Inverter air conditioner that is

In recent years, in the shops of home appliances began to appear new patterns of air conditioners - Inverter.Vendors offer potential buyers to opt for them: the assurances of trade networks of employees, they are much better, but in many cases, sellers may not answer the questions: what is the inverter air conditioner, what is the specific difference from ordinary inverter air conditioner?Let's examine the difference between the inverter and the usual split-systems.

What is inverter split system

Like any other split-system, this kind of HVAC equipment consists of indoor and outdoor unit.The outdoor unit is the compressor, freon filter system, a condenser and a fan to cool the refrigerant, and the control board and couplings.In the indoor unit arranged evaporator, whereby used cooling air fan, horizontal and vertical blinds, the filter and the condensate tray.

What is different from the conventional inverter air conditioner

main structural difference between this modification wall climate sy

stem - this is mainly the availability of the outdoor unit control board, which regulates the operation of the unit so that it turns on and off less often.Conventional split system operates as follows: after the room temperature rises by 3-5 degrees, its incorporation occurs, and after the temperature to cool the device installed outside, the meter will turn off completely.Then the cycle on / full off repeated.

principle of operation of the inverter air conditioner is somewhat different.After the first start split system will cool the room to the desired temperature, but as soon as it does not turn off, and continue to work, but with reduced by 25-75% (sometimes 5-90%) power.This is achieved through the use of in the design of the inverter unit.What is an inverter?This means that the unit is equipped with an inverter - a device that can change the capacity of the device smoothly.

Upon reaching the set temperature of the unit reduced speed, he has continued to work at reduced power, which is enough to maintain the desired temperature.Most of the cost of inverter split systems still completely disconnected, but much less than the standard models of air coolers.Only expensive units whose power ranges from 5 to 90%, can hardly disconnected.

According to passport data, the usual split-systems are not designed for continuous operation, while it should be turned off from time to time.These units operate in the heating mode at ambient temperature not lower than minus 5 degrees.Unlike ordinary air cooling structure with an inverter clock units adapted to work, they are able to operate in the heating mode when the outside temperature to minus 25 degrees.

Advantages and disadvantages of inverter technology

The main advantage of this technology - smooth regulation of temperature in the living room.Split systems with inverter can accurately maintain a specified temperature parameters, temperature fluctuations in the room are only 1-3 degrees, providing maximum comfort for the occupants in the living room.A conventional split-system in hot weather is necessary to adjust to maintain 18-20 degrees.

enabled, the indoor unit of the unit begins to create a sharp and a cold air stream, creating discomfort.Any person who is under the influence of the air flow is at risk of catching cold.Upon reaching the set parameters of air cooler is switched off, and the next time will turn on only when the room becomes hot again.Split system with inverter to achieve the required parameters is not turned off, it maintains the set temperature of the air flow in focus, eliminating the main disadvantage of conventional air conditioners.


  • Precise maintenance of the set temperature.
  • work around the clock.
  • Work for heating when the outside temperature is from -10 to -25 degrees.
  • Economical power consumption.
  • longer life.
  • Reduced noise.


  • increased to 30-40% of the cost.
  • dependence of the control board from power surges.
  • high cost of repairs.

Which of air conditioners with inverter drive better

Many brands make this category of household air conditioning systems.The most high-quality products are considered to be Japanese brands - Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and others.These manufacturers are constantly improving the design of its products, which are becoming more perfect: a more efficient and less noisy.Most models of the Japanese manufacturer is able to change the performance in the range of 25 to 75%, while high-end models from 5 to 95%.

Korean companies produce good air conditioning with inverter-driven, little inferior in quality to eminent Japanese brands.Compared with Japanese counterparts Korean instruments are not much worse, but they are a little bit cheaper.Chinese manufacturers produce cheap split system with inverter, but they can reduce their own power only in the range of 35 to 70%, which is significantly worse than that of the production units of Japanese and Korean brands.

Inverter split systems Daikin

Japanese company Daikin specializes exclusively in the production of HVAC equipment.All products are manufactured at the company's plants, are subject to mandatory testing.Daikin production units distinguished by a long service life (as wall and floor versions), low noise (22-27 dB at the top models - 19 dB), excellent ergonomics and efficiency, the availability of a set of functions, including self-diagnosis function.Popular line 2 - FTX and FTXN.

Mitsubishi Electric

In terms of price / quality air conditioners "Mitsubishi Electric" is unmatched.Manufacturing and assembly of components and assemblies made using the latest technologies.Each collected air cooler takes a 20-minute test, and some products are subject to a deep spot checks.Some modification of this split-brand systems are adapted to work on heating at an external temperature of minus 10 to 25 degrees.The company produces products with inverter series MCZ-GE and MSZ-HJ, with insignificant differences.


company "Toshiba" is engaged in production of split systems of all modifications, including the inverter.Products of the company compares favorably to the products of other Japanese brands of its price: it is somewhat lower than that of air coolers "Panasonic", "Mitsubishi" and "Daikin", but the quality is not worse than them.The company produces several lines of inverter air conditioners - SKV, PKVP (with increased long route), SKVP-ND (adjusted to operate at a temperature in the street to minus 10 degrees).

& gt;Fujitsu

Split systems with inverter of the brand are of high build quality, simplicity of operation and maintenance.Particularly popular models of low power for the home, the power of which is from 5 to 8 kilowatts.Equipment for cooling of the Japanese production company "Fujitsu" has all the necessary features: sleep timer, the self-diagnosis mode, restart the system, etc.


products of the Korean company "Samsung" considered economy-class products, they are different from the products of Japanese brands to its affordable price.Inverter air conditioners the Samsung, despite its affordable price, are of high quality: all components and assemblies meet the cooler air quality standards.Reduction of product cost reduction achieved through life (7-9 years), and reduce useful functions.

inverter air conditioner LG

Products LG Korean company refers to economy class, a split system with inverter LG prices substantially lower than the product of the Japanese companies.LG Inverter air conditioners production of sufficient quality and reliability, and are popular with customers.Excellent design, the presence of many functions, including automatic cleaning, plasma air purification, ionization makes LG products attractive to buyers, limited in the media.

Video: a better air conditioner - inverter or conventional

Both types of home appliances for air cooling has its advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing a particular model and varieties should be guided by the characteristics of the room where it will be installed.Inverter air conditioners are ideal for bedrooms and other rooms at a constant temperature.If the room from time to time will open the doors and windows, turn on appliances that produce heat, it makes no sense to overpay: buy ordinary split-system.More a matter of choice disclosed in the theme video:


Sergei, 25 years: install on your inverter air conditioner Daikin office.Pleased with them, it works fine, well-off, however, no energy savings had not noticed.

Alex, 33 years: Acquired LG inverter air conditioning system instead of a conventional air conditioner.I set it in the bedroom.Everything is fine, the noise is almost not felt, the air flow is not so strong, sleep at night is great.

Irina, 48 years: I use an inverter air conditioner "Toshiba" for the second year.Preferring the domestic appliance of this brand, it has never failed me.Air conditioning is quite happy to work quietly, no usual drafts.