Immersion Blender : how best to choose

Modern manufacturers make us happy kitchen appliances, which is becoming a lifesaver for each family.Thanks to the processes of cooking your favorite dishes have become so simple as never before.One of them was an immersion blender: how best to choose, you can find below.This equipment helps to cook different purees and mousses without difficulty, to grind food.

How to choose immersion blender

Initially, you need to decide on a modification of the equipment.If you do not know what a blender is better: landline or immersion, first of all think about what you want to cook with it.It is very important.Functions immersion blender is very diverse.The kit is usually not part of the cup, so any dishes suitable for cooking.Powerful immersion blender is ideal for grinding and mixing of small batches of products.In addition, the equipment is divided into:

  • domestic;
  • professional.


best immersion blender for domestic use must have the following characteristics:

  1. It is desirable that the devi
    ce power exceeding 350 watts.
  2. equipment must be light, but durable.Preferably, the protective corolla was not plastic but metal.
  3. instrument with metal nozzles will be more expensive, but more durable.
  4. Number of speeds can range from 2 to 15. The optimal amount of Housing will 5.
  5. The more nozzles at the device, the greater functionality.For example, using the pavilion you can make the dough of different consistencies.The device can be equipped with a special attachment for the manufacture of minced meat.


Such equipment shall have the following characteristics:

  1. power of 600 watts or more.
  2. metal housing and components, preferably made of steel.Especially foot, which must be immersed.
  3. rubber handle.
  4. Have a long cord and the ability to work not only on the network, but also from the battery.
  5. Professional immersion blender should have a lot of speed.
  6. The device must be equipped with all possible attachments: foot, two beaters, cup-crusher, mills and a vacuum pump.
  7. not interfere with additional accessories: stand, wall mount, a measuring cup.

Model Overview 2016

If you can not decide which is better immersion blender, you see the last best offers manufacturers.Prices for the most popular products of firms ranging from 1 thousand. P.up to 18 thousand. p.Find a really good hand-blender immersion: how best to choose, you can find below.This will help you get the device that will fully meet your requirements.


Features Bosch MSM 88190:

  • power - 800 W;
  • 12 speeds and a knife with four blades;
  • body and stainless steel components;
  • complete beater, tools for chopping, grating and grinding, a glass with a lid and a scale, grinder and dipstick;
  • a smooth switching speeds;
  • allowed to wash parts in the dishwasher;
  • approximate cost - from 7800 r.

Features Bosch MSM 64155RU:

  • power - 450 W;
  • low noise and vibration;
  • plastic housing and steel leg;
  • included is the corolla, Head mashed chopper for meat, cheese, vegetables, nuts, onions;
  • approximate cost - from 3700 r.


Features Braun Multiquick MQ300 Curry:

  • power - 550 W;
  • 2 speeds;
  • working part made of stainless steel;
  • unique shape of the nozzle;
  • approximate price - from 1900 r.

Features Braun Multiquick 5 Vario MQ 5045 WH Aperitive:

  • power - 750 W;
  • 21 speed;
  • complete shredders, knife for chopping ice, measuring cup, whisk;
  • knives and working part made of stainless steel;
  • approximate price - from 8500 r.


Features Philips HR 1607 \ 00:

  • power - 550 W;
  • 3 tips included: a knife, whisk and chopper;
  • glass with a scale;
  • cost - 4500 p.

Features Philips HR 1674:

  • power - 800 W;
  • Promix blending technology;
  • 4 tips included;
  • cost - 7800 p.

Video: a submersible blender select

Everyone knows how difficult it is to determine the model of technology, which we would like to purchase.If you too have been among these people, look at the following video.Find the right hand-blender Immersion: What is better to choose, tell me this video.When you view it immediately becomes clear what the main characteristics you should pay attention.Selecting immersion blender will no longer submit to you absolutely no problems.


Elena, 34 years

I dreamed of such a device, and even studied rating blenders to understand what to buy.I stood on the Tefal products, because I think its a good brand.Very happy with my purchase.Now easily mashed for children, whip pancake batter in a few seconds.I am sure that such a device is needed absolutely every housewife in the kitchen.

Nikolai, 43 years

I did not know how to choose the immersion blender, and his wife wanted to surprise such a gift.The seller in the shop advised average for the price model from Braun.New dress has been helpful.My wife prepares me my favorite soups, and recently learned beating dough for baking.Taste and texture are obtained simply amazing.

Tatiana, 46 years

I gave the children a hand blender.At first I could not even imagine what to do with him.Start using it and experiment.Even the dishes that I cook all my life, I'm doing much better.I have a 800 W unit, I use it to cook even minced meat.It takes 3-5 minutes.And prilovchilis beating cocktails.

Anna, 27 years

When there was a child, immediately thought about buying a blender.I took the manual, because the kitchen it takes a minimum of space.The purpose for which it took - to make homemade baby puree.I like to use the device, it turns out to cook even more dishes than I imagined.I regret that in my not too many tips.