Milk separator household

People leading a household in the villages often contain cows: one, two, or even more.Received at nadoe fresh milk is for domestic use, for sale or a visiting the villagers, but it is not always possible to fully realize his or consume at home.When collected a large quantity of milk product has its meaning to recycle.Make milk dolgohranyaschiesya cream or oil, will help home cage, which is much faster and more reliable than conventional gravitational settling or churn.

The principle of domestic separators

milk Previously, if manual methods, which occupied a lot of time, effort, and require certain temperature conditions of processing milk into butter or cream used.For the first time, separator separates water from cream, invented for the industry - it allowed factories to produce large amounts of dairy products.Huge container in which due to the centrifugal force occurs processing cow's milk requires more power and are not suitable for use in the household, so began to make small separation device


Small household milk separator usually weighs about 3-4 kilograms and is able to produce more per hour and fifty liters of milk production - its power should be enough for a small economy.The resultant cream surpass the quality of those that are sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, as in containers for separation will immerse exclusively fresh, freshly collected milk.In addition, the owner is much better following the process of production, compliance with health regulations, as well as the health of the cows, which give the product for processing.

Every experienced owner can use a milk separator home for whipping butter.To do this, you need some time to defend ready-cream, and then make the separation process.The resulting product should be compressed under pressure, and then deposited in a cold place.Some devices are initially provided with the option of oil whipping, sold and those that serve solely as churn.About that, what are the domestic dairy separators, what to look for when buying and what company they are released, see below.

What to look for when choosing a home separator

Domestic dairy separators differ in capacity, the volume of processed products per unit of time.The quality of the final product affects the material from which the device is made, the type of separation device - mechanical or electrical.Select the separator should be based on their needs and the size of the domestic dairy industry.Most of the devices is less than 5000 rubles, so each owner will find a suitable alternative.

volume of milk is needed to process

Before buying a home appliance, you need to calculate how much milk production is planned for processing.Domestic separators can produce from 50 to 80 liters per hour.Owners of small farms, where the number of cows is less than three, it is worth paying attention to simple devices with minimal displacement.Their performance is more than enough for the processing of milk fractions in cream or oil.If a person keeps a small farm, to give preference to those units, capacity of which is higher - up to eighty liters.

material from which the separator is made

plays the role of the material with which is made of domestic separation unit for product quality.For example, metal milk separators last longer due to the strength of mechanisms, while machine made of plastic often break down and become useless.However, people who are able to accurately handle the equipment and will take care of it, first breaking the plastic device is not terrible.Metal separators household mainly in manual type, but it is not convenient to all.

Device Type: electrical and mechanical

There are two types of separation machines: mechanical and electrical.Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be carefully study before acquiring technique.For example, a mechanical hand-milk separator is based on the use of muscle power.The main advantage of this device - the ability to work is not connected to the mains.Especially in rural areas, where shortages in the collection of electricity is not uncommon, it will be convenient to have a mechanical separator for milk.The risk of damage to the manual technique is much less, and the design - it is easier to repair.

Electric separators preferred by those who need to process large displacement of dairy products.For example, if a sector of about three or more cows, hand cream manufactured after milking will be physically impossible.Electric milk separator capable of doing as much speed as mechanical, but may fail if voltage drops.To avoid this unpleasant situation, and not be useful without the device, many owners of small farms become immediately 2 type of technology.


Before you choose a milk separator and buy it, you need to examine the functionality of the device.For example, there is a bowl with a capacity of a little more than five liters which are capable of handling about eighty liters of milk fractions of an hour.Pour milk have every four minutes, so it is better to take the device with great volume of the cup.Important and reliable motor home cage for milk, which is easy to carry voltage drops, and even better - to be provided with special protection.

Which household milk separator is better to choose

Many companies produce separators for the production of cream and butter, but how to choose the right?When you purchase is necessary to pay attention to the material, the type of device functionality, is to take the technique only proven companies that have proven their worth.Domestic milk separator must meet the sanitary standards, be equipped with a robust design, convenient to use at home, even in small spaces.Read more about separators, which are presented on the Russian market.

milk separator Motor Sich

«Motor-Sich" - representative electric separators for homes that consume 60 watts.The cost of devices ranging from 3700 to 5400 rubles, they are presented in a plastic and metal case.The cheapest models plastic float chamber while a separator for 5400 rubles is equipped with aluminum mechanism.Capacity bowls - 12 liters.Performance of milk varies from eighty to one hundred liters, so the separator is perfect for a large household.Exemplary devices weight - 4-6 kg.

Household separator rotor (Altai)

Separator company "Rotor" (Altai) presented a model for 2250 rubles - is an electrical device that is able to process about 55 liters per hour.Consumption machine power - 100 watts.Capacity milk receiver - 5.5 liters, weight - 3.5 kg.Manufacturers suggest how to use the cage for milk production in the description.To start pour water into the milk receiver is an electrical device picks up speed.It accelerates the process takes a little more than a minute.

Separator Salute

company "Salute" Separator presented the electric model for 4000 rubles, which is to protect the system from power surges - even with a significant decrease in current quality machine will be able to continue working.This device is a function of churn, and the adjustment of turnover will allow owners of the household do not get the cream and skim milk.Sample processing of milk in an hour - 50 liters, the volume of the bowl - 5.5 liters.Weighing home cage just 3.4 kilograms.

Separators, cream the Ural-M

Household, cream separator "Ural M" for 3100 rubles - it is an electrical device during operation consumes no more than 100 watts of power.The assembly is equipped with a powerful engine that does not produce too much noise, reliable, can operate without overheating to day, it is not necessary to change the brush.The motor has a good protection against overloads and surges, provoking damage or injury.An hour after the home cage farm owners may miss up to 80 liters of milk.The volume of the bowl - 5.5 liters.Weight - 3.5 kilograms.

from manufacturer Farmer

Home separators for milk processing from the manufacturer "Farmer" presented two electric models for 3900 rubles.Maximum number of dairy products, which are able to skip the device - 80 weight not exceeding three kilograms.Both separation models consume 80 watts of power, 11 are pieces of plates in the swivel drum whose speed - from 13,500 to 14,500 revolutions per minute.Any adjustment of volume ratios obtained cream to turn to.

Video: how to build a milk processing Separator

Those who purchase the device for the production of cream and oil for the first time, it may be a logical question: how to collect the purchased goods?By product instruction manual for the assembly, but it is much faster and more efficiently would be to see an instructional video.Leading useful video explains how easy it is for a few minutes to bring the electrical device in working condition.She said that all the equipment for milk processing similar structural features, so the example model Sich (80 liters) each separator can collect purchased for the home.


Konstantin, 42 years old: «For a long time in our economy, there was only one cow is milked - then drank or sold.Then he was able to buy another, and it became clear: a fresh product it is necessary to do something.Bought a device for processing of milk, were satisfied - there is always a house cream and butter. "

Anna, 27 years old: «My grandmother always wanted to make homemade bread and hand can not, old, so I decided to give her a separator, butter churn, the good, the cow is in the house!For several months we pamper yourself and a great natural product »

Inna, 50 years old:! « For two years we have on the table in the village every day to eat fresh, oily cream, which is so fond of the whole family, and all thanks to separatoru-cream separators.I advise everyone who wants to have a home safe, convenient and rapid device for processing of milk! »