How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence

dislike to him able to poison the life of an adult and a child, and the lack of self-esteem can become enchanted wall between you and your career, love or friends.How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence that each new day was joyful and fruitful?Learn about the psychological methods and techniques that help to cope with this problem.They will help you to gain psychological stability.

Psychology confidence

This term refers to a set of theoretical and practical research aimed at improving human self.The purpose of these events - the awakening (education) a positive assessment of individual abilities and skills.Confidence - it's adequate behavior, a positive assessment of their own forces, sufficient to achieve the objectives, meet the needs of social initiative and courage.The formation of a strong personality quality is influenced by such factors as:

  • social status;
  • personal finance;
  • success in life;
  • subjective assessment of their own capabilities;
  • view important people.

In psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry following ways to improve self-esteem used:

  • rejection of self-criticism and guilt complex;
  • forgiveness of past mistakes;
  • ability to extract experience from mistakes;
  • rejection of negative thoughts and stereotypes;
  • follow its own principles;
  • life planning;
  • occupation favorite thing;
  • completion of the initiated cases;
  • attention to their appearance;
  • freedom from fear;
  • esteem.

How to become more confident

There are special techniques improve self-esteem, developed by psychologists.These include psychological and Motivational, meditation, exercises to improve confidence.These techniques have been successfully used as psychotherapy, and independently for self-development and self-education.How to become a confident person described in popular books on practical psychology, educational and training films for improving self-esteem.

exercises to improve self-esteem

Modern techniques (exercises), self-esteem does not require special knowledge and special effort.Any interested person is able to perform these exercises on their own:

  • «Self-promotion" - an exercise where a person focuses on their successful achievements and the best quality.Write a small advertising text of his own person, give yourself a positive characteristic.List all their strengths and abilities.Daily re-read the text, make additions, raise self-esteem itself.
  • «Mirror interlocutor" - technology, complementing the previous exercise.Talk with his own reflection both with the closest person to explain to him in love and be sure to tell me, for that he is loved and worthy of respect.
  • «Diary of success" - exercises aimed at improving self-esteem through the transfer of their own achievements.The same ad text only paraphrase.It must be spoken out loud in front of a mirror.Keep a notebook (notebook computer) file, which record all of his success on the day.

  • «desperate situations" - an exercise that helps you find the strength to resist the circumstances, to use a hidden share emotions and vitality, raise self-esteem itself.Imagine the worst thing for you event has already happened.Analyze all hypothetical and real opportunities - the output will be found.
  • «The ideal image" - a technique aimed at "drawing" yourself as you want to be.That is, you need to clearly present its new image we seek.Detail "Draw" your perfect portrait, do not forget about appearance, social status, personality traits, behavior.


meditative practice - technique of scientific psychotherapy.In meditation, one reaches a special hypnotic state, which helps to develop certain qualities, to have confidence in yourself, relax.This technique helps to get rid of stereotypical judgments, understand that the problem - it's part of life and thus improve self-esteem.On the rules of meditation, you can learn from the special practical guides for psychology, or by use of this process and record videos to raise self-esteem.

Auditory training

Another effective technique of self - auditory training.It is a method of self-persuasion with a specially composed verbal formulas to help secure communication between nerve centers and the images, adjust certain functions.How to love yourself and self-esteem with anger management?You must compose yourself or find a ready-made formula of persuasion (affirmations), where you can not use particle "no" and the word "try", "try".

For a start is better to buy ready Audiocourses to improve self-esteem.Understanding how to build a set of verbal formulations, try to write their own "mantra", focusing on personal problems and the desired quality.Perform each exercise every day, giving him 15-20 minutes.Already after a week you will feel that:

  • lost physical and emotional tension;
  • restores;
  • getting better sleep;
  • activates your imagination and attention;
  • awkwardness disappears when communicating;
  • appears confident.

Psychological trainings

When an individual low self-esteem, psychological advice is not always possible to implement in practice prevents uncertainty that is difficult to overcome alone.Then you will be psychological training with the participation of specialists.These classes are conducted individually or collectively, for example, women's training, to help get out of depression after her husband's infidelity, gain new strength, improve self-esteem.Training under the guidance of a psychologist is particularly effective when a person is on the verge of despair and loneliness it is contraindicated.

