The value of the lines on the hand

Palmistry - interesting science, practiced since ancient times.Guessing on the palm engaged in Tibet, India, Italy, China, Greece and other countries.In today's world of palmistry long gone beyond predictions.It is almost an exact science that can not only tell us about any man, but also to predict its possible fate.The lines on his hand, what do they mean?Respond to a difficult question, everyone can.To explore this, relevant information and practice.Learn about the basic values ​​of the contours in the palm of a person.

In which hand to watch the line on the palm of his hands on

provides unlimited information about their owner.It is unique - the world is not the same lines on the hand.Experts during divination scan line as the right hand and on the left.For right-handed right hand is considered to be active, the left - the passive, left-handed all the way around.In passive palm judge of what a man is born: it reflects the past, reveals the character says about the stages of formation of the pe

rson, shows the degree of influence of the family.As it is judged that any length of life is determined from birth.21 years investigating the passive hand.

no less interest in chiromantists is active hand.As it concludes that, as a man in his age, and ordered his fate that was given at birth.The right hand shows the present and future.Examining it, experts see what lifestyle a person leads at the time of divination, dream about and what they want to achieve.Note that the information studied and compared on both palms.Only in this way it is obtained a complete picture of human destiny.

main line in Palmistry

How to read the lines on the palms, if so many of them?Basic only 4. This line of Heart, Head, Life, Destiny.Palmistry hand is the basic rule of interpretation - which they clearly appear, the more developed the relevant traits and qualities.The more clearly pronounced contours, the more favorable are their values.If the gaps are clearly visible, stars, small crosses, squares, chain islands, it testifies to the problems in those areas that they define.


chiromantists On it are judged on health, stamina, duration, quality of life, endurance.It starts from the edge of the palm between thumb, forefinger and ends in the area of ​​the wrist.Ideally, if the dash is thin, clear, smooth, running to the end without interruption and dots, dashes, triangles, tap.The line, located near the thumb, indicates a lack of forces to carry out his plans for part of the depression and nervosa.If you are at a great distance from Venus hill, the man is persistent and cheerfulness.

Important: interrupts are not necessarily indicative of the danger or the approach of death.Sometimes this fact inform of change in life circumstances, drastic changes.People with a rather short line often live for a long time, but they do not differ enormous vitality and physical stamina.With a slight bend it comes to individual reserved, unsociable, selfish, having problems with communication.The bend, the more energy and vitality, but if it is at the end becomes thin and uncertain, probably a significant deterioration in health.

Line fate

it is not always easy to find as it is in some splits, changes, begins and ends at different locations.Sometimes it is clearly visible on his left hand and virtually absent on the right, and vice versa.fate line originates at the base of the wrist, goes to the base of the middle finger.Its absence will never be taken as a lack of destiny: sometimes it just says that a person alien to long-term planning, the monotony.She also often intersects with others, changing its designation.

At her trial on human success, wealth, his decisiveness, ability to make decisions, achieve their goals.If it is a clear, distinguishable well, the person will likely punctual, practical, credible.Breaks, crosses indicate possible problems in life, illness, shift work (profession).A sign of wealth is the line stretching to the index finger, the failure - to the little finger.In numerology necessarily take into account other indicators.

heart line

Carries important information about the owner.On it are judged on temperament, tenderness, sensitivity, passion, loving, emotions, human constancy.It begins under the little finger (from the edge of the palm) and goes to the fingers (middle or index finger).Long, straight, low located, she says that man is capable of strong emotions.What it is curved, the emotional and sensual owner.In the short and highly situated conclude the inability to express feelings, a certain spontaneity.

If the heart line includes small branch, they indicate the presence of novels, sympathy, secret affections.About romantic story with a positive track indicate those that blend seamlessly with the main.About disappointments, failures in love say cruciate chains, small gaps.Do not be confused by its absence - in some it is connected to the head line.For more information about how to read the lines on his right hand, what they mean, will help to understand palm reading with explanations and photos.

head line (crazy)

position of all different, the value may vary depending on the characteristics of the palm.It goes through the whole hand, often starts with the sun line.It indicates the degree of development of mental abilities.People smart, able to penetrate, to analyze, to create a chain of reasoning is a clear and long.They make the talented people who work with money.Short, intermittent means that people do not always use their minds to solve problems - it is not necessary to overload yourself brainwork.

chiromantists When deciphering the palm, they pay attention to the degree of its severity, the presence of bifurcations, breaks.For example, the branch at the end of show literary talent, a creative mindset, tears - a distraction and a bad memory.Pale, poorly marked section - a sign of increased nervousness, slowness.Some men and women section on two hands are very different - they changed the destiny for life

Secondary line on the hand and the value is not necessarily

Such lines have everyone and their number individually.As a rule, those who perceive life easy without complicating it, such cross sections are very small.How to read the lines on the hand, if they are not for everyone?They are taken into account, together with the main and are used for a more accurate description of human destiny.Still wrong to underestimate their power.Here are explanations of some:

  1. line marriage (affection, love).How much hand-sections, as a human emotional attachments.Love Line on your palm under the little finger is on the side, on the hill of Mercury, just above the heart line.Examining her professional palmist will tell how likely the marriage as such, how it will be happy, predict divorce.
  2. children lines.Also located on the edge of his hand, crossed the line of marriage.In their number is determined to be a human one child, two or more.In the active arm displays the actual number on the passive - potential.
  3. travel lines.Location - in the field of the Moon Hill, on the palm.They testify to travel, have a role in human life, in saturated strong emotions.
  4. Line Marsa.It is taking place in parallel with the line of life.It indicates the presence of the owner of exceptional talent, intuition, inexhaustible reserve of vital energy.double life lines holders are seldom in danger, it is easy to solve their problems, are a success, almost do not feel financial difficulties, succeed in a career and even get an inheritance.It is important not to confuse it with the line of the curse.

How to speculate on the arm

Before you know what is meant by the line on the palm, should learn a few rules.Remember unambiguous predictions have not heard even by professionals, none of the line does not give an exact answer about the time and cause of death.In the hands can not tell others about a person, they are only information about him and some of the biological parents.It is important to distinguish between active and passive palm.The first tells the story of the present day, the second - the past and the inherent possibilities.Much of the character traits, aptitudes, talents, abilities tell hills and hillocks.

Having learned to read by hand, you can understand the meaning of the lines in the palm of your relatives and friends.Do not try to understand everything in a short time.It is recommended to start with the four main, and after their move to the development of others.First, you need to examine the appearance of the hands, fingers, pay attention to the structure of the skin and the color of the palm.After this conclusion about health, nature, happiness, abilities and inclinations.

Video: value lines on the human palm

lines on his right hand, what do they mean?I wonder what destiny intended from birth?Check out free to the present videos, in which all the primary and secondary lines are indicated in the form of schemes.After reviewing the information on them, you can easily read the value of the lines on the palm, prevent unhappiness and problems.The knowledge gained will be faithful companion in life.Carefully analyze what you have seen before come to a common conclusion difficult.Do not forget to take into account at the time of divination, and other factors, see the video.