How to choose multivarku

modern kitchen appliances are specifically designed to simplify the process of cooking, to save time on cooking and a variety of dishes.Versions of these "miracle products" set, so it is important to know how to choose multivarku, considering the needs of their family and material possibilities.This electrical device has the form of a small device that combines a bread machine, oven, steamer, pressure cooker, aerogrill, electric frying pan.

Tips for Choosing Multivarki for

home Before choosing a suitable Multivarki you need to start to articulate the requirements that are important to you.Each family can have their perfect "kitchen helper", it all depends on the number of family members, their culinary desires, the family budget, the manufacturer, the availability of additional options, features, and other factors.Let's try to figure out how to choose the parameters multivarku:

heating elements

multivarka is a pot, which is located in a special sturdy housing on the heating elements responsi

ble for heating and cooking.This heating of the Multivarki can be located:

  • bottom.Used in the kitchen cost options of the old generation devices, the heating is slow.
  • bottom and sides.This arrangement of the heating elements used in multivarka average price category.
  • bottom, top and sides.Three-dimensional heating in newer multivarok pressure cookers.Bowl with food warms evenly, but cooking takes less time.The price of the device with three-dimensional heating of the order of magnitude higher than the standard model.

control type are commercially available Multivarki with three basic types of control:

  • Mechanical.It is used in low-cost multivarka and is considered the most reliable.Process control instrument takes place via mechanical switches.They are push-button and rotary.
  • Electronic.Functionally, mechanical, multivarka operated via buttons, LCD or LED.
  • Touch.Applied to the current models multivarok, convenient to operate, it is possible to choose many functions.

Each management type has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Mechanical buttons are reliable, but little functional, ugly look on multivarka.
  • LCD electronic control has the ability to break down often.
  • Touchpad sometimes does not respond to touch.

bowl coating

from the inner layer of the cup depends Multivarki durability of the appliance.Coverage is divided into:

  • Teflon.It has a non-stick property, the food in a bowl never will burn.The coating of Teflon heat-resistant, but on heating 260 degrees emit dangerous to human health.Improper handling or care on Teflon gets scratched, which destroy the non-stick layer.Multivarka with Teflon coating will last 2-3 years.
  • Ceramic.This type of heat-resistant coating (up to 450 degrees), and environmentally safe.Pottery has a non-stick property, easy to care for her.The durability of such Multivarki small - up to 2 years.
  • Marmara spraying on the bowl durable and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Samu Multivarki bowl made of stainless steel or aluminum.

  • Stainless alloy conducts heat poorly, which is why the heating is slow.Acidic food is not recommended to cook in multivarka stainless steel.
  • Aluminum alloy is easy to use, the main thing, to choose quality products.


Multivarki Power consumption ranges from 490 to 1500 kW.From this parameter depends on the quality of the dishes, cooking speed.The more power a kitchen unit, so it will be faster to prepare meals, but in deciding how to choose multivarku, the maximum rate of power is not always the best.If you are a small family unit capacity from 670 to 850 kW, it will suffice.

Additional features

Any multivarka has basic and additional modes.From the amount of the latter depends on its cost, so think carefully what additional features you need, and for that you should not overpay.

to normal Multivarki include:

  • «Buckwheat" - is used to make friable grains.
  • «Porridge with milk" - are fluid for cooking cereals (barley, oatmeal, semolina).
  • «Pilaf" - in this mode, the dish is cooked first, then a little fried.Also pilaf allowed to cook meat, potatoes.
  • «Cooking" - mode for cooking borscht, soups.
  • «Putting out" - for dishes that need to slowly boil or stew.
  • «Frying" - is used for fast cooking.
  • «Baking" - in addition to cakes, breads and cakes may be baked meat, vegetables.
  • «Steaming» - an indispensable treatment for people on a diet.
  • «Fast cooking" - inside Multivarki remains high temperature and pressure conducive to fast cooking food.

Additional features are common:

  • «heating cold food" - food has cooled down, if necessary, may be heated to the desired temperature.
  • «Maintaining the finished dish hot."
  • «Timer delay start" - a convenient mode that allows you to, for example, in the evening to lay all the necessary products in Multivarki cup and get ready for the morning breakfast.
  • «Soaking» - a handy feature for lovers of food legumes.
  • «signal the end of cooking" - notifies that the food is cooked.
  • «Grill" - it is possible to cook meat dishes and pastries with a crispy crust.
  • «Yogurt" - for the preparation and reproduction of specific lactic bacteria necessary to maintain a constant temperature (38-42S) for 4-6 hours.
  • «fryer" - suitable for lovers of French fries and other dishes cooked in deep fat.
  • «Sterilization" - a useful feature mothers with small children to sterilize instruments.
  • «Multipovar" - it is possible to choose the temperature of the cooking dish.
  • «smoked Mode".
  • «Save program during interruption of electricity" - with such a function when power is turned on, multivarka continue cooking from the moment at which the light was off.
  • «Protection of children" - after setting the program Multivarki instrument panel is automatically locked.
  • «Voice Guidance" - function for people with poor eyesight, the operating principle of which is the notification of the start and end of cooking, prompting what button should be pressed.
  • «Thermal" - if multivarka when cooking for a couple over the water, the appliance will shut down to protect itself from overheating.

