Electric oven table

No self-respecting housewife will not do without in the kitchen oven, because the real masters of the culinary arts in it such goodies prepared that Yum!Depending on the heat source, there are electric ovens and gas.Which of them is more convenient, decides every man for himself.Despite high power and high energy consumption, are gaining more and more popularity, electric oven.Thanks to their versatility they allow you to cook any dish.

reasons to buy desktop electric oven

In terms of small-sized kitchen best option would be the purchase of an electric table oven.It is small size, but the performance is able to replace his kinsman more cumbersome.Everything from cooking to baking and meat or fish, reading electric oven cook well.Taking up minimal space, it will be indispensable in the kitchen, and saved the square footage you use a washing machine or dishwashing nightstand.

Table oven will give you a small cost.There are models available to each family with an average salary.Having bought mysel

f a small electric oven, you solve the problem with cooking in the country, in a country house.In summer, nothing better than you can imagine, as fresh baked pies or cooked on the grill duck.With the onset of the winter cold small electrical appliance is easy to transport back to the apartment.

functionality of a mini-oven

Buying electric oven, pay attention to what features it has.Choose a package with the expected result.Depending on the number of processes, electric oven divided into classic and multifunctional.Here are the main functions of a mini-oven:

  • Retractable trolley.It is useful if you are tired to burn your fingers, pulling out every time a hot pan hands.
  • Cold door.Made of special material, it is completely safe and will not cause burns or adults, no children are on the kitchen.
  • timer.Do not strain your memory timing with the preparation of meals.For you, it will make the electronic timer.It either emits a distinctive sound, or disable the device.
  • Rotisserie.Do you dream to cook at home barbecue or bake chicken?Then choose a built-in electric oven with rotisserie.It is rotated by an electric motor, and the food is equally roasted from all sides.
  • Grill.This feature will interest fans of meat or fish products with crispy fried crust.Grill looks like a spiral, turn on briefly, gives the original taste of food.
  • heating programs.Modern electric ovens are equipped with more than 10 heating modes, controlled from the touch panel.By their own choice you turn on the top or bottom heat, intensive heating, defrosting food mode.
  • pollution-free enamel.For greater convenience in the care of the oven, cover it fine special, super-tough enamel.To her worse adhere particles of fat and burning, it is easier to clean.
  • pyrolysis and hydrolysis treatment.When using the first option within the established cleaning temperatures up to 300 degrees, the remnants of the fat on the walls of the enclosure burn.The disadvantage of this mode - the smell of carbon monoxide in the apartment.For hydrolysis purification baking poured water, which evaporates upon heating and flows along with fat in a pan.
  • Convection.This is a special fan installed in the oven for uniform heating of the entire cabinet and prevent overcooking the food with one hand.

Classical electric oven for baking

In classical oven heated from below or from above, you can use just two modes of heating, as well as a grill.The remaining functions of such an electric oven you are not happy.It is used to test baking, frying meat or fish, reheating food, dried vegetables.Warming up the oven two tubular heating elements located above and below.Some newer models have a skewer and grill.

With the function of the microwave, convection, grill

Such electric stove called multifunctional.Their main difference from the classical to the fact that they are not two, but four of PETN.Preheat the oven is carried out from above, from below, from the side and rear walls.Due to the convection mode, hot air quickly and evenly distributed throughout the cell, so you can successfully cook two dishes at the same time.

for baking pies, cakes, pizzas, multifunction electric oven used in normal mode, including two heaters.To speed up the cooking process using the fan.Connection of heaters useful when baking several courses at different levels.If you only need to be browned on top of the dish, turn on only the top heating element.And if you need a golden brown on all sides, is engaged grill.

the absence in the household microwave oven, you will be profitable to buy an electric oven with microwave function.It built a special device called a magnetron generating microwaves.Having made such a purchase, you will save money and space in the kitchen, combining two major and overall the device in a small, but very useful.

consumption and power

consider buying an electric oven, first evaluate the state of their wiring.Depending on the model, the furnace consumes an average power of 2-4 kW.It is a lot, and not every entry stand.Ask the expert, does it make sense to you to purchase an oven, or for safety reasons better to opt for other alternative devices with lower power.

size and volume of the cabinet

For families of 2-3 people fit medium size electric oven -. To a depth of 55 cm and a width of up to 60 cm If the dimensions are too large for your small kitchen, there are smaller oven - 45 cm. in such a wardrobe fit significantly less food than the large, and prepare two baking it will be a little longer, but you will win an impressive piece of free space in the room.If you frequently use the electric oven and cook a big family, pay attention to the electric furnace with dimensions of 70x90 cm.

use desktop oven

When you come in the summer to the country, where there is no gas, immediately comes to mind the idea ofelectrical appliances for cooking - the oven and hotplate.In this situation, they are irreplaceable.Modern electric stepped far forward, and now they do not look like those old ladies modest-ovens, which were in each apartment at the end of the last century.How nice to have the farm wonderful technique - small size electric oven with hob and even a few rings.She knows how to oven, and cook.

