How to remove a ring from swollen finger

Hands swollen for many different reasons - during the summer heat, pregnancy, kidney problems, allergies.In this case the decoration compress the skin and cause discomfort.If time does not remove the jewelry, you may experience severe pain and inflammation.Just pull the decoration itself is not an option, so you will aggravate the condition.How to remove a ring from swollen finger without injury?There are several ways to do this.

As at home to remove the ring, if the finger

swelling can independently remove the jammed piece of jewelry if the brush is slightly swollen and has a normal color.When the skin is bluish, hurry to the trauma center.Procrastination often leads to the fact that a person loses part of the brush.Stop trying to remove a ring from swollen finger, if you try more than a minute, but no result.Mechanical pressure causes further swelling.

What if not removed decoration?Use one of the following methods:

  1. When edema reason is the excessive use of salt and pungent foods, do not r
    ush immediately to remove the gold ring.Within 2-3 hours, drink about a liter of water - it will help remove excess fluid and salt from the body.
  2. From hot weather brushes increase in size due to a violation of water balance.If that is the case, raise your arms above the heart and hold in this position for 5 minutes.Blood flow to the upper limbs is not so intense, so that the swelling subsides.
  3. Cool finger on which wear jewelry.Apply ice to the limb for 5-10 minutes or substitute his hand under the stream of cold water.There is one subtlety - decoration not cool itself, because the precious metal is shrinking at low temperatures.
  4. With a little help swelling agents, glidants.Liberally grease a finger and ring any proposed a liquid, lotion, antibacterial ointment, soap foam, liquid soap, shampoo, oil.Then cover with a ring with a soft cloth, grab his second hand and scroll motions move up decoration.
  5. If you are unable to remove the wedding ring because of the wrinkles on your finger, use the help of someone else: it is necessary to pull the skin down and fix this position.After slowly turn the ring up.
  6. Kitchen salt helps to relieve swelling.The cool water (10-15 ° C) Stir in a few spoonfuls of salt.Dip your finger in the tub and soak for 5 minutes.The swelling should decrease.
  7. To remove the jewel, use silk thread.It will take about 1 meter.Take a thin needle and thread through the eye of the thread.Then, from the nail miss the needle in the direction from the bottom up.Under the ring leave a small tail thread on the decoration tightly wrap the finger so that there are no gaps.Bring thread to the tip of your finger.Take the ponytail at the base, pull over, gradually unwinding the thread.It will raise the decoration, and you can easily remove it.Compress
  8. with procaine (crystalline powder which dissolves in water, acts as an anesthetic) ease discomfort and reduce sensitivity thereby decreases swelling.
  9. When a finger injury, where you wear a jewel, treat skin aloe juice, ethanol, a decoction of oak bark.Perhaps you feel that his finger was numb.Edema in this case removed for 1-6 hours.

Do not attempt to remove the treasure house if she did not give in.Contact the jewelry workshop, master neatly sawed decoration.At the hospital, the doctor will make an anti-inflammatory injection, impose a tourniquet on the arm and give drugs, putting out the excess liquid from the brush.To prevent such a situation, remove the decorations for the night, do not have in their household chores.During pregnancy, do not wear rings or replace them with broader accessories.

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