How to choose a vacuum cleaner for home

What could be more important for women than the purity and freshness of her family's home?No matter how much time is not spent on cleaning, dust will still appear.It is remarkable that we live in an age when the appliances for a man.Chief assistant at harvest time was and still is a vacuum cleaner.Modern devices are very different from their noisy and not always effective predecessors.To understand what is better to buy a vacuum cleaner for the home, you need to know the technical characteristics of the models offered in the stores.We analyze several types of vacuum cleaners.

What to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner for home

choosing a vacuum cleaner for home use, to determine what type dust collector and filter system has to be with the device sizes, whether in selling consumables liked vacuum models.Do not be afraid to take the time to search and read reviews about a particular modification.Sometimes advertised, visually attractive machine actually cumbersome or inconvenient to use.

Dust bag Type: bag, container or aqua-filter

The first thing you pay attention to the time of purchase - is, where will collect dust sucked.There are three main types of dust collector.Let us examine each in more detail.

  • bag.Can be reusable (cloth) or disposable (paper).The most usual, the budget dust collector.There are small minuses for tissue - it retains only larger particles of debris, more fine dust passes through the fiber.Cleaning and care for textile bag not bring joy to anyone.With paper dust bags easier, it should be easy to change and throw away trash during filling.But the sale of spare paper bags are not always, and not change after each cleaning - unhygienic.
  • container.It is convenient and reliable to use.To maintain the purity necessary to wash and dry the plastic container after harvesting and it is again ready to serve.For small drawbacks include increased noise levels due to the fact that the container during the process of absorption of dust, serves as a resonator.Model with plastic dust collector more expensive price than counterparts with bags.
  • Aqua-mask with combined filter.Those who suffer from allergies, anyone in the family has young children - a closer look to the dust collection system through a water filter.Clean, fresh air in the room where cleaning is carried out in such a vacuum cleaner is provided.Intake air is purified with water and the wet powder is collected in a separate container.A high cleaning efficiency smoothes high cost disadvantage.


Some may ask the question - why additional filtering if the garbage, even microscopic, and so remains inside the dust collector?The fact that the air passing through the system again returns to the room.Dust, fly out together with air from the vacuum cleaner, much more dangerous than the usual rubbish on the floor.For pathogens, sometimes living inside the vacuum cleaner, this habitat is very favorable.

, which irritate the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract to the invisible particles of dust did not cause allergic or asthmatic attack, do not end up in the human body, the air should be as clean.Current models of vacuum cleaners have several degrees of exhaust air cleaning and dust and contaminants are delayed by 90%, for aqua-filter, the figure of 99.97%.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner power

Savvy buyers when choosing equipment is required to pay attention to power.But not always large numbers mean better quality.the housing parameters indicate power consumption.The larger the vacuum cleaner in size, it has the above meaning, is noisy.It is better to look at the user manual or consult your dealer about the suction power.

powerful vacuum cleaner for home, when the value exceeds 300 watts is needed if you have small children, who manage all the time to create the need for cleaning, porous surfaces or permanently moulting pets.When power 260-300 W, the vacuum cleaner will cope with the cleaning on the surface of carpet, laminate, linoleum.You may be offered an older model at a low price, with a capacity of less than 260 watts, but such a purchase does not justify the money spent.

cleaning type: wet, dry or combination

Before settling on a vacuum cleaner models, decide what it is you need: clean small apartment, industrial or office space, take into account surface coatings.

  • dry cleaning.For home use, where there are no small children or patients with diseases of the respiratory system, you can do with a vacuum cleaner with a dry cleaning process, where dust and debris will be collected in the dust collector.Will only after cleaning to clean container or bag.Such a device is significantly cheaper than their counterparts, but may have included some essential tips of different configurations for different surfaces and hard to reach places.
  • Wet cleaning.Fans of carpets with thick long nap, especially light, should appreciate the function of the washing vacuum cleaner.None of the conventional nozzle apparatus and the more brush in hand, will not be able to arrange cover as much as it makes the function of wet cleaning.For a family with a small child or animal, such a device is suitable above all.But it is necessary to take into account that it is expensive in equipment cost, which will occupy a lot of space.
  • Combined cleaning.For specific premises should consider the option of buying a vacuum cleaner with the functions of both wet and dry cleaning.The brand K√§rcher has at its disposal a large number of areas such models.The ability of technology at the right time to collect the water, by blowing clean hard to reach areas to remove dust or lint on the smooth surface, increases the cost of the purchase.If you need to clean the room all of these features, even the high cost should not stop you.Such multifunctional vacuum cleaner will last for many years.

level of vacuum cleaner noise

noise level - an important characteristic of equipment for cleaning.It is measured in dB.For vacuum cleaners established norm noise level from 71 to 80 dB at a distance of 50 centimeters.The more consumption and the suction apparatus power the more noisy is your assistant.Design features of modern technology aimed at to reduce noise even in high-power vacuum cleaner, reducing the vibration of the engine turbines operating.

