How to distinguish the original from the Chinese iPhone

Price Latest creations from Apple - iPhone 6 Plus - above 1300 dollars.Too high a price tag for the inhabitants of Russia.However, many so badly want to have this gadget, they are ready to go for tricks.Our Chinese "brothers" offer good alternatives.At the same person who does not want to be deceived, he thinks about how the Chinese distinguish from the original iPhone.It would be a shame to put good money and end up with a cheap copy in hand.

How to distinguish real from fake iPhone

How would imitators may try to copy a global brand, and distinguish it can be fake.Price starts from high-quality counterfeit $ 250 (comparatively cheap phone).Such models with an accuracy of copying the look and weight of the real device.Chinese iPhone and the original are the difference in the software and design features, but it is found after a thorough analysis of the two devices.Let us examine this in more detail:

  1. Original works on iOS.Chinese counterfeit phones operate on the Android platform, which copies
    a branded interface.Immediately eliminates the ability to install applications from the App Store.All programs you shake from the Play Market.Significantly decreases performance of the smartphone, which provides of iOS, so do not expect the same performance from a fake.
  2. Copies iPhones often produced with the function dual-sim."Apple" manufacturer creates a device with a SIM card.Original smartphone has a monolithic structure, so the mobile operator card is inserted in the side slot.If provided for two SIM cards, you need to remove the cover and take the battery.
  3. iPhone is not the original gives the right to expand the phone's memory via the microSD, while the nick true "apple" devices are content with what we have.Forgery is used as a flash drive, connect it to a PC or the radio in the car.

If you spend more thorough analysis, you will notice that the fake display is not as bright, the sensor less sensitive.The launcher products is slower, the application hangs often.Video and audio from the Chinese "other" worse.button on the casing is flat or bulges out over the surface, and must be depressed.The screen is slightly in favor of the body.On the original iPhone inscription and the brand logo embossing method applied.There are several ways the Chinese iPhone to distinguish from the originals, see below.

5 and 5S

Before you order the original iPhone, get the opportunity to "talk" with him live a couple of hours.Then, when choosing the brand will be no problems.Housing genuine iPhone 5 and 5S is made from high quality aluminum.In manual examination, model no squeaks, no backlash, assembly is very good.In addition, the original Apple is only available in three colors - white, black, golden.Colored samples similar to the brand, but they are fake.

4 and 4S

As a Chinese iPhone 4 distinguish from the original:

  1. Charging connector microUSB says that you hold in your hands a Chinese iPhone.The original device has a unique connector and socket Lighting.
  2. further evidence of forgery working TV, which Apple producers are not laid in your product.
  3. The original iPhone is not kanji, native language English devaysa.Chinese iPhone 4 often demonstrates an inadequate translation of the menu items (not the "Organizer" and "Organizer") or reduce ( "Kalends.").

6 and 6S

Check sixth generation iPhone is easy.On the official website, enter a unique code smartphone serial number.If the original model, information about it will appear.About Chinese samples in the data system is not.It is important to verify that the serial number on the box and in the phone itself.The box should be smooth, no dents.Above it is covered with a film seam that runs along the lateral surfaces.Inscriptions on the box or the phone like «iFone», «eyePhone», «iPhon» talk about the forgery.

Video as a check on the authenticity of the original phone

once see the difference between the Chinese iPhones and brand, you will notice how it obvious.However, there are such good forgeries, which should be tested together with Apple products.The following video will show you the intricacies of brand protection and counterfeiting differences, which you did not know.Reviews from experienced users to help protect Apple users and buyers from fraud.

Review iPhones from China

Chinese copy 5S

unlike the original