How to calculate the maternity

Swift birth of a child - a great joy for parents.However, it should not only prepare for it mentally, to buy the right things, but also to prepare the documents.Know how to calculate maternity correctly when go to the hospital and other formalities expectant mothers is very useful.All the basic nuances are reflected in detail in this review.

Date term care and maternity leave legislation

Russian legislation this term was the name of an ancient document "Decree", adopted in 1917, which regulated payment of benefits to mothers.The state in this manner supports women who are preparing to become mothers or become them.Holidays takes no more than 140 days, subject to the normal course of pregnancy.A woman can not only calculate their own sick leave and maternity leave, but also to shift the number of its onset and termination, while maintaining the total number of days.

beginning of social leave is the day of issuing sick leave, then he will need for the calculation of payments.It is important to no

te that the procedure is only for officially employed citizens.Sometimes the period is extended if there are reasons, for example, show up with complications of pregnancy (women have caesarean section or previous preeclampsia occurs).When adopting more than one child leave with benefits also appointed.On sick leave for a woman seven months pregnant.

procedure for calculating maternity in 2016

right to receive this assistance have all expectant mothers, if they are formally trained, work, or are considered unemployed.Sick leaves issued to them, as a rule, after reaching a certain stage of pregnancy, unless there are special circumstances (complications).These include, for example, previously carried out the operation, cesarean section or severe condition expectant mother.

How is going on maternity leave, and accrual of the dividend payment?First of all, determined by the average earnings of the expectant mother, to take this data over the past two years.Hospital and insurance payments, which are not charged with tax excluded.The total amount, resulting in the addition of all the salaries of the future mother, divided by the number of days worked.If income is below the limit, then calculate the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth mothers may, taking the regional minimum wage rate.

legislation provides a framework for the accrual entitlements.The current minimum rate is obtained from the minimum subsistence level (7189 rubles).The maximum size can not be charged to income in excess of 650 thousand rubles.If the sum of the future mother will be the number of salaries above the maximum, then take to calculate the maximum allowed.

charged for the period:

  1. If a woman expects a baby and the pregnancy is good, then a vacation will be a little less than 4 months.
  2. 156 days in the case of the serious condition of the expectant mother and the specific medical indications.
  3. If the expected emergence of more than one child (or not expected, but they were born), the pay period is increased by another 54 days.

size maternity benefits

After the change in legislation allowed women to choose how to calculate their maternity.The maximum amount of aid is limited to 228, 5 thousand rubles.Minimum is calculated when not enough time or salary was too low, in accordance with the minimum wage - 27, 5000.Unemployed mothers can expect to pay 543 rubles per month, if you lost the position for good reasons.They also receive an allowance of not less than 2700 rubles, if the first-born, and 5440, when the second baby in the parents.

To understand how the calculated allowance for child care, it is necessary to take into account the status of the expectant mother.Employed mothers organization must repay the money, commensurate with the salary.Some people do not use their right to rest and continue to work, so there is no assignment.If the child dies at birth, the payments are adjusted or not charged at all.

formula for calculating maternity benefits

allowance is calculated only for women and is paid in a lump sum.The minimum size of it at the moment - 28 500 rubles, and the maximum - 248 000 rubles.From hospital decree is characterized in that the total amount paid in wages the employee, regardless of the total length.Using a calculator for calculating maternity line, every woman is able to know the exact amount of their benefits under the formula: a / b * c.Where a - is the total income pregnant, b - the number of days per biennium, c - vacation days.

Example of calculating maternity and child allowances for child care

If you do not know how to calculate maternity, imagine the situation:

  1. Expectant mother worked before pregnancy 5 years.
  2. hospital is provided in the middle of January 2016, with a sheet of disability she should contact the accounting department of the employer organization.
  3. If a worker did not go to the hospital, did not take unscheduled days off, you get 730 days of the calendar.
  4. Revenues, no more than the maximum established: for the year 2014 - 624 thousand, and in 2015 - 650.
  5. As a result of the addition of these figures is obtained 1.274 million.
  6. This figure is divided by 730 to obtain the desired amount - 1745.2 rubles.
  7. Day payout is multiplied by 140 (the number of days of rest woman) as a result of the size will be 244, 328 thousand.

Video: how to calculate the payment of maternity-line

Various factors may affect the amount of benefits, so bring the amount that the employer must pay the woman can be, taking into account all the nuances.The easiest way to understand what is believed a pregnant woman who regularly worked, when the thirtieth week - see this video instructions.Calculate the correct payment of maternity expectant mothers will learn by viewing the video below.