How to take confidence payment to Tele2

mobile users are often faced with a problem when abruptly ended the account balance and the use of services is automatically suspended.Add phone possible via terminals, mobile shops, ATMs, Internet.A subscriber does not always have the opportunity to top up your phone at the same moment, when the score card has become zero.How to take credit for Tele2?To date, the telephone operator has created a new service "Promised payment".By ordering this service, the customer receives a certain amount for a limited time.

Can I borrow money on the Tele2?

For convenience, the phone operator offers its users a unique opportunity - to take a loan for a short time and continue to use the Tele2 communications services.Before you learn how to borrow in Tele2 much something rubles, to view the conditions for granting this loan.Requirements quite simple, understandable, without complex traps.The main thing in this matter - to carefully read the information provided, to understand and to use this service.

Terms of the loan

Many clients are faced with a situation where the balance is zero: the operator found the solution to this problem.How to really take credit for Tele2?This section answers to urgent questions.Use the free service "Promised payment" Only those subscribers who use mobile communication Tele2 more than 180 days (6 months).If the connection user serviced by the operator is less than the specified period (from the date of the agreement), in providing funds it will be denied.You may order a credit at a minus on the account.

How to take the money?To allow you to borrow money, it is desirable to balance the remainder was from 10 to 30 rubles.Otherwise, we must put money into an account in the standard way.The user is given three days the promised rate of 50 and 100 rubles.The subscription fee is not, but for providing the funds taken Commission - 5 rubles.The Customer undertakes to repay the debt during this time, otherwise the services will again be limited, so it is better to spend time to recharge.

How to get a promised payment Tele2

How to borrow money on the Tele2, care of every user who has already faced a problem when urgently needed money in the account.Do not forget that to ask the operator actually borrow.

  1. to card balance increased at the expense of the credit limit, it is necessary only to send the USSD-request, simply dial * 122 # and pressing the call button.
  2. to receive cash amount of 50 rubles, dial the following combination: * 122 * 1 #.Once again you will be informed of the assessment of a certain amount and the timing of its use.
  3. You can not just borrow the credit limit through USSD-request, but also use the Internet to borrow money in debt.Having access to the Internet, the user can borrow the amount with the "My Account".This opportunity is available after a one-time service activation.Add funds, you need to specify the amount of the payment together with payment for its use - a commission.Otherwise, the accrual of money will not be played, and you will not be credited to the use of available funds.

Do not think that if the balance is equated to negative, you can not use the telephone.Even if your mobile phone balance has reached zero, you will be able to receive text messages, phone calls within 30 calendar days.The voice calls and sending messages, you will be temporarily restricted until recharge.Terms and conditions of the tariff plan will be free of charge when using cash.

phone operator Tele2 cared about each user every corner of the country.Now absolutely all clients, regardless of the region can receive the loan funds.These terms and conditions of service "Promised payment" approach for all regions of Russia, including Omsk, Rostov, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities and regions of Russia.For more information about the service and all of its functions will be able to find out by calling the toll free number 655 or 637.

How to return

debt lending money, remember about their return.How to take money Tele2 is clear, remember, trust is priceless operator.Enrich within a specified time through your mobile phone - 3 days, perform the refill Tele2 in any convenient way: bank card, terminal, etc.debt payment amount is the size of the loan plus a fee, the amount of the commission is a percentage of the total debt amount.When underpayment or late repayment of credit limit the next time will not be granted tariff.

Mobile operator Tele2 calculates credit funds as part of a free "trust payment".Favors only the amount authorized for rallying communication - calls and messages (SMS, MMS).Users will not be able to transfer the amount borrowed to another network user or redirect him repay his loan.Please refill your balance on time and follow his condition to receive timely access to the standard service plan.

Videotutorial: How to take a loan in Tele2 phone

important element in the provision of loan Russian mobile operator is to understand the conditions of the service provided by the subscriber.It is important to highlight the main points of how to take a small loan to Tele2 or to follow the sequence of actions when taking a loan a certain amount.Want to know what else can borrow the amount of the subscriber in the capture of the debt?Watch the video "How to take the promised payment on Tele2 'to ensure correct action.