The character of a person by the color of the eyes

planning a meeting with a stranger, man or woman, thinking through the line of conversation with someone, you always want to know what you can expect solutions which demeanor elect.One way to correctly build own - in the first few seconds to determine eye color a person's character.Certain shades of irises are inherent in people with a particular set of personal qualities.If at first a person can hide their true nature, but in the process of further communication, they will still show up.

How do you know a person's character

There are certain traits that are its center line - a strong-willed, melancholic, romantic, stubborn, indecisive, they do not change a person throughout life.To identify the main features of these there are many ways: for hair color, blood group, but lower than consider how to define the character of a man by his eyes.This method is the most reliable, becauseeyes are always on the mind of the iris hue remains unchanged all human life.

exactly determine the color of the human

eye is not easy.The correct result can be found only in daylight, becauseArtificial lighting can give the wrong color, the iris color can change the skin of a chameleon.Therefore, before drawing conclusions about the nature of human eye color - look for shade in the street during the day.If you meet the object of your research in the sun does not work - try to talk to him so that the light from the window fell on his face.

Eye color in men and women

The same eye color in men and women can mean completely different character traits, so be careful.Everyone has their own set of characteristics, features and character.Brown-eyed man and woman - they are completely different people.The differences in this respect is so great that all the colors we will describe separately for males and females.


Women represent natural green eyes trick (not necessarily a bad trait) and the ability to experiment.Such women are very adaptable and go to the contact.The owner of the green eyes are always open to new experiences, people.Green and blue eyes (aqua) indicate the nature of susceptibility to romanticism and the tendency to idealize her nice people.

Green, green-brown eyes of a man - a clear sign of prudence, purposefulness.This character has the makings of a leader, the ability to accumulate around her positive aura.A certain cynicism inherent in the carrier of this color, but these men are very gullible.Especially given the quality of character concerns owners of dark green eyes.


Brown eye color women talk about romance.Such girls idealize any people, places and events that happen to them.Kare-green eyes talking about greater restraint, balanced character.Inherent feature to jump to conclusions about the nature of the other.Frequent errors in the assessment is absolutely not upset these women are not forced to think about the changes in their behaviors.

brown-eyed man - a strong-willed, dominant man.I do not accept compromise, ready to go to the last, to prove their case.Ambitious, strong personality.Manage such a character could green-eyed woman possessing cunning fox.Brown-eyed man, for his own peace of mind should always feel that only does what he wants.


woman with gray or gray-green eyes - a creative person.She always has a different opinion from the majority view of the world.House woman with gray or gray-blue eyes always filled with a variety of decorations, fun things.This woman even from the daily routine will make a masterpiece.Grey eyes reveal a woman desire to all beautiful, bright.

man with gray or light gray eyes, in most cases - the entrepreneur.Pragmatic, somewhat cynical.For such men are a certain cost.Always weigh your words, I remember every conversation word for word, is able to prove his innocence in cases where it is profitable.Gray-brown-green eyes - a man-cynic, able to sell and buy anything, but it has its own quality and honesty and openness.


They amber, yellow and walnut.The eyes of the color of women indicates a potential for self-sacrifice.The owner of the eyes, ready for your friends, relatives, children, friends, unfamiliar to any test.People often use this quality, the owner of the bog eyes.The ability to give all their strength for the common good make a woman the perfect team player who will act, by its nature, to the detriment of its own, but for the benefit of the common cause.

yellow or yellow-green - the rarest eye men talk about the nature of lightness.The guy with the eyes of these can easily become soul of the company, although it does not possess any leadership qualities.He was always waiting in the team and considered the views.Such a man popular with the opposite sex, but to choose is difficult because of the large demand.The mood of this man is changing very rapidly, and the loyalty concept is alien to him.The constancy and reliability - is not a sign of his character.


blue or blue eyes of a woman - a certificate prudence and cynicism.Blue-eyed ladies actively use their appeal and do not consider it shameful to use other people to achieve their goals, including financial.Woman with blue eyes confident, purposeful, organized, aiming to be provided.

blue, blue-green, blue eyes men show a strong sense of justice.Boys with the color of the eyes often get into trouble, protecting the weak.However, these men are willing to sacrifice justice for the sake of many.The character inherent to divide the world into "black and white".Such men are not accustomed to compromise.


Black-eyed woman - the passionate nature.Impulsiveness until hysteria and unpredictable.Such a woman is inclined to judge people on first impression, so if you liked it, then no matter what happens - will not change the relationship to you.This rule applies equally and dislikes.No change in the assessment of the woman does not.

black eyes of a man - a sign of dominance.This man used to suppress.Dark-eyed man makes it so organically that rarely resist forced by pressure.Setting such a person humbly resigns himself to his firm, assertive character, patronage, the desire to be chief in everything.The form of communication with other people can be harsh, rough, like it is not everything.

Video: value

eye color Useful video tutorial that will teach you to identify the nature of the color of the eyes for a few seconds, to make adjustments in the conversation, depending on the desired result.Learn how the tone of the eyes affects the future of man and that it is thought by psychologists.Excellent selection of videos will help you to understand people before the first spoken word or even a photograph.

test character

The video explains how to which the element belongs to a person, depending on the eye color.Earth, water, air and fire - each of these forces gives the character its own unique qualities.Comparing these characteristics with the rest of the psychological portrait of the eye of the owner of a particular color, you'll get an accurate and complete picture of it.How do you determine what your character and character by color iris?All this in the video below.

Influence of color on the human eye

winner of the "Battle of the psychics.Ukraine "talks about his methods for determining a person's character, give recommendations on how to deal with native speakers of a particular color and to achieve the desired from them.Describes how to learn his character, gives concrete examples of celebrities whose unions is considered to be exemplary on the compatibility and disintegrated marriage, as a proof of an unsuccessful combination of the color of the eyes of men and women.We consider that the general has the color and character of the person.

Psychology of

eye color gives a scientific description of the person in the eyes.In the video for details about how a color and on which factors it depends on the presence of a pigment in the iris.Presents the views of scientists - geneticists, psychologists physiognomists and practitioners.The video will be useful to those who by occupation is necessary to quickly define temperament and character on eye color.Differences in the nature of men and women, depending on the tone of the eye.