Etiquette and table manners

manner of human behavior in public places can tell a lot about him.It is not only about the nature of the conversation with other individuals, but also about how he eats, drinks, holding devices.The rules of etiquette at the table are observed every educated person, no matter where it is located - at home, in a cafe, restaurant or party.This knowledge and skills should be taught in kindergarten.

What are the rules of table etiquette

They are based on respecting the aesthetic norms of expediency, convenience.Basic rules:

  • sit down at the table should be not too far and not too close to the edge, and you can not put your elbows on it, you can only brush.
  • table etiquette says that you need to sit in a chair directly, not leaning over a plate of food.
  • Do not reach for a dish, if it is far away, ask the other participants in the meal to pass it.
  • Adults put a napkin for personal use on his knees, children (preschool and school) run by its collar.
  • Ethical behavior allows you to take some food han
    d: sugar, biscuits, pastries, fruit.

Rules cutlery

drinking usually left and right hands need to know everyone: all the instruments laid out on the left side (only plug) must be held in the left hand (but here, too, there are exceptions).Right placed knives, spoons - they are operating right hand.Soups and broths eat with a spoon, hot meat dishes - table knife and fork, hot fish - fish knife and fork, dessert - tea or dessert spoon, snacks - snack with a knife and fork, fruits - hands or instruments for the fruit.

How to hold a fork or spoon

Spoon hold so that the thumb was on its handle on top.The liquid from the dish spoon away from you, so you do not stain your clothes.If you bring the broth with pieces of chicken, first eat the liquid part of a dish, and then through a meat knife and fork.Do not take the plug too close to the ground.Her teeth look straight up or down depending on the dish.

In which hand to hold a knife

How to hold a fork and knife in accordance with the rules of etiquette at the table?When you eat only a fork, take it in your right hand if you use a knife, a fork, keep left.Forefingers abut with the upper portion of the handle of the device and helps to make pressing.

Restaurant Etiquette

How to behave at the table in a public institution?Cultured people adhere to such rules and feel "at easeĀ»:

  • begin the meal can be when everyone brought food or drinks.
  • According restaurant etiquette at the table with a bottle of alcohol opens the waiter.
  • Guests institutions need to monitor the volume of their conversation - to talk so as not to cause discomfort to others.
  • Guidelines stipulate in the restaurant, it is not necessary every time a loud clink glasses, do it only during the important, solemn toast.

rules of table etiquette

It is best to place the items on the photo - so you see what and where is.Properly expanded flatware easy.Very elegant English style, it conquers the hearts of girls, women and men.However, many of the usual regular home serving:

  • tablecloth laid out;
  • 2-3 cm from the edges of the plates are - in small deep left Pirozhkova;
  • for each device put small cellulose tissue;
  • right of the dish - tablespoon convex side down, sharp knife to the side plates, the left fork tines up;
  • before the knife edge of a glass of juice, water;
  • put in the center of snacks, salads, they put the general devices.

Video about the rules of behavior at the table for

children younger generation learns best knowledge, presented to the games or cartoon form.Show your kiddies video about the coke fines and Shun.Fairy-tale characters together with kids will learn the rules of table etiquette.Auntie Darya would be a good and wise mentor, who hold boys and girls in the world of cultured people.