Additional features and accessories

-makers of the company relates to additional functions:

  • light power indicator.
  • signal for filling the dust bag or the maximum water pollution.
  • automatically stopping the engine in case of overheating.
  • protection against voltage surges.
  • Bumpers mitigating contact with the furniture and protect it from damage.
  • Extra long cord with automatic winding.

For equipment intended for cleaning, an important factor is that modern devices can perform additional functions.With the washing vacuum cleaner you can easily clean windows, wall tiles, and steam will be indispensable if you want to clean the surface with a soft furniture.Mop cleaner will easily cope with the guidance of cleanliness on smooth surfaces such as laminate, linoleum.Easy manual vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning vertical surfaces.A variety of tips to help remove dust in the crevices to collect the liquid to get rid of spots.

rating of the best vacuum cleaners for the home in 2016

answer the question, what brand is the best vacuum cleaner, it is difficult, even more impossible.Each of them carries out the functions required in a particular moment in a particular area.Request for consumers, too, are different, but we have prepared an overview of the most interesting models of vacuum cleaners in 2016 to clean at home.

  • Vacuums dry cleaning Samsung SC4520.Compact vacuum cleaner Samsung container for dust collection, complete with washable filter for cleaning reusable air.An innovative method of creating a two-chamber filter system cleans the air as much as possible, even without a water filter and maintains suction power during the entire cleaning time.

  • detergent cleaner Thomas TWIN XT.Improved model with the new technology of water filtration.Multifunctional cleaner cleans, dries, cleans, moisturizes and cleans the air.Includes special nozzles allows for thorough cleaning of parquet, clean the upholstered furniture, carpet.

  • model with cyclone filter LG V-K89382HU.Compressor system separated from air drawn in and compresses the dust, so it is placed in a container up to three times greater.The resulting pellets can be easily removed, with minimal contact with the dirt.Four-layer filter provides maximum issuance of clean air.Constant high suction power is not forced to stop cleaning to clean container.

  • cleaner robot iClebo Arte.The era of robots who came to the aid of man has come.Effective intellectual vacuum Korean manufacturers have programming system Recessed cartographer premises.Self-propelled robot can overcome the low sills to 2 cm, work in dry mode, collecting dust and debris and wet cleaning, as a polisher.Automatic charging system will clean large room.Low noise and beautiful design sure to attract its customers.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner Electrolux ZB 2901. The model of the new generation of Electrolux vacuum cleaners consists of two devices, one of which can be easily removed and can be used as a compact hand-held portable vacuum cleaner on battery power.Convenient and reliable assistant for cleaning of shelves and furniture.

Video: how to choose a good and reliable vacuum cleaner

How important to have at hand a reliable assistant during cleaning.From the detailed video learn about the different versions of modern vacuum cleaners.Differences in weight, noise level, consumption and the suction power, the number of nozzles and structure of a dust collector can you put in a blind alley - what better to choose a vacuum cleaner.Responses from professional video consultant who will tell you to any premises not buy a particular vacuum cleaner, having the desired characteristics.


Stanislav, 28 years old: Accidentally hit with his son in the pool at the time of harvesting.I had no idea that there are vacuum cleaners that can do to clean the walls, bottom.Wireless robot dolphin surely a route walked on all surfaces of the pool.The employee explained that the technique not only removes plaque on the walls and floor of the pool, but even filters the water without the cost of physical person.

Anya, 32 years old: husband began to ache from allergies.Doctor after the examination and discharge medication, advised to buy a steam vacuum cleaner, said that although it is expensive, but cheaper drugs.In fact, this technique not only helps clean up, but also kills all harmful bacteria and dust mites, because of which began the disease in her husband.After a month of using a steam cleaner Phillips, her husband canceled nearly half of drugs.

Light, 34 years old: on the dispute, what firm is better to choose a vacuum cleaner for the home.I won.My cleaning assistant Zelmer, leaves no dust no options.Bulky, but I chistyulya.

Vera M., 54 years old: My daughter polamat pislesos, we decided to give her a robot.She is very happy with that coming from work, she does not need to waste time on cleaning.Thanks to the creators of technical miracle.