Gardenia care in the home

small flower room called gardenia (gardenia) came to us from Japan and uses a lot of love from the amateur gardeners.The glossy leaves are full of green color, dense crown and pale white fragrant buds charm at first sight.The plant has about 250 species, including a small bedroom bushes and entire trees.At home gardenia grows well only if the owners carry out his every whim.Experienced growers are not recommended by the flower lovers, as friends a hard time with him.

Features growing gardenia: tips for beginners

Gardenia jasminoides likes to frequent spraying, so this procedure is carried out several times per day.Otherwise, its succulent leaves will lose their appeal, and the buds begin to die (in this case, they must be cut off immediately).Care gardenia considered problematic occupation, because to achieve its flowering is extremely difficult, especially for beginners florist.If you do not comply with all the rules of care for plants, not only will not wait for loss of buds, but can even dest

roy gardenia.To avoid this:

  • Do not put a flower in a pot with water tray.
  • In winter (rest time), water the plant moderately.This will achieve a good bloom.
  • spring start forming crown.
  • Protect flower from drafts or sudden changes in temperature.
  • Use a sprayer for the leaves gently, do not spill water on the flower buds, or they darken and fall off.

How to properly care for gardenia home

Despite the fact that the gardenia is considered demanding a potted plant that requires increased care and raise a flower is not so difficult if you know all the rules.Carefully select a place where you put a plant, it does not like the change of residence.Gardenia contraindicated sudden changes of temperature, hard water or drafts.Perfect place "habitat" of the eastern flower - a well-lit and warm.

monitor the temperature and lighting

As home gardenia - photophilous plant, keep it full coverage throughout the day.However, in the summer it is protected from the direct rays of the sun.The best option would be placing a flower oriental or western window - so you will save on the active gardenia sunlight in the summer afternoon.In winter rearrange plant on the south window.Gardenia is sensitive to the interchange, during development of buds refrain from moving or turning the pot.

best climate for the flower will be temperature in the boundaries 18-20 degrees in winter and 22-24 in summer.Zhasminovidnaya gardenia in the house begins to bloom in the warm period - from June to October.During this time, you need to monitor the temperature regime, plants, roots very carefully in any case should not be out in the cold.

Humidity and watering

If you have got a gardenia, immediately check the features of its care.Water the flower at the top of the pot, and the excess water, resulting in the pan - Drain 20 minutes after watering.The soil should be slightly moist.Be sure to put in the water a couple of grains of citric acid (or lemon juice 2 drops per liter of fluid).So you soften moisture for irrigation.

During bookmark buds, the plant needs high humidity, or stop its development of inflorescence and fall.It is better to put a pot of gardenia in a container with moist sphagnum or expanded clay, but the bottom of the pot should not touch the water.In summer, spray the leaves several times a day, in the winter - once is enough.Make sure that water does not leak to the flowers or buds - the plant does not like it.Use a fine spray bottle and spraying is carried out mainly in the morning and afternoon to before nightfall in the crown was the time to dry.


For home gardenia best suited liquid fertilizer types.If you choose, prefer mineral complex without calcium, otherwise you will get the opposite effect - does not improve the plant and make it worse.Feed the flower once in 14 days.If the leaves are formed yellow spots, so the plant does not have enough minerals (probably iron).In this case, for gardenia care involves more frequent feeding, about once every 7-8 days.

You can choose to gardenia fertilizer designed for orchids and other flowering plants.Let it not half the dose as stated on the package, but a whole.In addition to special funds for the care and maintenance of the flower using the "popular" methods of fertilizer in a healthy condition.For example, experienced growers diluted with half a teaspoon of Aktiferrina (available at pharmacies), a glass of water.This liquid should be watered gardenia 1 time in 14 days, and adult flower can give her a weekly basis.

Selecting soil and transplanting flower

The new soil gardenia are transplanted in early spring, as a rule, it happens every two years.It is impossible to change the plant to the ground, until it flowers, otherwise you may fall off the buds.Provide good drainage flower.Home gardenia does not like the soil that contains lime.The ideal soil would be the following mix: one part leaf, turf, conifer, peat soil and sand.Flower likes acidic soil with a pH of 4.5 - 5.5, so by choosing ready-mix, stay on the ground for azaleas.

transplant gardenia in the following manner:

  1. Carefully remove the flower from the pot, shake off the roots from the old soil and soak in a solution of bio-stimulator for the time specified on the package.Better solution was to room temperature.
  2. While the plant to recharge, get the soil.Fill the bottom of the pot steamed drainage after - make a layer of sand (rinse it before it and steam the) goes on charcoal and has top - soil.
  3. gardenia Remove from the solution, carefully divided into several shoots, trying not to injure the roots.Place the plant in the pot, gently spread the roots and slowly dosypte ground, pressing down with your fingers easily.
  4. After planting, pour into the pot and put the remaining biodyne gardenia in a warm place, where not exposed to direct sunlight.Make sure that the plant was not affected by drafts and sudden temperature changes.Can you build a greenhouse.
  5. Do not water the plant very often.Let him "drink" only when the ground is dry to 1.5 cm in depth.

