Anthurium care at home

Anthurium - a herbaceous, evergreen vine, epiphyte with aerial roots, grows in tropical trees.The genus includes about 900 plant varieties, differing in shape of leaves, coloring.Anthurium care at home requires knowledge that the plant happy owner of a bright color.Anthurium what this flower?Fans gave him a name - "male flower".It is believed that anthurium Andre gives men the courage, it helps to cope with depression.In addition, signs even photo plants contributes to the preservation of man's allegiance.

Features Anthurium cultivation

care of plants in conventional home - not a simple matter: the flower whimsical feel.This is due to the fact that in nature Anthurium grows in humid, hot tropical environment, recreate that at home is very difficult.But despair is not worth it.If desired, and the presence of certain knowledge about the peculiarities of care, the plant may be many years feel great on a windowsill usual city apartment.

How to properly care for anthurium home

Growing Anthurium care in the home is to ensure similar conditions with its places of growth in nature.First of all, it is a certain temperature and lighting for the plants.Equally important is the soils.This is explained by the fact that the plant in nature epiphytic how those orchids.In addition, the flower is very demanding of moisture content in the air and water.Let's look at each category individually.

temperature and lighting

To ensure anthurium care at home, you need to take care of a suitable, constant temperature.In the summer of the following parameters are optimal for him - 20-25 ┬░ C, in winter - 16-18 ┬░ C.Anthurium should be protected from sudden temperature changes and drafts.With regard to lighting, there is a need to choose a place where the plant will receive a large amount of light and it does not suffer from the impact of direct sunlight.

greatest comfort Anthurium feels in soft, diffused light.Such lighting characteristic windows located on the east and west sides.In winter Anthurium require backlighting, though a shade tolerance.The lack of light does not kill Exotic, but to achieve the appearance of bright, red, white, pink wax flowers is impossible.The northern windows for plants are not suitable, as well as the south.Install recommended anthurium on supports located close to the window opening.

Humidity and watering

Room Anthurium likes rare, but abundant watering, the frequency of which depends on the seasonality of the seasons.In summer the plant needs a significant amount of water, watering every 3-4 days produce.It is necessary to monitor that water does not stagnate on the bottom of the pot.If you miss this moment, even at such a moisture lover as anthurium, start root rot.In the winter, to ensure anthurium care at home, should reduce the number of irrigations twice, with the monitor, the soil should not dry up.

during this period is particularly important to ensure the necessary level of humidity for the plants, which should not fall below 60%.The best option for anthurium is a figure of 70-85 per cent.However, this is difficult to achieve.Heaters, hermetically sealed windows, help to reduce the humidity.To create favorable conditions for anthurium, you need to spray the plant every day and once a week to arrange a shower to avoid getting water on the flowers.

If a drop still hit, you need to remove them with a cotton swab.Otherwise ugly spots may appear on the wax, brilliant colors.At Watering Anthurium should pay attention to the quality of water used, which should be at room temperature, to be defended.


great importance in maintaining a healthy, blooming plant species is timely dressing fertilizers.In the months of active growth - from March to September, anthurium should feed fertilizers.their entry mode depends on the type of substances used.According to standard guidelines make fertilizer once every two weeks, with the need to adhere to the following schedule:

  • At the beginning of the growing season (March-April) is used for decorative-deciduous plants.
  • From May to September, moving to preparations for decorative and flowering - Agricola, fop-suite Uniflor-bud.Fertilizer take half less than that indicated on the package.

Selecting soil and transplanting flower

One of the main conditions for the rapid growth and flowering anthurium is the choice of the soil.Its purchase ready-made or make yourself by mixing the necessary ingredients.Plants need to slightly acidic soil, which can be prepared from whole-leaf soil, humus, sand and peat in a ratio of 2: 1: 0.5: 1.In addition, the need to add the mixture cones, charcoal, broken pieces of brick.The overall proportion of the coarse fraction should be 10-15%.The presence of these components will improve the air-and water-permeable substrate property.

plant requires transplantation: a young bush every two years, an adult every three years.By placing the flower in the new pot should be planted slightly deeper than anthurium was in the ground before.If this rule is violated, the plant roots will soon appear on the surface and then dry up, which will affect the plant's health.Rectify the situation will help the moss that covers the young roots.When transplanting should pay attention to another point - the choice of the pot.Suit flat, wide is not recommended to take the pots are too loose.

Reproduction antiriuma

plant spreads in four ways.The simplest is to divide the stem.From the parent bush gently detached a small plant, which already has got its root system, and put in a separate pot.When properly selected substrate and compliance with the rules of care for anthurium, a young flower quickly go to the growth.Anthurium is still propagated by cuttings.To do this, cut the top part of the stem with the regrown roots and planted in pots under teplichke or cans or plastic wrap.Propagated plants and with the help of aerial roots.

