How to quickly sell an apartment

bedroom apartment - a responsible and ambitious task, which does not tolerate haste.However, often there are situations when you need to sell a house in a short time.How to act in such cases?To understand how to quickly sell an apartment and do not miscalculate with the price, you need to learn about the intricacies of preparing the property to the transaction, heed the advice of professionals about the determination of costs and methods of attracting customers.

How to prepare an apartment for sale

Urgent sale of apartments require prior resolution of all issues.Seller important to prepare documents and to deal with the legal niceties.You can not put off in the box question of studying the housing market.Unaware of the current prices for real estate and actual demand features, it is impossible to determine the optimal price.

What documents are required

first thing you need to sell the apartment - ready to make a deal of documents.Its composition is different depending on the number and catego

ry of property owners, so each situation the list of documents, check with a lawyer or notary.Key references and certificates required in the sale of apartments, presented the following list:

  • title documents - certificate of ownership and establishes the rights to it a document (contract of sale, certificate of inheritance or other document-base);
  • extract from the house register;
  • documents from the BTI - cadastral passport and a floor plan of the apartment;
  • information on the form of 9, containing data on prescription in the room occupants;
  • extract from the Unified State Register - Unified State registry of rights.

The latter document is a testament to the fact that the apartment is not burdened with credit obligations or is in custody by the court.Extract from the Unified State Register is only valid on the date of issuance, so the buyer requests it or accompanying a transaction realtor.However, the seller can get a statement and independently, to present it to the buyer.

If there is such an opportunity to show housing tenants registered in it is desirable to sign off, and after that to issue a certificate on Form 9. The room in which no one is registered and is owned by only one owner, looks more attractive in the eyes of customers due to lack ofproblems and delays in the registration of the transaction.

In addition to this required notarial consent of the other spouse or the marriage contract.When selling an apartment owner does not require registration of notarized power of attorney.If the apartment is registered minor, you will need permission to deal in the guardianship authorities (Board of Trustees).It is worth pre-issue the certificate of non-payment by the absence of public services and taxes.

What price set

considering options for how to sell an apartment quickly, many owners are faced with the problem of determining the price.On the one hand, the seller realizes that the cost is too high is able to tighten the sale, and on the other - does not want to lose money, losing an apartment at excessively low prices.To set the optimal deal, experts suggest to take advantage of the simple phasing plan:

  1. Collect all the characteristics of apartment: second homes or new, one-bedroom, two- or three-room, luxury or cheap sleeping area, the repair data.
  2. Learn the supply and demand for similar housing - it will help to know the market value, from which repelled in establishing the desired price.
  3. Analyze the pros and cons of housing and consider them in determining the value.Adequate assessment will avoid over-pricing, because of which the apartment can not be sold for a long time.
  4. Get tips from the experts - real estate agencies in the first consultation is free of charge.The seller can bring photos of property, looking at that realtors can give important recommendations about the price.

How to sell an apartment quickly and profitably through the agency

sale without intermediaries has several advantages, but does not fit all, because it requires a high cost of personal time and effort.Professionals will help decide on all issues: when to sell an apartment to quickly find a buyer at the desired price, what documents to collect, how to increase the cost of housing by means of pre-sale preparation.

When choosing a realtor agency vote professionalism, potential cooperation is planned with that.If the agent is not interested in the apartment and the specific circumstances of the sale, and immediately offers to meet to sign the contract for services, from it we can hardly expect help in the rapid holding of the transaction.An experienced specialist is required to find out the details about the situation Seller even during a telephone conversation, and then make an appointment to inspect the object, the starting price negotiation and discussion of working conditions.

How to sell an apartment on their own, without intermediaries

If you have time to search for buyers, think about how to sell an apartment quickly.Carrying out transactions without the assistance of real estate agents and payment of agency fee allows you to create less expensive for buyers offer.The main problem with self-sale of apartments - a search of buyers.Do not think that one or two ads on the real estate website will provide an adequate inflow of visitors.To find more potential buyers, it is recommended to use several ways:

  1. Post classified ads for free over the Internet - by selecting a number of specialized sites and spread them on a regular basis his proposal.
  2. distribute ads in places where people are guaranteed to see them - on bulletin boards around porches, which is located pillars, advertising pillars at bus stops.
  3. Place ads in the real estate newspaper.
  4. search the Internet and printed publications relevant ads about buying a home without a middleman.
  5. Place your offer for the sale of apartments in the thematic groups on social networking sites, on the city portals or local forums.

Tips Professional Realtors

of transactions with real estate experts recommend that owners take into account the characteristics of the property.If you are advertising to conceal the real state of housing and features painted some dignity, that potential buyers will come for a visit with high expectations.In such cases, the proposed facility is perceived negatively, so most customers leave disappointed.For this reason, it is important to accompany the ad space photographs.

valuable advice from realtors Regarding presales housing.In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there is a tendency to call in an apartment bought at once.Take care to housing seemed suitable for this.All premises should be clean and ventilate, they must not be old furniture or junk.If living space have not been repaired, it is necessary to carry out cosmetic improvements.This will definitely help to speed up the sale.

Video: plot for sale apartments

If the sale of housing you can use any means.In the course are ancient rituals, incantations, folk omens and even feng shui.Nothing prevents the seller to use some unconventional methods to attract good luck.Do not think that such methods are useless: special rites at least provide the mood for a successful solution to the problem, but a positive attitude is the best helps to cope with all the challenges arising in the process of sale.