How to create an Apple ID without credit

makes no difference how you are using the handheld device.Whether it's iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac, the for them, there is one account that reflects a wide range of functions.EPL Haydee allows to communicate for free through FaceTime and iMessage services, to download media from iTunes, sync data across devices via iCloud, and to set free the App Store require payment.There is only one question - how without a credit card to create apple id, because registration in app store without credit unrealistic.There is an exit.Further details about this.

How to create an account Apple ID without a credit card

user will not be able to use many wonderful features, if you put this question.Register iPhone without a credit card at many stores available for a certain amount of money.But this procedure has a drawback: the sellers do not always inform the customer password.To avoid this situation, you have to know yourself, how to register the iPhone, if there is no bank card.We will understand how to create a new

account with no payment card.

Create account Apple ID in the iPhone, iPad or iPod

In order to take advantage of a host of useful and enjoyable features of your device, be sure to carefully read the instructions below.Consider the sequence, which will help to understand how to create an apple id:

  1. Run AppStore app.
  2. Select "Top Charts" (the right of the "Categories").
  3. Click on the tab "Free."From free applications to display in front of you to choose what you are interested in.
  4. Click "Download" button, then "Install".
  5. The "Login" window, specify the "Create Apple ID».
  6. tick the "Russian" in the list of countries.
  7. Next you will be offered to get acquainted with the service conditions - agree, accept.
  8. Fill in the form of a new account: enter the E-mail and create a password, select a question and answer, so that the system can use the input data to identify you.
  9. information about the payment.At the end of the list of bank cards click "No", fill in the form below: name, address.The authenticity of the information is not necessary to enter the main existing postcode.We click "Next".
  10. you will automatically be sent a letter with the requirement to confirm the E-mail.We find it and click the link "Validate Now".

you decide whether the bank account to connect to the Apple ID.But there are situations when it is necessary to disable the card.Such measures are necessary in order to, for example, your child is not withdrawn in the negative balance.Buy paid apps you can not, but there are many free.To stop the card, use your device:

  1. Enter the settings menu.
  2. Choose «iTunes Store».
  3. Press «Apple ID: (Your E-mail)».
  4. window appears, click "View Apple ID».
  5. Click on «Payment Information».
  6. In «Payment Type» list, select «None».

Register an account in iTunes

We have already figured out how, without credit cards to create apple id.The question arises, how to register to aytyunse.You can do this with the help of his pocket devaysa or computer (laptop).If you do this on a PC, you need to load the iTunes application.Further, for any device do all the instructions:

  1. Click the button «App Store».
  2. Select a free application install.
  3. The "Entrance to the iTunes Store».We click "Create Apple ID».
  4. Put a check mark in terms of confidentiality and click "Continue".
  5. Fill in the form on your EPL Haydee: password, email address.
  6. The list of cards click "No", then click "Create Apple ID».
  7. confirm E-mail: go to the post office, we find an Apple and click on the link inside it.

Videotutorial: How to create EPL Haydee without credit

See videos below, which describes in detail how, without credit cards to create apple id and use it to log into iTunes.In an accessible manner, the authors explain each step of these processes, share their experiences and tips and tricks that will open you a wide range of opportunities to use your devices.English terms and the names of the authors translated into the Russian language, which is invaluable for people who do not know English.Also, the task of creating the account and its use simplifies the process of visual perception.

How to register in their own appstore

Registration aytyuns