The smoking chambers for fish

Fish, which is treated with smoke, it is incredibly tasty and exudes a unique flavor.In addition, smoking also has a practical value - it's a great way to keep the finished product for a long time.The smoking chambers for the fish let it not be spoiled for a few months or even years.The process of smoking a long, but not difficult, if you connect to business special smokehouse.

What smokehouse for the fish is better to choose

range of modern smoking devices represented dozens of modifications differ in their performance and technical characteristics.Do not make the wrong choice will help the knowledge that are smoking chambers.Smokehouse - a special device that is used for cold or hot smoked.For fatty fish is better to buy smoking chamber Smoked, in which the process takes an average of 5 days at a temperature of 40 degrees.Weight loss is about 15%.

Hot smoked method is suitable for all kinds of fish, but especially tasty out representatives of rivers and freshwater lakes.This method prepares a

product faster - from 20 minutes to 2 hours at a temperature of from 90 to 130 degrees.Taste dishes spoil, if properly pick up wood for the smoking chamber.Smoke fish on willow, aspen, alder or fruit trees.If you use the conifers, the final product will be bitter.

Smoking chamber Mauting Compact

Smokehouse for fish Mauting Compact designed for cold-smoked small portions in the home or restaurant environment.This Universal smoking chamber, which can perform smoking of all kinds of products, and automatic heat treatment of smoked products.Inside the device provides a powerful air circulation fan, and its design has a perfect rigidity and insulation, admitting to extend the service life of the installation.

Czech smoking chamber Mauting Compact uses an automatic control system that automatically selects the program and have complete control over the process.Smoke generator runs on wood chips, integrated in the door and equipped with an automatic cleaning system.Made chamber of chrome-nickel stainless steel, and the price is the installation of 17 thousand euros.

Helia Smoker 24

Smoking chamber Helia Smoker 24 is made in Germany and became famous due to the ease of maintenance, low power consumption, universal use.All interior of the chamber, and the lattice tray made of stainless steel.The space between the walls can not get any fluid, as the housing is hermetically boil.The smoking chamber is placed 7 kg of meat, chicken or 4 to 24 fish, 250 gr.The furnace design is such that the fish or meat cooked in its own juice with no added fat.


Smoking devices Ducomaster universal.They are intended for cooking, drying, smoked, roasting fish and other food products.The effectiveness of their operation is provided by the German quality and availability of components.Smoking chamber made of stainless steel, is welded or modular, and its design is very strong and tight.The advantages of this smokehouse include:

  • high performance with minimal loss in weight;
  • three variants of the circulation of smoke: closed, flow, combined;
  • automatic cleaning mode;
  • production reliability.

Which tool to use for washing smokehouse

To smokehouse for the fish served for a long time, for it is better to use wash specially designed for this facility.For example, Biomol KM-Turbo - Universal washing to remove grease and resin with a smoke and thermo.Such overbased liquid preparations biodegradable and completely soluble in water.They contain no toxic substances or phosphates and effective even in cold water.Special components that make up the means of foam, contribute to the prevention of negative effects on the treated surfaces of alkali.

How do smoking chamber at home

If you can not buy a smoking chamber, it can be done at home by yourself.This will significantly expand the family diet and will provide not only a tasty fish, but also other quality smoked products.On any plot it is possible to build portable or stationary smokehouse, just before the start of construction to better analyze your skill level so that the machine came out quality.

Step by step instructions for the construction of the smoking chamber Smoked:

  1. Get two meters thick polyethylene film.
  2. Find a flat area on the site in Q1.meter hammer in her corner stakes in 2 meters tall, connect them with each other crossbars.
  3. Sew film from one side to get a bag.
  4. Connect the opposite poles between a diagonal rods in 3 rows.
  5. Hang fish on rods so that the carcasses do not touch each other.
  6. film is lower to the ground, a good push to the smokehouse was sealed.
  7. Bottom design chips, place, keep them in a steaming condition.
  8. After 3 hours, remove the film, ventilate the fish.
  9. If carcasses are large, then the next day, repeat the procedure.

Videos: smoking chamber with his hands

design of smoking chambers is about the same: focus, camera smoke, grease tray, hooks for fish.Independently real smokehouse smoked can not build one, because it is very time-consuming and complicated process.But to build a simplified version of it will not be difficult, and the quality of finished products can not hurt, and the smoking will depend on the amount and degree of fat products.

For a small number of fish suitable pail with a lid, which is installed at the bottom grille with the holes, and the top make holes for smoke.Do not forget to do the cover holes with hooks for hanging products.Watch the video, which shows a more complex version of the smoking chamber, made on the farm with his own hands:


Ivan, 28 years old: Bought Mauting Compact smokehouse for smoked fish in his shop for the manufacture of preserves.I ordered the installation via the internet, and came to my city after three weeks.I connected very simple, but for an understanding of how system works, did not take long, because in the kit was a detailed instruction in Russian.Acquisition happy - Fish drying time was reduced to 30 minutes.

Alexander, 35 years: Did smokehouse in the country on their own from the barrel and is very happy.Smoked fish out delicious, no yielding finished products made at the factory setting.The main thing is to use fresh wood chip, to give the fish a piquant bitterness.I take the branches of bird cherry and apple trees.

Vadim, 45 years old: bought for his country house smokehouse Ducomaster, because guests often have to take on the nature of their business.Installing surpassed all expectations - mackerel hot and cold smoked out great.For once in a smokehouse are allowed to upload up to 50 kg of fish or meat!Who is feeding the guests I have no problems - everything is prepared quickly, and most importantly - delicious.