How to clean the iron from scale

Every housewife faced with the question of how to clean the iron from scale.Even the high cost of appliance for ironing does not guarantee the absence of fouling or scaling on the soles inside.In the operation it is not always used distilled water, which leads to plaque.The device works worse and leaves stains.The range of special and folk remedies effectively helps to get rid of limescale.

way to clean the iron scale in

home resulting plaque causes contamination of clothing at her ironing.They are rust or yellowish spots, affecting the appearance of favorite things.Someone thinks the device with scale spoiled and already in a hurry to buy a new one.It is in vain: there are a number of methods how to clean iron at home - from the self-cleaning to a "home" means.

self-cleaning function

It is easy to clean from scale iron?Modern manufacturers have taken care of their customers and provided a home steam assistant special function.It is a rapid self-cleaning system in the home for a couple of ste


  1. Find instructions, what kind of water should be used for ironing.
  2. Pour into the apparatus the maximum amount of liquid.
  3. Set the heating temperature at the highest level, connect the device to the mains.
  4. Wait until it warms up, and the automatic shut-off time notice.
  5. Repeat the heating process in the 2 nd time.
  6. While iron passes 2 heating cycle / cooling, remove the heat-resistant container, such as the pelvis.
  7. Gently tilt the appliance with over pelvis and press the self-cleaning button.

cleaning device from dirt and grime is due to the intense isolation of the soleplate of steam, which you will see at the bottom of the basin after the water draining.For more effective descaling allowed slightly potryasyvat device during the water draining.After cooling the iron is still a couple of times to wash out container under running water and wipe dry the device itself.

Specialized descaling

goods market for household appliances has a wide range of anti-scaling of the irons:

  1. ┬źdescaling".Special tool to help remove scale.To get rid of it by means of contaminants to dissolve the substance in an amount of water, which is specified in the instruction.Pour the resulting solution into the iron, plug it in and wait for 30 minutes.After cooling the rinse tank with clean water.
  2. Topperr.Remedy scale, actively acting on lime structure due to the high concentration.To prepare the cleaning solution, mix the water and means in the ratio 2: 1.Heat the iron in a vertical position, and then put it on the sole.After a 2:00 drain the solution.Rinse the tank and then refill it with water, heat and serve steam to clean the soles of the scale.Progladte any unnecessary cloth to wipe the remnants of lime.
  3. Top House.To clean the device fill capacity in 100 ml of water and 50 ml of the detergent composition.Heat the iron in the "Cotton", and the position must be vertical.Once heating is complete, go to the steam mode, turn the device horizontally.Wait 10 minutes.and drain the solution.Rinse the steam iron in a mode of long holes will not cease lime particles.
  4. Greenfield.Pencil chemical action, which is used for immediate cleaning and ironing the surface of metal penetration.To remove the fumes, heat the appliance up proglazhivaniya temperature wool, ie,140 ┬░ C.Put a pencil on the sole.After a few minutes wipe the surface to be cleaned linen and cotton cloth.After cooling, wash the sole water.

Folk remedies for cleaning the soleplate

addition to special products, and you can use household methods.Here are recipes for how to clean the iron metal penetration and scale:

  1. Table salt.Excellent tool for cleaning the soles of domestic helper.Salt spread on a piece of paper with a thin layer.To soften the too large particles by adding to a mixture of grated paraffin.The resulting composition of the iron it so that it incorporates all the dirt.Remember that you can not clean the manner Teflon coating.
  2. Vinegar 9% solution.With it you can easily solve the problem, how to wash the iron deposit.Vinegar effectively cleanse irons Philips with their delicate ceramic soleplate.Moisten them with any cloth and scour the remnants of metal penetration, but do not overdo it.Heat the iron to be ironed every unnecessary thing.Prigara shall be left therein.Instead of vinegar, you can use ammonia.
  3. To clean the soles of burnt cloth, heat the unit up to a maximum.Then scrape the remnants of synthetic wooden spatula, but do not use iron loofah.It will hurt the non-stick coating iron some models, for example, Tefal models.
  4. gruel on the basis of water and soda copes with the problem of how to clean the iron metal penetration.In the opinion of the way it is good because it does not require heating of the device.You only need to put on the surface of a small amount of water and baking soda.After several minutes, the mixture will work.Then you can wash it, and then wipe dry with a sole.

How to Clean iron from scale within

There are a variety of methods and means of processing, not only the surface but also the inside of the instrument.Here are tips on how to clean the inside of the iron scale.Mistresses are natural products.Those who used the mineral water or citric acid, easily prompt, how to remove scale:

  1. Fill the iron mineral water or a solution based on one sachet of citric acid.
  2. Heat the appliance to the maximum temperature.
  3. miss a few times, and water vapor over the prefab capacity until exfoliates the entire raid.
  4. Repeat steps already using ordinary water to wash the appliance.

Video: the clean iron from scale and fouling

Tefal Teflon, ceramic soleplate Philips Moulinex or stainless surface - each model requires an individual approach to cleansing.Do not be difficult to find information, how and what to scrub the iron sludge and clean the scum.After reading the instructions in the composition of the decalcifying, you can easily return the former state of the device.

How can that be, if in the process something went wrong?How do I know how well executed technology of purification device?For the probability of error is minimal, it is recommended to follow with their own eyes the process of cleaning equipment.Useful for watching videos show how and what to clean the iron sludge and scum, contain an explanation of all stages.

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