Care dratsenu

Those who grow home house plants, familiar with this amazing flower.It resembles an exotic palm admires the grace of leaves: green, with stripes of white, red, yellow.If you are lucky, "the green one" will delight and amazing colors.The variety of species helps to pick up a plant in color, height, decorative qualities trunk and leaves.It is important to know how to properly care for dratsenu to delight you with its beauty all year.It does not require much effort, but it has its own peculiarities.

Care dratsenu home

rules are very simple.Since the plant came to us from countries of Africa, he does not like heavy watering.How to grow dracaena in the home?It is recommended to moisten the soil only twice a month.The plant loves light, but can not tolerate direct sunlight, great feel in the penumbra.In the summer it is better to make the balcony, avoiding drafts.Instead of watering is allowed to spray the leaves and sprinkle them in the shower.Spring and summer is desirable dressing fertilizers.Need tr

ansplant two years.

The main problem associated with growing leaves.Greens easily loses its decorative qualities.At first dracaena dry tips of the leaves, then it is completely yellow.The flower dies quickly.Why dracaena leaves turn yellow?Most likely the plant roots with the problems that are filled with water.This happens for several reasons:

  • large size of the pot;
  • frequent watering;
  • fluid stagnation in the pan;
  • unstable watering: desiccate it, then pour;
  • not enough light;
  • pot Dracaena small roots are in the drainage.

Do not wait, when the plant is completely yellow.Once appeared in dracaena dry tips of the leaves, it is desirable to make a connection.This will save the plant from destruction.Transplant dracaena in the home is also important to ensure that she is better to grow.planting technology simple:

  1. Take the flower from the pot.
  2. Remove diseased roots.
  3. Put in a pot high drainage.
  4. Replace ground.
  5. roots sprinkle kornevinom.
  6. Plant.
  7. Shed fungicides against disease.
  8. properly watered.


most popular and most common grade - marginata.It is also called as: dracaena marginata, or the dragon tree.Reminiscent of a small palm tree, but with proper care grows up to 2.5 meters.Threaded barrel fringe graceful, long, thin leaves.Grow a flower.Thanks to the abundant green mass of the plant moisturizes and cleans the air.It grows almost everywhere: in homes, offices, public places.One of the varieties of the flower - bordered red or bicolor - a red-green leaves.See how the variety looks in the photo.

How to care for dracaena marginata?There are no special difficulties.A flower can not fill, but it is recommended constant leaf wetness.It is necessary to avoid bright light and drafts.After buying it is desirable to be transplanted into a new pot, replacing the ground.Shopping Flowers planted in peat soil that holds water.Pot size selected root parts.Be sure to put on the bottom of a large drainage layer.By following these simple conditions, you grow a healthy plant, which will bring you much joy.Very popular this type of flower, like in this photo.


This species at the beginning of growth resembles a bush, and only then it becomes a single-plant.Only Grade Mix dracaena grows entirely without trunk.The flower is very unpretentious, grows slowly, but it reaches a height of up to six meters.However, one of the varieties - Serprayz - grows only 20 centimeters.The leaves of the plants are long and wide, more often green, but there are varieties with stripes of white and yellow.Flower Reproduction occurs by cuttings, which grows in the last month.It is advisable to transplant this kind every year.

Fragrant Fragrant dracaena, one of its species is called the Compact, growing dense beam of bright green leaves.There are views of the strip of silver-gray color, capable of reaching a height of two meters.The peculiarity of this plant that appear in spring white flowers with a strong pleasant fragrance that bloom at night and in the morning fall.Blooms two weeks.See how it looks like a miracle.


Famous "bamboo happiness" - Dracaena Sander - has twisted shoots with green leaves.Decorative forms they give, arching the trunk with wire.Plants grown in pots or hydrogel.This flower, according to legends, brings happiness, so it is presented on birthdays.Home "pet" is a huge success among fans of Feng Shui in mind.It reaches a height of one meter, but often it is applied to the decorative trim.

Care dratsenu winter

winter plant requires special treatment.At this time, the indoor air is too dry, it is desirable to periodically sprinkle the leaves, water warm shower.Since the winter the flower fades growth, watering limits, but it is important to make sure that the soil does not dry up completely.Since the short daylight hours, it is better to put the plant on the window, avoiding direct sunlight.It is important to maintain the room temperature is not below 11 degrees.

Video: how to care for palm dratsenu

Watch this video and you will see clearly what the proper care of this flower.What are the features of cultivation that loves, and that absolutely can not stand.Find out what to take to the palm pleased many years.Check out the video, as the plant belongs to the light and water, what time is necessary to make fertilizer.You will understand the reason why the flower fall leaves and whether it is dangerous.