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Iron - a well-known domestic appliances.But in our time are becoming increasingly popular steam generators, which have obvious advantages.Steam generator for the house is able to greatly facilitate ironing of clothes and save time, and the presence of vertical steam feature makes the device indispensable in many cases.The range of steam generator model is great, but to the choice of the unit for the house is approached with the utmost seriousness.


steam generator steam generator - unit, which has similarities to iron, but different functions performed and design.Using steam, even at home may carry the same effective cleaning, chemical, but without the use of hazardous substances.Queries about the need to purchase a steam generator?Please note that it is much more powerful than a conventional iron.This means that you are much faster, perform tasks that are usually done for hours.

proceed to the election of the steam generator for the house with an iron, pay attention to the features of this

device, which affect the functionality and capabilities of the unit.It is not important whether you buy Kärcher steam or choose a model from another manufacturer.

Video will help you learn more about steam generators and to understand their features:

Functions steam

Apart from the steam generation unit is able to perform other tasks:

  • stripped things upright.
  • removes stains from the fabric and clean it.
  • removes stains of any kind from various surfaces.
  • Clean tiles and sanitary ware from dirt and germs.


Typically, the steam power can be in the range of 800 - 3100 watts.For heating device is needed from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on capacity.Buying a generator, do not save money by opting for a low-power unit.For home is best to buy a device with a minimum capacity of 2600 watts.


Steam in the steam generator available with different pressure, and the higher it is, the device operates efficiently.The vapor pressure can be in the range of 2-6 bar, but it is better to give preference to units with the highest figure, with that kind of pressure you will easily cope with stripping things that require vertical machining (outer clothing, curtains, clothes, hanging on a hanger).

to select excellent steam, pay attention to the intensity of the presence of steam and vertical steam mode:

  • When Continuous steam jet performance the pair is in the range of 90 - 140 g / min.The higher the score - the better.
  • Steam boost - feature maximum steam.The indicator is in the level of 95-260 g / min.
  • Vertical steam - steam supply upright iron.

water tank

very significant characteristic is considered to be the volume of the water tank, which can be in the range of 700 to 2200 ml.What size tank you needed must be solved on the basis of the goals of its acquisition.So, if you need steam for occasional use, buy a steam generator with a small reservoir.In this you will benefit: small size devices will keep it at home in the closet, and ironing you have enough disposable reservoir filling.

If you intend to permanently use the steam iron and with it a mountain of things for a large family - in this case, the best option will be a device with a large reservoir.With its central location on devices with a transparent fluid reservoir - so you will be able to monitor the water level, for example, on the submitted photos.


Popular types soleplate coatings are the following:

  • Steel.This cover slides perfectly over the fabric, is not subject to scratches and easy to clean.But unlike other coatings, is difficult and requires more time for heating.Often, this kind of hard soles processed metals, thereby improving its slipping.
  • aluminum.This coating quickly heats and cools.The disadvantage of the sole aluminum is considered a high probability of occurrence of scratches, as well as the possibility of leaving shiny marks on the fabric or puffs.
  • cermet coating.Available slides, resistant to scratches, quickly cools and heats, but the sole of this fragile material.
  • Titanium.According to the product covered by expensive premium device.Persistent, reliable coverage, but with a poor thermal conductivity - more time is needed for heating and cooling.
  • often use a combination of materials: aluminum + Teflon (excellent slip, but differs in increased brittleness and scratch-prone);Aluminum + ceramic coating (also insufficiently strong combination, but with excellent thermal conductivity and sliding);aluminum + stainless steel (a winning combination - strong coating that is excellent slip, easy to clean and does not leave traces on the fabric).

consider options for the soles of the device you can in the photo below.

For a good steaming good if parovyvodyaschie holes are located along the entire length of the sole (including nose).


The steam generator should be a system of protection against limescale.Such systems may be different, the main thing - the fact of its existence.Thus, the rods can be used, capable of collecting scum or boiler itself from time to time require cleaning to prevent scale.Well, if the unit is equipped with an indication that the need to purge the device from the scale.


In today's steam generators are divided into devices:

  • in which it is possible to regulate the steam supply.
  • without regulators.
  • Which are able to independently adapt to the type of fabric, automatically selecting the mode of ironing.

Switching modes by selecting the desired temperature, it is possible using the buttons or rotary switches.Better to buy a device with the ability to control and select ironing mode.


Do not neglect safety.To steam was safe for you, the following points should be considered:

  • device must be equipped with automatic shut-off in case of overheating.
  • iron fixation to stand to be the most reliable.
  • Stand must not slip on any surface.

If all of these conditions, you or your home, nothing will threaten.


Typically, the steam generator weighs in the range of 3-4 kg (rack + iron).This is an important point when choosing a device, as it you will keep in your hand while ironing.Remember that the iron weight increase due to water filling the tank.

Buy better steam generator, which is neither easy nor difficult, but with the best weight for you.From heavy iron hand gets tired quickly, and ironing will cause only negative emotions.


Choosing the steam generator for the house, better to give preference to the device manufacturers and the companies that have proven themselves in the market release of reliable and high quality equipment.Leaders in the steam generators production are considered brand:

  • Tefal
  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Vitek
  • Bosch
  • Rowenta

Highlights in the selection

Before shipment to the store for the steam generator purchase for the house, save yourself and printmain points and features that are worth considering when choosing a steam generator:

  • power - the more, the better.
  • Manufacturer - choose the best machine a reliable company, which is time-tested technique and characterized by excellent quality.
  • weight - it is recommended to pay attention to the weight of the iron itself, and not the entire system.It is worth remembering - the mass will increase by adding water.
  • security - availability of automatic shut-off system in case of overheating and reliable fastening of the iron on the platform - the main safety performance of the device.
  • tank volume - it is to choose depending on the application purposes.The size of the reservoir affects the overall size of the device.
  • controller and switch modes - an important point in the work of the unit.
  • length of the hose, nozzle set.
  • Material of construction of the sole - the choice is purely individual, depends on what you prefer more.

You can buy a steam generator for home appliance store at an affordable price, or ordered online.

steam generator has a number of advantages over iron and loses it only in size.Therefore, acquiring the unit, you will be satisfied exactly.

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