Books raising self-esteem

lot of useful can be found in books that help improve self-esteem.This scientific or popular scientific works, telling us how to raise self-esteem and develop self-confidence.It considered the reasons for which a person becomes uncertain, proposed techniques improve self-esteem, considered difficult life situations, behaviors, presented psychological tests.To learn how to believe in yourself and have confidence, you can read in a series of works of Dale Carnegie and other authors:

  • Manuel Smith;
  • Robert Anthony;
  • Vladimir Jikarentsev;
  • David Preston.

Learn how to improve self-esteem and develop self-confidence, help reading fiction.Among such works optimistic should highlight the following:

  • «Forrest Gump" by Winston Groom;
  • «Fear and Trembling" Amélie Nothomb;
  • «The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho;
  • «Bury Me Behind the Baseboard" Paul Sanaeva.


If you want to learn how to self-esteem, become more decisive, look at films that enhance self-esteem, helping to reveal major secrets of self-confidence:

  • «Invincible";
  • «Revolutionary Road";
  • «The temptation is great";
  • «Head in the Clouds";
  • «A Walk to Remember"
  • «The Shawshank Redemption"
  • «Rory O'Shea Was Here";
  • «Piano».

How to increase self-esteem

psychologists use specific methods to improve self-esteem in people of different age and sex.For example, the education of the children's self-confidence is largely dependent on the behavior of the parents, it is important for teenagers attitude towards them friends.Adults who are focused on career success, establishing personal life, correction of financial setbacks.Let's find out how to improve self-esteem and self-confidence in children, women and men.


behavior of parents creates children's perception of themselves as individuals, evaluating their own strengths and weaknesses.To the result of upbringing did not underestimated or increased self-esteem, and grown-up man has become arrogant in the measure, parents should adhere to certain rules:

  1. Do not hang on the baby "shortcuts" (slut, stupid, muddle, klutz, etc.).
  2. Do not compare your child with others.
  3. not punish failure.
  4. Allow to express their own opinion.
  5. the right to choose.
  6. tell about his childhood.
  7. praise the child.
  8. not suppressed by quarrels, do not hit!
  9. put before the child feasible task.
  10. Learn not to be afraid to make a mistake.


adolescence - one of the most difficult when a person "acquires" new complexes, loses contact with his parents, is closed, I feel a sense of self-loathing and friends.How to raise self-esteem teenager help maturing girl or guy to deal with these problems?

  1. Avoid frequent sugary praise, histrionic delight.
  2. criticism was directed not to a person but to the deeds.
  3. Provide teenager "personal territory".
  4. Consult with growing child.
  5. interest of his life.


How to increase self-esteem and increased self-confidence "is not a boy, but her husband"?Raising confidence in the mature person requires completely different methods and techniques.Become more decisive, self-esteem will help an adult man:

  1. Sports.Active exercise can relieve tension, to throw out the adrenaline, feel its strength.All this increases the self-esteem and gives confidence.
  2. Learning the basics of psychology.The ability to understand sign language, "read" the hidden thoughts of others will add confidence, raise self-esteem.
  3. fun.Become a pro at your favorite really easy!And if you in anything other understand better, your self-esteem can not be low.
  4. Personal development plus self-esteem.To gain self-confidence and self-esteem at times a positive attitude will help others, which is only a reflection of your ego.So try to change their behavior so as to cause a positive reaction in people.
  5. good girlfriend (wife, the beloved).If a number of sensitive, respecting your people, self-confidence is growing, self-esteem will grow at times, and if there is a quivering feeling that behind grow wings just between you.


Women are much more complicated - no wonder they are considered ethereal creatures.Instantly lose self-esteem is capable of even the most successful, strong woman, for example, after her husband's infidelity.And if you had low self-esteem inherent to adolescence, how to change the situation?The guide, in order to become self-sufficient?How to increase their self-esteem in the eyes of men?How to love yourself?Try to follow a few rules that will help to change your life, to regain self-esteem:

  1. Resist the urge to compare myself and other women.
  2. Do not engage in self-flagellation.
  3. willingly accept the compliments, thank them.
  4. Think life-affirming motto.
  5. Watch movies, read books about successful women.
  6. Find your creative hobby.
  7. care for themselves, follow fashion.
  8. Smile!

Video: how to become a self-confident woman

Do you want to learn how to easily and simply increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of a young girl?Watch a video with practical tips, examples from the life story of the author, which tells how to believe in themselves, changing the attitude towards the world.Learn how to guide the work on the other by gaining self-esteem and improving self-esteem.