Positions on Hellinger

psychological methods German doctor Bert Hellinger deserved recognition of specialists in different areas: pedagogy, psychotherapy, sociology, marketing.The uniqueness lies in the simplicity of the method, the ability to find the root of the problems in different spheres of human life, as well as identify ways to address the identified adverse conditions and situations.Positions on Hellinger used successfully for decades.However, this method has not only fans, but also opponents who believe that the system is causing harm to the participants of the program.

What is the system arrangement

Doctrine is a good practice, which was introduced in 1925 by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.System arrangement - is the ability to feel, "scan" the energy and information field of the problem situation.Hellinger method is based on the innate ability of people to feel.It is proof of our feelings are after random encounters with people.Some awaken in us only positive emotions, after talkin

g with the other wants to take a shower and wash away the negativity and irritation.

setup for Hellinger involve working with a group of people.Each participant is required to use the natural ability to "feel" the people and the problem situation, which was given the head.As a general rule, people can easily read the information about the difficulties in different spheres of life in the main party (the person, the problem is being worked).

Each of us is a complementary part of a single system.People associated generic programs, family relationships, religion, national traditions, friendships, business partnerships.We influence and depend on each other, looking for understanding and love, but in a vast number of people often feel alone.This self-perception is dictated by the state of isolation: a person extols the suffering and pain, his uniqueness.

Installation Hellinger is a simple method of helping people to realize their common problems.With the arrangements of the program can get rid of many contrived problems, mental belief, revealing their underlying causes.As a rule, they are destroying the family programs and unfinished problem situations in the family, having a negative impact on a person's fate.With the constellations Hellinger may uncover root causes:

  • diseases (drug addiction, alcoholism, genetic diseases);
  • difficulties in family relationships, in relationships with the opposite sex;
  • various phobias, depression, panic attacks;
  • childlessness (if not sterility);
  • business problems;
  • unrealized in life.

What are the alignment method of Bert Hellinger

Psychological counseling, based on either approach (classical or system), begins with the identification of the customer's problem.At this stage, the expert determines which method is best to apply the arrangement.Hellinger system includes several basic types: family, structural, organizational, client and spiritual alignment.What are their features and differences?


placement type involves working with family problems.Family Constellations at B.Hellingeru include elaboration of intrapersonal conflicts, generic messages that negatively affect a person's life.Experts are convinced that the difficulties of many customers explained injuries that were moved within the boundaries of the family system in the past.Problems are often associated with the failure of the order or hierarchy of the principle of "take-make" (the desire of parents to take children, awareness of children of his superiority over the parents, and the like).

Bert Hellinger believed that family trauma - the main cause of any health problems in your personal life or the material sphere.The therapist is convinced that the root of any problem is the desire to strike out (forget) members of family trauma - both perpetrators and victims.This desire to exclude from memory the incident becomes a "causative agent" of various problem situations and abnormal mental programs in subsequent generations of.Constellations Hellinger method for helping to find the underlying causes of the unhealthy state of the client and to get rid of them.


This type of constellations Hellinger helps to establish spheres of life such as work, finances, illness, get rid of fear.The method is extremely effective, if you can not rationalize the cause of the recurrence of the same problem.The structural arrangement helps to extract the root causes of problem situations to the level of consciousness.The program involves the transformation of a person - it allows him to change yourself at a deep level.


designed to solve the problems among members of labor collectives.Special areas of application of the program - is to work with business consultants, script writers, scientists.Organizational alignment method Hellinger mean "playing" roles, the main character traits, specific stories.The aim of the method is to unite the team to increase the productivity of the team or the settlement of internal conflicts.The priority of organizational constellations are the workers themselves and their community.


setup method Hellinger aimed at people whose professions involve helping others (doctors, social workers, psychologists, teachers).This type of program helps to consider the relationship between the assistants and receiving assistance.Through client setups is possible to see how effective this support, which is driven by motives of helping and, optionally, correct them.

Spiritual Teachings positions spirit as that which stimulates.This alignment method Hellinger defines therapist and participants tools for manifestation of the spirit.The technique is somewhat contrary to the therapeutic constellations, where the main role is played by the therapist, the client seeking a solution.The system does not use the concept of "problem" and "solution".Spiritual placement of view the situation through the free movement of consciousness.