Rating multivarok 2016- and how to choose what is best

With a kitchen helper cooking easier, faster and more economical.Only it is important to know how to choose multivarku cooker, from a huge range of products, the best, proven by many housewives and lauded reviews online.To find out which devices are the most comfortable, high quality and popular, we offer you the TOP 5 best multivarok 2016.

Marta MT-1963

multivarka Great for a large family with a 5-liter bowl and a capacity of 900 kW.It has 12 programs, there are manual adjustment of the time, convenient and simple menu.Internal Multivarki bowl is made of high quality material, so will not affect the taste of cooked food.Among the shortcomings of this model point out the lack Multivarki rubberized legs and ugly display.unit cost of 3000 rubles.

Polaris PMC 0517AD

multivarka with antibacterial ceramic 5-liter bowl.It has 16 standard programs and the function of "time delay".Thanks to an excellent modern design unit harmoniously fit into any decor.Informative touch menu further simplifies multivarka.The disadvantages include the assembly and irregularities shortish cable to the power connection.Price in stores in Moscow from 4000 rubles.

Redmond RMC-M4500

Multivarki popular model among users, has a classic design and a relatively small size.In multivarku set ceramic bowl 5 liters, the power of the heating element is 700 kW.There is an extensive range of standard programs (10 modes) of additional functions - preparation of yogurt, delayed start mode.Among the shortcomings noted the lack of "Multipovar" mode, non-removable cover.Retail price Multivarki from 5200 rubles.

Redmond RMC-PM4507

maximum simple budget model with mechanical control.Modes in multivarka minimum quantity is a function of avtopodogreva.The power unit is 900 kW, Teflon bowl Multivarki a capacity of 5 liters.The device has proven itself not only as multivarka, but also as a pressure cooker and pressure cooker.The disadvantage is the lack of a display, the program "delayed start".Multivarki average cost of 3500 rubles.

Scarlett IS-MC412S01

Practical multivarka compact size with a striking design and a convenient carrying handle.Four liter bowl has a non-stick coating, the heating element power is 940 kW.The model is the extensive functionality and excellent technical characteristics: in addition to 12 standard programs, there is a mode "start delay", "multipovar", "avtopodogrev", "steamer", "yogurt", "bread maker".The downside considered uninformative statement, no signal the end of cooking.Price - from 2900 rubles.

Recommended use and care multivarka

Hostess who purchased multivarku, soon can not imagine how you could do without it before.Dealing with it requires a lot of effort and time, and thanks to the extensive functionality and a variety of additional useful options is possible to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.It would seem that to take care of such a multi-functional device is difficult, but in reality everything is simple.

Purification Multivarki should be performed after every cooking, waiting for it to cool.It is important to know how to properly store the instrument if multivarka is not used, unplug it from the mains power and does not allow moisture inside.Bowl for cooking, use only as directed.To multivarka pleased you and your family tasty and healthy dishes, a closer look at how to take care of all its details:

  • housing and heating element Multivarki as dirt just wipe with a damp cloth.This multivarka must be disconnected from the power supply before it is completely dry parts.
  • Bowl.Since the coating in the non-stick bowl Multivarki, for its cleaning use liquid dish detergent and a soft cloth.Powders are not allowed for cleaning.
  • cover.If this item is Multivarki removable, wash it under running warm Vod with soapy water, wipe with non-removable cover after every cooking or make a steam cleaning.To this is poured into a cup and 200 ml of water for 15 minutes in the cooking apparatus includes mode.
  • Parovypuskatel and the water trap is removed from Multivarki and washed with warm water after each use.

Customer Reviews

Elena, 30 years: «multivarka I take more than six months.I cook on it all, long thought what better to choose multivarku, stopped at the Phillips model with touch controls.Regarding the work of the sensor responsive, does not slow down, programs are registered properly and dishes are delicious, not pereparennye and not overdone.First, preparing for a book with recipes that came with multivarka now do everything by eye ".

Maria, 20 years old: «I am a student, especially to cook no.Parents gave multivarku, and I am very pleased.Cooking does not take much time.After cooking bowl Multivarki washed immediately, the inner cover and the valve is pulled out in seconds, wash the hassle and difficulty does not deliver. "

Valentina, 27 years old: «On March 8 my husband gave multivarku.The first thing that it is cooked in rice, all very much.Then, I start to cook in multivarka everything - from soups to baked goods.Caring for the device is not difficult, takes place in the kitchen is small.Gift satisfied, I recommend everyone to enjoy. "