How to distinguish a fake from the iPhone

iPhone - one of the modern market the highest quality and reliable smartphone.Its high cost is not everyone can afford, and, therefore, sometimes logical solution becomes a used phone purchase at a significant discount.How to check your iPhone for authenticity?Integrity Seller no guarantee can not, so you have to carefully examine the device itself and find the differences.

main differences when testing on iPhone originality

When you purchase is necessary to pay attention to literally everything from the behavior of the seller.An honest man, selling original Apple's smartphone through an ad on the Internet, will be:

  • indicate your phone, not just e-mail address;
  • ready to meet in person and discuss the details of the purchase;
  • try to sell as dearly as possible (ie not below the average market value of b / y iPhone);
  • allow you to check the authenticity.

you agreed to meet and hold the phone in your hands, which could soon be yours.How to check the originality of the iPhone?First, carefully

look at the interface.Fake iPhone runs on Android OS, or worse, in Java.At best, the Chinese craftsmen will be able to forge an external view of iOS, but they did not get to copy the entire function.Check the base of the program: the camera, messages, contacts, settings.You can prepare in advance screenshots of the original operating system (easily find them on the internet), to compare on the spot.

How to distinguish a Chinese iPhone?Most likely, the build quality fakes will leave much to be desired.In the original smartphone from Apple, all the lines look smooth, every detail is adjacent to another perfectly straight.The presence of what some irregularities and cracks sometimes will explain the fall of the smartphone, but in this case, at least, you can bring down the price.If you notice any defects in the phone assembly, carefully inspect for other parameters.

are the steps to verify the authenticity of the iPhone

As iPhone to quickly check for authenticity?Follow these simple instructions and you will easily find out whether the original is in your hands.You will learn how to distinguish between Chinese iPhone from Apple's product:

1. Measure display screen

Any forgery differs from the original by at least one-tenth of a millimeter.Find the diagonal of your iPhone model and compare with your purchase.The screen should be exactly in exactly.Do not include your body measurements.Note: in the same generation can be different sizes.How do I know the original iPhone 5s or not?Simply measure the diagonal.Counterfeits of this model make the wrong size, focusing on the model 5 or 5s.

2. Locate the serial number

Originality iPhone is fully supported by the serial number.It is a combination of 12 letters and numbers, which is indicated on the side of the box.Check the serial number - is the surest way.Go to the "Settings" menu and select "Basic" and "About your device".Check the combinations that you find on the box and bought the phone settings - must be the same.

Then enter the serial number on a special page of the official website of Apple: Check the serial number.The system should pinpoint and generation smartphone.On the same site passes inspection guarantee Apple - you know, if an agreement for the free service and repair on your devayse acts.

3. Make sure there is a slot for the SIM-card

iPhone and aypad different from most competitors in the presence of slots for nano-SIM.All smartphones from Apple, starting with the fifth-generation (ie, 5, 5c 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus), used this simok format.At 4 and 4s - micro-SIM.Slots in the iPhone are presented in the form of retractable jacks on the side panel.SIM card is inserted on the right side, if you hold the smartphone screen to him.Withdrawable nest - a thin plate with a hole in the center, suitable in size for the micro- or nano-SIM.

4. Check your device using SNDeepInfo

Service SNDeepInfo service is designed to test b / u devices.On SNDeep you need to enter the serial number or IMEI iPhone, to see if the original smartphone.Another useful site is the fact that any person who has lost the phone (was stole or lost), can make it serial number in the database.If you check a stolen iPhone, you will know about it.

Never mess with vendors who offer you a locked iPhone on Apple ID (email is).Unlock not work even after flashing, and you will lose most of the useful features iOS.If you are trying to sell a smartphone with a locked ID, then it probably is stolen device.Even check whether the search function is enabled.Open the "Settings», «iCloud», «Find iPhone».It must be turned off without fail.Ideally, the former owner must completely remove your Apple ID from your phone and carry out a complete reset.

refuse to buy if the seller for whatever reason forbids you to check if a real iPhone.Examples of such excuses:

  • viruses on the phone, who allegedly disappeared after a system reset;
  • smartphone fragility (the owner is afraid that you drop it);
  • please check after purchase.

How do I check the phone by IMEI to Apple's official website

IMEI number can be found on the tray for the SIM.Enter it on Apple's official website and check if the data appeared to match reality.If the original iPhone, the system will give you:

  • generation;
  • model;
  • memory.

Video: how to distinguish the original from a fake iPhone

In this video lectures below the young master will tell in detail how the iPhone to quickly check for authenticity.They will be affected by topics such as:

  • obvious external differences between the original iPhones and Chinese;
  • difference in OS;
  • subtleties check the serial number and IMEI;
  • activation of b / y iPhone.

Video shows what questions should ask the seller before you buy, and how to verify the authenticity of the phone on.It will tell us more about the foreign device, not intended for use in Russia: how to determine what their problem is and why they should not be taking.Leading teach you how to check the smartphone, without taking it out of the box.To do this, you need only the information referred to outside.