How to check the debt on transportation tax

important to know that according to the Russian legislation, car owners (individuals and organizations) are required to pay tax on cars.It does not apply to citizens who are the vehicle by proxy.To calculate the size of the tax, its rate should be multiplied by the number of horsepower.There are regional differences in determining the value of the collection.Owning a car is important to be informed about how to know the debt for the transport tax.There are various ways.Let us examine them in detail.

way to check arrears in the transport tax

Do taxpayers have a variety of options to do this.Sometimes, not necessarily out of the house.The times when the amount of debt on transportation tax individuals only recognized individually by visiting FNSR, passed.Learn about it, you can:

  • visiting the tax office;
  • online FSSP (Federal Bailiff Service);
  • using names and TIN (taxpayer identification number) online at the Federal Tax Service;
  • opening page of the portal of public services;

There are times when you can attribute to the tax on a vehicle that you have already sold.That did not happen this mishap, you need to purchase and sale agreement to provide to the tax office.If the vehicle has been transferred to another owner, the contract of deed.Also, you can not pay the debt, in the case of theft of vehicles.For this purpose, store the tax in advance take a certificate that the car is wanted.

The tax office

Party can not be evaded.IFTS (Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service) works closely together with the traffic police.Therefore, it is present access to data on registered vehicles in the state.To access the IRS to obtain information have a few options:

  • come to the IRS department at the place of registration of the vehicle owner.
  • Check traffic on the car tax online.
  • Send a written request through the federal postal service.

Through the Internet

In the twenty-first century, we are almost always online.So no need to stand in long queues, glancing at the clock, take the time to search for addresses.Information on the debt to actually get through the Internet, from anywhere in the world.This is accomplished, for example, by using site FTS.Enter the name and taxpayer identification number, use the Dashboard.

How to check the transport tax by name and TIN online

The resources owned by the State fiscal authorities, there is such a thing as a personal account of the taxpayer.Only after registration can the entrance to it.We need to take a tax inspector registration card for access to the Members Area.There are specified username and password.There is a way to learn the tax arrears on VAT.Once registered, the system will provide your taxpayer identification number.Here's how to find out which debt the transport tax by name and TIN using different services.

The website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

To find out the size of your debt collection for transport to the official website FNSR (www. Nalog. Ru), you must first register.After registering on the resource FNSR you will be given a lot of useful information on obligations under the possession of the vehicle, the benefits, the amount of the debt.registration algorithm:

  1. Enter the last name, first name and patronymic.
  2. Specify the date of birth.
  3. Writing series, passport number.
  4. We go to the office, choose "E-Services".
  5. Select the point "Learn the inn" (the system gives it automatically based on the information you entered), to re-introduce the previous data.

on public services portal " "

two ways to register is present here.Consider the first:

  1. Click "Register" button.
  2. Fill in the fields "Name", "Last Name".
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Click "Register".
  5. On the phone you will be sent a confirmation code.
  6. Enter it, click "Confirm".

If you specify E-mail instead of a telephone number, for activation will need to click the link in the email.This method is simple, but it does not provide the full range of information on the subject that interests us.It is necessary to go through the registration process more capacious:

  1. Click "Edit" (account).
  2. Enter passport information.
  3. Use SNILS (snils).
  4. should wait for the system to check your data.
  5. In the case of successful verification of your phone will receive a confirmation message.For you to become available more services.
  6. Service Center Rostelecom purchase activation code to confirm your identity.
  7. If you are not a subscriber of Rostelecom, the activation code is delivered to you by registered mail.You may have to wait about two weeks.
  8. can specify data and Universal electronic card or to use an electronic signature to confirm the identity.
  9. get the code, enter it in your profile.
  10. you access to the full range of services.

The site of the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs

If your question is on the stage of enforcement proceedings in respect of your being a judicial debt collection, then the information you need can be found on the website of FSSP.Use of this page does not require registration and INN.How do you know what debt on transportation tax on FSSP website:

  • Enter your last name, first name and patronymic.
  • Specify the date of birth, place of registration.

Can you tell arrears

machine rooms we looked at different ways to learn about the amount of debt on transportation tax.All services required to enter data about the passport, taxpayer identification number, snils.No word on how to get the debt under the machine without VAT number, nowhere.The ability to learn about it on the car number is only in FNSR, and then only upon presentation of a passport.

Video: how to find and pay transport tax

Watch the video below about how the site of the Federal Tax Service of Russia to verify the presence and size of your debt collection and transport to pay for it.With step by step instructions are explained all the stages of the process.Visuals provides a visual representation of how to specify your details and issue the tax payment by cash and cashless payments.