How to withdraw money from your mobile bill

happens that someone owes you, but the debtor has no cash.How to be in this situation?Let's say you want to pay for any work, but you do not remember the number of his bank credit card.In life there are many such situations be.These amounts can be very easy to get on the cell phone bill.Then they can be cashed owner of the hotel.In the digital age it is important to know how to withdraw money from your phone.

Can I withdraw money from mobile accounts

There are many ways to do it.For example, to terminate the contract with the company providing the service.You must return the funds remaining in the account at the time of termination of the contract.Alternatively, your friend need finance on a mobile account, and you - in cash.You can put money on his account, and he gives you the cash.It is important to remember that for the other transfer you may lose interest.

How to withdraw cash

profitable way to output from the balance is the implementation of this procedure on a virtual map.How to with

draw money from MTS?The company offers a special function.It's called MTS Money (MasterCard).Maintenance and creation of the card free of charge, the only fee - for its completion (1.5%).Many users are interested in mobile as withdraw money from MegaFon.There is a function and the service provider (Visa card).Unlike MTS megaphone that amount and your account balance is the SIM card, while in the first - zero.The Commission in Megafon - 1.5%.

In partnership with Alfa-Bank Beeline launches virtual "mobility card".To withdraw money from Beeline, you need to know: here with the Commission, everything is a little different.Take off 4.95% for cash, 3.45% - transfer to another card.There is a possibility to release "Mobile map" on physical media.For her, the commission - 5.9% for the removal of funds 1.99% - for transfers.Mobile providers offer services for withdrawals.To carry out such operations by using fast transfer systems (Unistream, Contact).When prompted, you need to go to the point of delivery of translations.

addition to the measures mentioned above, there are other simple methods to withdraw money from your mobile balance.Among the options - filling out forms on the websites of mobile providers.After registration is possible:

  • transfer to bank cards;
  • payment of utilities, Internet;
  • different repayment penalties;
  • option transaction of funds for all kinds of resources to virtual wallets and accounts - among them WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.

There is a possibility to pay by means of a phone in shops, book tickets to the theater and cinema.The service is used more and more nowadays, and may soon no longer need for physical currency.Cellular network operators provide subscribers with certain conditions for the removal of funds.Do not forget that often manipulated for cashing sums mobile balance surcharge.It is better to use the official resources of mobile operators.

With Beeline

The site operator Beeline present "Payment" section.It is possible to recharge the phone.You can pay with it and make a transfer with Beeline on the map.The operator offers a withdrawal to any other phone number in Russia and CIS countries.Any translation of the bank account or card, the repayment of credit debt.There is the possibility of payment in cinemas, ticket taxes.To make a transfer, you need to enter the required data in virtual form or by means of SMS (free of charge) to the short number 7878.

With Megaphone

to Megafon subscribers need authorization on the operator's website.There is a chance to cash out from Megafon, filling out a web form on the official resource or by sending an SMS (free of charge) to the number 3116. outputs funds to the banking organization, credit card, mobile phone and other balance.Megaphone Tariffs for transfers is higher than that of other operators.

With MTS

How to withdraw money from MTS phone?Service connection will allow a free transaction to pay utilities and Internet TV.In other cases, the translation of an average equal to 10 rubles.The transaction is carried out by filling in forms on the site.It is necessary to confirm the number to which the transfer is made, and payment details.MTS - one of the few providers of mobile services that allow you to transfer funds to the telephone numbers of the remaining providers.With bills paid by MTS numbers: communal, online shopping and other.

With Tele 2

most modest in the number of provided services provider of mobile communications.Transfer of funds to other operators available.Transactions with their mobile numbers are possible only within the network using a special command.It is administered on your phone, using the eleven-number format.Removing percent or payment services are no side.

How to transfer money from the phone to the bank card

this operation is carried out by means of payment services.Among them are such as Yandex, WebMoney and Qiwi.How to transfer money from phone to Sberbank card, try to understand the example of Kiwi.Understand how to transfer the amount from the phone to the card, it is easy.To work with Qiwi used stationary and mobile devices.Withdrawal of funds on this platform possible with room operators MTS, Megafon, Beeline TV 2. On the service is not working.Sequence output:

  • Sign up and log in to a personal account (register on the operator, who use the services).
  • click "Add funds" on the home page.
  • click "All deposit" in the left column.
  • In the list that appears, select "mobile phone bill."
  • From the list, select the desired operator.
  • Click "Read More".
  • In the "Amount" field, enter the desired number (displayed in view of the Commission).
  • We click "Translate".
  • Carefully check data confirm the information.
  • When will the SMS message with the text "send a reply SMS with any text", and do it.
  • After that these funds will be transferred to Qiwi Wallet.

Video: how to cash out money from the sim card

Watch videos that will help you figure out how to remove the phone and withdraw cash from mobile to WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.You can use the Unistream system.From the video you will learn what the exchangers, and how to use them.The undoubted advantage is the ability to withdraw cash from the phone bills through ATM.This service provides Beeline.

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output with balance

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