Trimming and shaping of the crown

Gardenia room from time to time need pruning, which stimulates plant growth, supports its decorative appearance.Pruning is carried out after the flowering period, half shortening clotting or weak shoots.If, during the growing season the owner decides to pinch the young shoots, the flower starts to actively produce lateral branches and flower buds.Cuttings, left after pruning, can be used for plant propagation.

Reproduction gardenia

believed that the ideal method of propagation zhasminovidnoy home gardenia - stem cuttings.When choosing them stay on the shoots of medium height (8-10 cm), they are not too soft, but not stiff.The most favorable period for breeding domestic plants is the time from February to March and the end of August until the end of September.

Soak cuttings for some time in the potassium permanganate solution, the weak, and only then put them in a substrate of river sand.Another suitable option is a combination of peat and sand in equal amounts.A month later, you can begin to take root cuttings.Here is the main condition for the observance of the right temperature (22 to 25 degrees).In order to maintain the desired temperature, cover the pot with plastic or glass.Ventilate and water the gardenia daily.

How quickly grow a plant depends on the correct care.When the root system develops, gardenia will be transplanted into the soil to mature plants.After reaching a height of 15 centimeters flower need Prischepa tops that stimulates the growth of lateral stems, which also pinch out at sprouting up to 13-15 centimeters.

alternative method of reproduction in plants home - seeds.Activity germination depends on the freshness grains.As a rule, they are planted in the spring.As in the previous method of reproduction, is not the last role played by temperature, so keep a thermometer indicator on the points 23-25 ​​degrees.In contrast to the propagation by cuttings, which provides for the beginning of the flowering of a new plant after only 6 months, the seed will have to be patient.Approximate period of development of the plants in the home will be 2 years.

Diseases and pests

The most common diseases are gardenia:

  • Iron deficiency.A sure sign - when the plant leaves turn yellow, appear green veins.
  • overdried air, lack of watering, temperature jumps.The result will be dry, blackened leaves.
  • Fangus.It is characterized by yellowing of leaves, they form brown spots.The plant may cure copper.
  • Hypothermia home gardenia, unsuitable soil or too hard water for irrigation.Symptoms are completely yellowed leaves of a flower.
  • Lack of moisture.The plant buds resets.
  • temperature extremes.Home Gardenia has a lot of shoots, but the little kidneys.

flower often subject to attacks of pests such as aphids, Jose scale, thrips, spider mites.If the home was found gardenia any of the species of insects, the plant should be immediately sprayed with insecticide (suitable intavir, decis, fitoverm).With low lesion lacks a chemical treatment.However, if the damage is increased, repeat spraying up to three times a week interval between each treatment.

Why not blooming gardenia - Causes

  • Lack of lighting.The optimal location for the content of gardenia dmoa - east window where the sun is in the morning.The south side is too hot for the flower, the midday sun will actively burns the leaves.On the northern windows of the plant will grow passively.If the flower is not enough light in winter, set the special additional lamps.

  • bad temperature conditions.Gardenia is able to bloom only at a temperature of 18 to 25 degrees, otherwise the buds did not unfold.
  • air dryness.If you do not provide the plant properly moisturizing, it can start to act up.An effective method of stimulating flowering gardenias home are considered "steam bath".For this purpose, store the flower in the bathroom, turn on the hot water bath and leave recruited to the brim.Leave the plant is pampered in high humidity for several hours.If possible, repeat the procedure on a weekly basis until the bloom buds.

  • Lack recharge.To home gardenia blossom, it must receive the necessary components.Major minerals to it - magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron.For the care of a plant, choose a fertilizer that contains the maximum amount of these substances, and will soon see on the stems of beautiful flowers.You can use performance-enhancing drugs such as "Domotsvet", "bud", "Zircon".

  • alkaline soil.At home, gardenia can blossom only in acidic soil.Neutral or alkaline earth it is not suitable.Proper care of the plant is to maintain a constant soil acidity by acidifying irrigation water.

Video tips on planting and caring for zhasminovidnoy gardenia home

Beautiful blooming gardenia enlivens any interior, giving it warmth and sophistication.Often this plant receive a gift, not knowing what requires gardenia care in the home.Rearrange the pot, changes in temperature, sunshine deficiency often leads to death of the flower.And while the institution zhasminovidnoy gardenia home entails a lot of trouble, knowing the nature of the plant and given her every whim, you can enjoy the amazing beauty of its blossoms from spring to late autumn.