TV with the best picture quality

TV with the best picture quality may not be cheap, but because in this category get ready to see a very heavy price.While there, be prepared to see what really is the phrase "image quality" from these TVs do not want to move away for a moment, even if we are talking about a news release, not about the film in a QHD.

Vizio E0i-B

As for its value (about $ 869), televisions Vizio E0i-B series are still not so expensive: at the mere sight of the picture quality and color, you would think that in front of you is more expensivemodel.

If you had to choose a TV on the criterion of "price / performance" in view of the small budget for a large purchase, this model would clearly won the main prize.

Vizio M2i-B

Like its 50-inch sibling, the TV Vizio M2i-B for the price ($ 1245) offers much more than to offer any other 64-inch model: excellent image quality,wide viewing angles, correct color reproduction and rich colors (thanks to a special LED-technology), as well as car and small truck of modern soft

ware additions.

only "but" this model applies not hardware, and design: if you're not a fan of silver deposition, it is unlikely that such a model priglyanёtsya you.And let a thin silver-plated frame of the display and is not evident, but the step - completely.

Samsung UNF8000 and PNF8500

50-inch Samsung UNF8000 not in vain is a 64-inch TV set to the picture quality of LED LCD TV will not carp, both in principle and design.Plus, it's not just a colorful plate with a clear picture and a fine frame at the screen, it's a TV with Smart TV, which already gives the right to consider him as a candidate for the purchase.Yes, there are more models available: $ 1375 for 50 inches, after all, is a little expensive.Find similar patterns and compare them to the cost can be - thanks to a simple and clear system of search it does not take much time.

Samsung PNF8500 is more expensive ($ 2336), but TV's price in this case is justified: the delightful sharpness, brightness, color reproduction, incredible viewing angles, technological additions worthy of tomorrow on the type of touchpad-control, 3D with a set of accessoriesto view three-dimensional graphics, the infrared port, Smart TV and much more.

Sony XBR-X900B

Among 4K TVs at this - palm picture quality, however, is not to say that the rest of the models that the results of the tests went very far.It is difficult to agree, to spoil the TV for 3 thousand dollars or blunder, making it worse than the competition.

Sony XBR-X900B - TV class "luxury" you would not have turned to what parameter: opportunities to connect different devices, a huge Super clear display, excellent acoustic data, the mass of software add-ons ... and the cost of $ 3.5 thousand.

Although, if it was necessary to place these TVs are not in order of increasing prices, and in compliance with the criterion of "price / performance", the best list would look like this:

  • Samsung PNF8500;
  • Sony XBR-X900B;
  • Samsung UNF8000;
  • Vizio M2i-B;
  • Vizio E0i-B.