out on the MasterCard payment system.There are several ways to design:

  1. Contact the nearest branch of MTS and write a statement.
  2. Fill out an online application form through the official website of MTS Bank to order a card.After reviewing the completed questionnaire you will be notified of the decision in the mail or call the operator himself.

Consumer MTS

loan How to take a loan to MTS?Citizens, which salary is calculated through the bank of the company, can get cash loans.The minimum loan amount is 20 thousand river, and the maximum - 3 million rubles.The maturity of the loan depends upon the borrower's capacity and in some cases up to 60 months.Approval takes place over 2 days and is valid for a month, so people have the opportunity to make an informed decision.The bank provides credit insurance and allows him to pay in advance.


credit card Alex, 34 years old : advise not to seek assistance from the bank.A year ago, has issued a loan of 10 thousand riverPayments are made monthly, overpaid about 3 thousand.I thought I paid, so do not even think more about the map.A year later, they received calls from collectors that need to pay another 2 thousand.In any case, it contributed an amount exceeding the required amount.When would issue another loan, was refused on the heap banks.My advice - do not mess better.

Alexander, 35 years old : are in a situation where money is urgently needed.It has issued a loan of 5 tys.r.As a result, debt has increased almost doubled in just six months.Constantly call collectors and disrespectful tone demanding money.Already, two of my friends were in such a situation.I do not know how to pay the invoice, which is growing with each passing month.It turned out that the contract is very much unexplored me nuances.Advised to contact the banks tested.

Tatiana, 20 years : card was not going to take it, but she insisted the bank.We have issued.Yielding to temptation when shopping, I took advantage of it, but then very sorry about this.I can neither pay the debt or close map.In the latter I just refuse.And the unfortunate 100 p.not repaid, all the time a message arrives, even though I pay them every time.Outraged by this attitude, so I warn the others.