For this cut piece protruding from the ground and placed in the root teplichku.A few months later the young grow anthurium.The most-lasting and difficult process of reproduction is to grow from seed, which has yet to receive.It will have to make artificial pollination.A year later appear Anthurium fruits containing seeds.After the aging was washed with water and the seeds are planted.Germinate seed in just a few months.Small flowers will need to sit on a small pots, and the first seedling sprouts will in 4 years.

Diseases and pests

Anthurium, referred to as "male flower happiness" - a strong plant that rarely gets sick and a little susceptible to defeat pests.But there are moments when this trouble and catches it.Attack on anthurium mealybug, thrips, scale insects, aphids.Rarely flower mites infestation.To save the plant from pests will help special means against ticks - drugs, acaricides: nissoran, apollo, vermitek;by mealybugs and scale insects - systemic insecticides: konfidor, Akhtar.

Dangerous to plant parasitic fungi, root, stem rot and anthracnose.In infected anthurium leaves dry out at the edges, and then killed the entire flower.To save the plant, it is necessary to begin treatment at the first signs of the disease, which is the use of systemic fungicides.Anthurium will not be able to cure in advanced disease.


Feedback from growers who bought their first exotic anthurium, it is the cultivation of a number of issues, among which the most common is, why they are a favorite of not pleasing its vibrant beauty.It is particularly concerned about the absence of flowering and the leaves change color, the appearance of yellow stains on them.The reasons can be a huge amount.Let's look at the most frequently asked questions related to the care of Anthurium:

Why not flowers Anthurium - Anthurium reasons

- big fussy.In order to achieve its location, will have to provide care in the home, especially if you want to enjoy the bright colors of unusual plants.Among the most common mistakes that lead to a lack of development of inflorescences in the room anthurium, are the following:

  • lack of light.Solve this problem an additional artificial lighting.In addition, once a week, the plant needs sun bathing: take out anthurium south facing minutes 30. Remember that an excess of light for him just as harmful.
  • Lack of heat.It is necessary to keep the temperature not lower than 20% to achieve flowering.This is due to the fact that the flower buds of the plant are laid only if the presence of such indicators.
  • Excess heat in the winter.To stimulate the bookmark buds in the spring with the help of heat, in the winter it is necessary to provide a low temperature condition not higher than 15-16%.

  • Wrong watering.Anthurium likes the "golden mean."It is harmful as the excess water, and soil drying.watering flower quality depends on soil conditions.If the substrate has a high density or insufficient drainage in the pot, the plant can not absorb moisture as he needed.
  • Lack of humidity.Anthurium - a resident of the tropics, so needs a high humidity environment.Her lack of will keep the development of flower buds.Spraying the plants will help to solve this problem.In addition, next to the Anthurium should be placed a container with clean water.The evaporation of the liquid will increase the level of humidity.
  • presence faded inflorescences.In this case, the formation of seeds, which weakens anthurium and stops the development of flower buds.
  • A wrong soil.Needless solid substrate does not penetrate to the roots of oxygen, which interferes with the normal functioning of the plant systems.

Why do leaves turn yellow

One of the most common problems in the cultivation of this exotic handsome is a yellowing of the leaves.This would happen for two main reasons: violation of the rules of care for plants and the presence of diseases.In the first case, the leaves may turn yellow due to:

  • insufficient amount of substrate.
  • soil waterlogging.
  • drafts.
  • botched transplant.
  • poor quality irrigation water.
  • insufficient lighting.
  • Infractions temperature.
  • The presence of heavy metals in soil oxides.

second cause yellowing leaves are disease: chlorosis, gray mold, rust, fusarium, septoria spot and anthracnose.Their presence indicates additional symptoms.In chlorosis yellowing accompanied by the presence of green veining.Get rid of this problem with the help feeding preparations of iron chelates.Gray mold is accompanied by a touch on the leaves and other plant parts.Her appearance contributes to excessive humidity.

Regular room ventilation and a reduction in sprays to help get rid of the problem.When rust on the upper side sheet plates bright spots appear on the lower accumulate pustules with spores.To cope with the disease will help the use of drugs such as Ordan or Topaz.Septoria Leaf Spot and Anthracnose - fungal diseases, which will help to cure systemic fungicides.In any case, the presence of disease before treatment is necessary to remove the affected part of the anthurium.In order to prevent plant fungicide sprayed again within 1-2 weeks.

Video about caring for a potted flower anthurium - "Man's happiness┬╗

Leading the popular category "Gardening" Irina Novgorodtseva tell you how to properly care for whimsical, but very beautiful exotic vine - Anthurium.In her words, this plant is due to the presence of bright, brilliant colors unusual shape, was called the "Flamingo".Anthurium brings its owner happiness, luck and joy of admiring such a lovely creature of nature.To keep these positive feelings and the beauty of the plant, it is necessary to know some secrets of care, which you will learn from the following video: