Dryer for vegetables and fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a major source of vitamins, trace elements.However, these gifts of nature are available to us only a limited amount of time - in the summer and autumn.In winter and spring, when the body is most needed vitamins, we can get them out of the canned products: compote or jam.Since the heat treatment destroys many useful substances, such harvesting is unlikely to help make up for deficiency of vitamins.For this and other reasons, modern housewives prefer traditional conservation drying vegetables and fruits.

How to choose an electric dryer for vegetables and fruits

Dryer for vegetables and fruits - a device which by processing vegetable products, making them suitable for long-term storage.The main advantage of the kitchen appliances is that not been processed fruits lose their beneficial properties, but the preparation process of a woman requires no effort.On the market today offer a huge range of devices for drying fruits and vegetables, it remains to be defined with t

he manufacturer's suggested features.What should pay attention:

  1. Capacity.Each model has a certain number of pallets and trays.Modern Electric driers have from 3 to 8 plastic containers.The more fruit or vegetables you intend to dry, the more urgent for you this option.When choosing, consider not only the quantity, but also the size, the depth of the trays.
  2. power.From this characteristic quality of the operation depends on the device.The optimum level of power is 350-450 watts.If you do not plan to dispose of all the fruits and vegetables brought from the garden, stop device with capacity of 350 watts.This dryer is easy to meet a family's needs.power over 450 W models closer to the appliance industry and are designed for a much stronger load.
  3. Housing material.Typically, dryers for fruit and vegetables produced with the use of two materials: metal and plastic.The best option is considered to be a plastic housing, as this material protects the device from overheating.Plastic Electric driers easily transported, moreover, they are uniformly dried contents of the trays.
  4. temperature.Dryers for fruits and vegetables may have 2-5 the same temperature regime or adjusted widely.The second option is preferred configuration because it provides an opportunity to set a more accurate temperature optimally suited for a particular product.
  5. placement of the heating element.Choosing Electric driers, should stay on the model, in which the heating part is placed on top of the device.This will prevent moisture from entering the unprotected part of the design.Due to its location on top of the heating parts, service life of the dryer will be doubled.
  6. Security.When buying it is worth wondering whether your favorite model Electric driers automatic shut-off function.
  7. Additional functions.Dryers may have a timer, sensor, automatic heating control (protection against overheating), heater and others.

Among the huge number of different models of dryers for fruits and vegetables presented in the domestic market, it is easy to select the device to give or at home both on the Russian,and from foreign manufacturers.Arrange the equipment is not in the country in which the device is manufactured, and on the principle of elektrosushilok work.There are two types of heating - convection, infrared, air circulates the same way, but the effect of different drying.

With convection type heating

Dryers fruits and vegetables, working on the principle of convection, heat is carried out by means of hot air.In this case, little change color and taste of the products and of the vitamins is lost.Convective devices, as well as Electric driers with infrared heating type, can be operated in semiautomatic or automatic mode: you only need to prepare the ingredients, and the device takes care of all other concerns for the preparation of dried fruits.

Infrared dryer

in dryers of this type are used infrared beams length from 6 to 10 millimeters.With this method of dehydration products, the device guarantees an absolute safety of the color, flavor, they contain vitamins.The device provides the ability to keep the fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year in a special container, and in a dense, hermetic package - up to 2 years.

Browse popular models of dryers - description, pricing and reviews

choosing what kind of dryer for fruits and vegetables better to order, should be guided by what you need the device, how many products will be dry, what additional features you would like to seedevice.Based on the technical characteristics, it is not difficult to compare Electric driers imported and domestically produced.Here are models of dryers with a maximum rating of shopping.in different stores is considerable variation in prices - the same model may be significantly different prices, so the price is average.


The lineup Ezidri dryers have 3 different devices.The simplest Electric driers equipped with four trays, other models have 5 compartments for vegetables.With convenient Izidri microprocessor dryer control different type of economical energy consumption.In addition, they have a special protection from overheating.Power devices this manufacturer is 500 watts.Allowable weight loaded fruits of 3-4 kg.Temperature: 35 to 60 degrees (depending on model).The diameter of the trays - 34-39 cm Price: 5 to 9 thousand rubles..

