How to upload music on your iPhone with your computer

One of the most popular devices are considered to iPhone and iPad with ios operating system.They just listen to audio, watch movies, read your favorite works, to perform the tasks play.Customers just bought a device that does not always know how to music from your computer to iPhone or throw aypad.There are plenty of difficult and useless regulations.The article describes a simple instruction how to music from your computer to iPhone to throw.

music format to iPhone

There are many formats, distinguished the quality of the reproduced sound reproduced with the same power unit.Mp3 format has ceased to be the only one.He is considered to be not one of the best, with the most popular.Current models of the iPhone and iPad support any format.Few people know how to download music on the iP

hone 6 other formats.If necessary, they are converted with the help of software.For playable formats include:

  • ac;
  • aiff;
  • aac protected;
  • mp3 vbr;
  • audible;
  • apple lossless;
  • wav.

way to download music on the iPhone

download the iPhone and iPad can any composition, but the reader can not each.Using iTunes - an easy way to transfer and convert files.We offer you a step by step instructions on how to download to your phone materials.Since it is easy to learn how to fold the songs that will later be read by the device.

Through iTunes

program So, here is a step by step guide:

  1. installation of iTunes on your computer.Program for downloading music on iPhone is stored on the official website.It supports the updated versions of Windows, Vista.The site contains a lot of useful information on how to add music to the iPhone through aytyuns and other programs.
  2. After installation run iTunes.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB-cable.
  4. Add a favorite song you want to throw.To do this, press the button "File", go to the "Add to Library".Open the desired song or multiple songs.
  5. There is a second way to transfer the composition.Click "Add Folder to Library."The second method for adding a large number of songs.
  6. wait until the composition determined iTunes.Select your device and click the image.
  7. Open menu compositions.Select the songs that you would like to throw.If necessary, you need to check the box next to "The entire media library."There will synchronize.
  8. Click "Apply" button.It is located in the lower right corner of iTunes.We are waiting for the end of synchronization.

To discard the photo, video, application, repeat all the above procedure.Through iTunes manually processed audio, video and photo.Is useful provided that the media has a larger size than that available on the phone.Adding different materials in a single scheme, how to add songs to the iPhone.Instead of "Songs" section select the desired, for example, "Films".

With iTools

Using iTools allows you to learn how to add music to your iPhone.In the program, the user can register tags for easy retrieval, grouping and organization of any file.Separately prescribed independent settings and set the volume level.You create your own playlists, made up by genres, styles, performers.The materials are transferred to the smartphone through synchronization.Download as individual compositions, as well as groups.We offer simple instructions on how to fold the music on the iPhone using iTools:

  1. Run the program iTools.If necessary, the latest updated version is stored on the official website.Once launched, select the item "File", click "Add to Library".
  2. figuring out how to add music files aytyuns.Select the folder containing the audio.The program loads as individual audio and group.Copy materials.Are loaded with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O or Command + O. Try to copy and move files.This is the easiest way how to throw them.
  3. When downloading note that aytyuns uses metadata specified tags.Feel free to create a collection of files.
  4. create a collection is available in the "Audio" section.To the materials were loaded into the phone memory, synchronization is required.
  5. Questions may arise as to connect the iPhone to your computer.There are several methods, we suggest to use USB-cable or Internet.
  6. Open the tab "Devices", click "Browse" and select the desired device.We expect contact.
  7. In the "Settings" tab to tick on the function "Process audio and video manually."So yourself conveniently configure synchronization created collection by genre.
  8. to siphon all the materials quickly, select the function "All Media Library".
  9. Once the playlist check the amount of free space on the device, and then click "Apply."
  10. Use the app store to download the application on the iPhone.
  11. Configuring and audio transmission with aytyuns made successfully.

Videotutorial: How to download music from your computer to your iPhone

details how best music from the computer to throw on the iPhone, is shown in the proposed video below.Visually see the whole process of data transfer.If you have questions, here you will find all the answers.The video describes how to fold aypad iPhone and music from your computer.Here in detail to figure out how to download the desired audio file and how the data is stored.Mounted iTools or iTunes in seconds.The program is supported on any version of Windows.All of this, see the video below.