Laws about love

Family Constellations method is based on two main concepts - conscience and order.Psychotherapist in personal philosophy is based on the aspect of conscience, which stands analyzer and "body balance" human.The system will work well only if the conscience is clear - if there is an inner belief that family life has developed.Alarmed means that person can no longer belong to the system.This concept is a detector of the degree of internal balance.

Hellinger divides conscience on unconscious and understand.If an individual comes in agreement with the latter, he gives away unconscious.Thus, the perceived conscience gives us justification, and unconscious guilt makes sense.The therapist says that the conflict between them is often the cause of problems in the family.The relationship between husband and wife in such a conflict will break even with a strong love.

Many people believe that the established family order may change under their influence, or that it is easy to prevail over them, exerting some effort.However, love is not able to give the order, since the latter is a fundamental principle, and love - it is just a component of the order.So, love is formed exclusively in any order and change it through their own efforts impossible.

How is the system arrangement

Group therapy involves working with each participant, which can last from 30 to 90 minutes.The duration of the system arrangement is determined depending on the number of requests.The man who worked out the problem, he determines which of the group will play the role of the members of his family.For example, a woman who has a problematic situation with her husband, chooses participants for the role of herself and her husband.The client, under the leadership of their own ideas and feelings, according to the instructions of the therapist puts the participants in the room.

During the program, amazing things happen, "deputies" (also known as the participants) to experience live the feelings and emotions of family members, which perform the role.For strangers are immersed in a situation so deeply that they can articulate occurring with someone of the situation.Due to this effect, there is no need to talk much about the events that took place in the client's family.

What is the danger of the method

Each profession to some extent linked to the dangers.For example, a non-professional driver can bring down a pedestrian, an inexperienced lawyer would deprive a person of liberty, disease unskilled doctor will kill the patient.Due to the lack of experience and low skill psychologist client may lose personal integrity or mental health.In layman's hands will be dangerous even psychological work.

method Use setups directly related to professional driving.Only an experienced expert will determine which version of the system is better suited to use for a particular individual, and which may cause harm or prove useless.With the constellations Hellinger method for the participants in contact with the personalities of other people live in the role.Manual therapist makes the process safer for the "actor" that no negative consequences will come from a specific role.

Features teaching methodology

School setups interested beginners or practicing psychologists, family doctors, therapists, social workers, teachers and all those who work with people.Main teaching methods that are used in the program includes theoretical and practical part.The first involves the study of the foundations of arrangement, reading philosophical notes, review and methodological presuppositions morphogenetic system.The practical part contains an analysis of specific situations and work through a method of family placement.

During the course of study, students are introduced to the psychological and philosophical teachings of the method of constellations.Students learn about the basic assumptions of the system, for example, a positive environment for the development of healthy family relationships or work.During the training is considered as folded or broken love relationship.Course participants can explore their own problem situations through the prism of constellations Hellinger and see the methods of solving them.

video about the system arrangement for Hellinger

Modern psychotherapists believe that the most valuable method in practice, not theory.However, to achieve the best results of group work on the constellations, you need to understand what are the basic concepts and principles of the system.With the video, posted below, you will get the basic knowledge and understanding of the psychological method Hellinger.

Feedback from participants on this system

Marina, 38 years : constellations method, though interesting, but ambiguous.I attended several group sessions and then felt broken.When others share their problems, you are in some way accept this burden on themselves.Clear from someone else's negativity is very difficult after the program.Hellinger's setup should help, but the negative effect eliminates the benefit.

Svetlana, 29 years : first heard about the constellations Hellinger, decided that it was another sect where people are "washed" brains.Later, I began to read the reviews and decided to visit the lesson.I liked the method.For 2 system arrangement I worked the problem, although I could not get to her reason, even with a psychologist.It is important to choose a good specialist who can help determine the root of your problem situation.

Alex, 31 years old : method Hellinger shocked me 4 years ago, when I first got to regroup.During this time it turned out to work out a number of serious problems related to money and fears.Guided by their own experience, I would say that it is extremely important to choose a therapist.He must be very skilled and have a positive experience.Presenters who have recently completed a course setups are not suitable.These classes will not benefit or even harm.