Reviewed housewife Natalia Nikolaevna from Rostov-on-Don:

Despite the high cost of dryers (. About 7.5 thousand rubles), I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase.In addition, it acquired a number of pallets, mesh for berries and leaves for the preparation of pastes.In total, the unit cost of 12,000 rubles.However, this dryer is one of the most reliable, so I decided not to save.Izidri mine belongs to the category of expensive and high-quality devices.Its great advantage is mobility - easily translate it to the garden and back home.


Most "Rotor" manufacturer's models have a round shape and are equipped with pallets in tiers (3-5).Elektrosushilok power is 520 watts.The products have fans that protect the device from overheating, and also equipped with control drying temperature.Maximum load of fruits is an average of 5 kg.The device "Rotor" allows to dry not only fruit, but also mushrooms, berries, etc. Average cost:. 1500-3000 rubles.

Nikolai and Anna from Moscow writes:

We purchased the dryer model "Chudesnitsa" from the factory "Rotor" and were satisfied with the purchase.The only drawback of the device is that it consumes large amounts of electricity, but at the same time (which is good) is not very hot.We like that the device saves the color of the products, the apples are not too dark, not dry.For drying may put as many as five networks, which accelerates the process of preparation of dried fruits.


Dryers "Dry wind" producer used for drying fruit, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms.In addition, with the device is not difficult to cook crackers, dry cereals or seeds.Power models is 500 W, the set includes 5 spacious transparent trays.Thanks to the fan in the lower compartment, air circulation occurs, so that the fruit in each compartment were dried evenly.The devices do not have the mode switching function.The working volume of the device is approximately 19.5 liters.The drying temperature is 30-70 degrees.Price: 2300-2500 rubles.

Reviewed Helena will see the benefits:

dryer is very compact and easy to use.We bought it last year, but it is completely paid for itself.The dried mushrooms, apples, apricots, not only for themselves, even for relatives, work colleagues - all delighted with the delicious dried fruits.Recently I discovered another function, using a "hot winds" to prepare delicious candy.I believe that the device has an optimal combination of price / quality.


Due to the convective drying system and high-power devices, the cooking process is fast.With the help of the device will be dried fruit, mushrooms, berries, jerk meat or fish.Mechanical control system with temperature control function protects the product from drying.And thanks to the removable grilles operation and care of the device will not deliver a hassle."Breeze" is protected against overheating that guarantees safety while using the dryer.Device power - 600 watts, the maximum load is equal to 5 kg.Price: 2600-3100 rubles.

By Irina from St. Petersburg:

By buying a dryer motivated me the opportunity to eat in the winter high-quality dried fruit, which will not contain any chemicals.I spent a comparison of different options, but the choice fell on the "breeze".The design of the device is very simple: PETN, plastic mesh, fan.The model is equipped with a thermostat that prevents the dryer from overheating.On the cover there is an instruction indicating the drying time for different products.Using the device is easy, it works well, smoothly - this is for me the most important thing.


Due to the built-in microprocessor that controls the operation of the dryer Zelmer, the manufacturer guarantees optimum conditions for fruit drying - stable air flow with temperature accurately exposed.Another advantage of the device is the increased capacity of the drying chamber.The device is equipped with 4 screens, dvuurovnevoy thermal protection, temperature limiter.Maximum power is 300 W, - 11.5 liters.Price: 2400-3500 rubles.

Alena from Moscow shared his opinion:

dryer Zelmer we were presented in June at a wedding anniversary.At first my husband and I decided that the instrument is absolutely useless, but realized that they were wrong when they started to use the dryer.Of the advantages can allocate economical electricity consumption, and fruits and vegetables due to the uninterrupted flow of air dries evenly.Dryer is easy to use: the fruits laid out on a grid, turn on the power, and the rest of the device itself does.