Why not orchid blooms

This wonderful exotic flower is the pride of many fans of indoor plants.However, to make such a capricious handsome delicate blossom buds sometimes difficult.The question arises, why not flowers orchid house and how to fix this situation.It all depends on the type of plants, from the environment in which it is located.If you want to stimulate the appearance of buds in your pet, come to the aid of some of the techniques and tricks people.

Why do not bloom orchids

Remember Wednesday, is a natural for this species of flora.Non-compliance conditions - the main answer, why not orchid blooms and leaves grow.Delicate creation grow in tropical climates, where a lot of light, heat, and the soil fertile and nutritious.Indoor conditions may be unfavorable for the flower.If you want to please you with a favorite green delicate flowers for several months in a row, you need to create the conditions for the plants.Orchid has to feel as close to their native habitat.

main factor that is responsible for the hea

lth of indoor plants - lighting.A large amount of light is required for many members of this family.For the most common varieties - Phalaenopsis - enough diffused daylight urban apartments.Thus Oncidium, Cattleya, other varieties require the use of special lamps that provide more light.Analyzing how to make orchids bloom, it is necessary to take into account these features.

Caring for orchids at home involves a special watering regime.This is also due to the tropical climate, which is native to them.The locus of flora data prolonged rainy seasons are replaced as prolonged drought.Houses can not provide the plant year-round is the same amount of moisture.Permanent uniform watering leads to the intensive growth of leaves and flowers welcome at this do not appear.

Analyzing why not flowers bloom in an apartment, pay attention to the soil in which it grows your favorites.Their roots need plenty of oxygen.At home, phalaenopsis conditions as the other grades, need special substrate, which eventually requires replacement.Home favorite became weak and stopped to blossom?Neglecting regular transfers Phalaenopsis or another member of the species becomes the cause.

How do I get an orchid to bloom

Find a common language with these exotic beauties are not so difficult.Knowing why orchid flowers home is not easy to create a good environment for her, provoking the emergence of new buds.It is necessary to take into account its characteristics and not to neglect the simple rules of watering, lighting and transplantation:

  1. creating the illusion of change of the tropical rainy seasons and drought, it is necessary to adhere to a simple irrigation schemes.The water temperature should be high - at least 30 degrees.First, water the plants regularly and abundantly.Then, the water supply stops abruptly.Spray have leaves, roots and the soil is to moisturize, in rare cases, if the air in the room dry.
  2. Determining how to make flower orchid phalaenopsis, need to remember that she loves light.Pot it should stand near the window.It is desirable that the light source is not obscured trees.
  3. important role played by the timely transplanting and fertilizer domestic flora.

Video: What to do if you do not bloom orchids

gentle, attentive to their exotic pets - is also an important factor for their flowering.Especially nice when other people share the passion for the exotic vegetation.Because of common interests can bring useful knowledge and valuable experience.See what the fans so beautiful and varied colors are aware of them.The experienced "colleagues" in the video tell why Phalaenopsis does not bloom and what to do.