How to download music from aytyunsa on iPhone

popular smartphone from Apple copes with the task of playing your favorite tunes, throw in his memory.Unlike other smart phones manufacturers, the products of the company from Cupertino require a separate application to synchronize.Before you can add music to the iPhone through aytyuns install special PC application and perform simple manipulations.For more detail later in the article.

How to upload music to the iPhone

An easy way to download music to the iPhone - to buy it through the iTunes, having paid card that you provided during the initial registration process.With this method, you can add a song and listen to it through your smartphone or sync them with your PC.Music for the iPhone, iTunes selected online library of high quality, asIt passes the mandatory pre-moderation.

If installed on your iPhone jailbreak (hacked native operating system), then throw on the iPhone music from your computer can be like an ordinary USB flash drive.For you, the catalog «Music» will be opened, where it is

necessary to copy your music files.Ringtones are downloaded to the folder «Ringtones».This method is the ability to download dangerous viruses smartphone with the audio file.With IOS without jailbreak for iPhone aytyuns alternatives do not exist, becauseoperating system from the user is closed.

How to sync songs through

aytyuns To start, you need a computer, music files for the iPhone, the supplied cable and the phone itself.The further course of action:

  1. Visit the main page Apple's website and download the latest iTunes installation distribution.
  2. Old aytyuns update via the application interface.
  3. Connect your smartphone to the PC's USB cable connector.
  4. application independently run and detect the connected phone.
  5. Click league icon (notes) - the upper left corner of iTunes.
  6. the drop-down menu, select "Add to Library".
  7. In the opened window, select all the audio files you want to burn on the iPhone.If the audio on the PC disks are in different directories, you will need to repeat the procedure, selecting the files individually, you want to hear from your device.
  8. in the lower right corner of the active window, select the button "Sync" and after some time everything will be uploaded.The progress is displayed immediately.

Video: how to throw a song on iPhone

The video below will be useful to those who do not want myself to deal with programs, settings and connections.Video describes the process step by step, how easy to add music to the iPhone through aytyuns.The procedure is described for the PC, manageable OS-X, but it is completely identical to the Windows or Linux OS.You will be able to quickly and accurately to download music on the iPhone, record or delete sounds, ringtones, videos or playlists.