Mini oven is convenient to carry in public transport, it is easy and mobile.Install and enable it everyone can.And if at some time the need for it will disappear, the device is easy to remove and hide in a closet or other private place.In winter, she and you will move into an apartment, where he will not be superfluous.Multifunction electric oven you replace the gas stove, BBQ, Barbecue, microwave, taking up a minimum of space in the kitchen.

are going to put the cake in the oven, you should first turn on and heat well.If you just bought an electric oven and do not know how long it needs to warm up, the middle shelf of the cabinet, place a clean white sheet, turn on the oven to maximum heating, and note the time, after which it will become brown.So you know how many minutes you need to put in the oven cakes.

On the bottom shelf of the oven electrical conveniently cook and cook different dishes, and on average - to bake pastry.Meat and fish products are wrapped in a double layer of foil and place the middle of the pan to evenly roasted.For cooking in the electric oven, use a cast-iron, ceramic or pottery.It is strictly forbidden to put in the oven capacity of plastic.Begin to cook in preheated oven as much as possible, and finish - at a minimum temperature.

Popular brands

Electric oven Bosch

According to the analysis of customer feedback, they have for many years occupied the highest place in the ranking of popularity among similar products.This manufacturer is continuously improving the model to deliver new features.So, in 2014, he drew the attention of the buyers of the oven with a steam convection steamer substitute.Use the residual heat function provides soft EcoChef complete the process of cooking, after the oven is turned off.Among other innovations, Bosch HBA - probe and feature soft closing doors.The oven has 5 microwave modes, the protection of children.

Electric oven firm Redber

differ most accurate value for money.They are compact and equipped with lighting, timer, transparent glass, which does not stop to watch the cooking process.The top panel has two burners, each of which is heated to the desired temperature.With this stove you prepare anything from borscht to the birthday cake.

electric oven Hansa

It features low power consumption, even in extreme heat it will be only 0.79 kW \ h.This fact is essential to many families opting for electric Statement.Oven can perform 5 different programs necessary for cooking.Thanks to the elegant, modern design, equipment Hansa will perfectly fit into any kitchen interior.

Ovens company Delta

This company produces more powerful devices, power consumption is 1300 watts.They are very quickly gaining the required temperature.Convenient thermostat will help in choosing the right thermal regime.the cooking time will detect timer, he will turn off the oven at the right time with a characteristic sound signal.Inside Delta has electric oven lights, sealed the door is equipped with transparent glass.

Oven Delonghi

this small in size, but multifunctional oven unwittingly attracts glances from buyers.Equipped with trays and racks, it will not only help you cook dinner, but cakes and homemade bread.Small dimensions and attractive design make this electric oven kitchen decoration.Economical in terms of power and easy to operate, oven Delonghi will be the best gift for the woman he loved.

The electric Gomelchanka

Represents two hobs and oven.The degree of heating is regulated.Oven classic, with two heating elements, upper and lower.The degree of the oven heating is regulated by a special temperature control.The volume of the oven - 19 l, width - 50 cm, height - 30 cm One of the advantages of this model -. Its relatively low price and good quality.

Where to buy and how much it costs

Choose your favorite model and buy an electric oven you can in any supermarket or store appliances.If you do not like to go shopping, go to your computer and get online store of electrical engineering, there certainly will discover desired.To not make the wrong choice, use the help of sales assistants, ask them all your concerns.The cost of electric ovens desktop ranges from 13,000 to 78,990 rubles.They are commercially available in such stores in Moscow:

The manufacturer

store name, address

Price, rub.


«Eldorado», str.Sh.Okrytoe, 9, Article 1



«Technosila" Str.Pr.Andropova, 8



«M.video", Krasnaya Presnya, d.23-B, Article 1



«Eldorado», str.Sh.Okrytoe, 9, Article 1



«Technosila" Str.Pr.Andropova, 8



«M.video", Krasnaya Presnya, d.23-B, Article 1


Choose and buy way you want a specific model of an electric oven, you can in the following online stores:

model product

Price, rub.

Address osCommerce

Oven Bosch HBN 211S4



oven Hansa BOEI 62,030,030



Mini oven Redber EO-2550



Mini oven DeLonghi EO 14552



Mini Oven Delta D-023



electric stove with oven Gomelchanka