How to connect your TV to the Internet

The technical equipment of modern television devices are superior to their predecessors.The number of functions increases.People who want to make the most of the advantages of the equipment, we offer to learn how to connect your TV to the World Wide Web without the help of a technical expert in communications.Important tips and recommendations to help cope with the task, even a novice on the condition of their strict observance.

methods to connect the TV to the Internet

There are two basic ways.Understand how to connect your TV to the Internet easily.Each variant has its own important features that can not be ignored:

  1. Wireless connection - a good way to quickly connect to the Internet TV, if you just observe all the necessary conditions.It is convenient because it eliminates confusion with cables, but have to work hard on set-up.Having dealt for the first time, you will realize that there is no particular complexity, and can then, without any prompting to perform this operation again and agai
  2. Wired connection - requires the purchase of a patch cord with RJ45 and laying special cable to connect the Internet.In modern apartments, this issue has been resolved, so they can find an outlet to which the power cable is already connected.

Connection instructions

Consider a few ways that will explain how to connect the Internet to the TV.Detailed instructions will cope with the task, and the newcomer, because there is nothing complicated about them.The main thing - understanding of the process and strict adherence to all recommendations.Televizonny unit can be any of the advanced digital, but it must support an Internet connection.There are models in which it is not provided.It is necessary to immediately determine the type of your TV, or the question of how to connect their own TV to the Internet, lose all meaning for you.

A Wi-Fi router

consider how to connect the Smart TV to the Internet on the example of the popular models of Samsung.The information will be useful for owners of devices brands Philips and LG:

  1. first need to buy a wireless network adapter (if it is not provided) and a router that supports Wi-Fi.A device of this type is a kind of signal splitter.
  2. Next, you need to connect to the port «WAN» on the router cable RJ45, and Wi-Fi adapter is inserted into the USB-connector on your TV.
  3. TV should recognize the adapter, so it must be switched off and on again.
  4. When you want to adjust signal reception by selecting "Network Settings", where you need to select "Wireless".TV will find itself automatically available to it wireless networks and displays them on the display list.
  5. remains to choose from a list of the desired network and press the «Enter» button.

A network cable

popular with many people, and this method because of its simplicity.It is necessary to have in place all the components of "design."We'll have to spend a little time to adjust (if you execute it right, for a long time to tinker with the remote control is not necessary).Connection must be performed in the following order:

  1. Connect the router with DHCP functionality into an outlet, conducted in the home internet cable.
  2. Connect the connector on the router lan network cable, and a second end - to network TV connector.
  3. Next, configure the TV itself.Open this menu it, search for "Network" in it, select "Network Settings" and press «Enter».
  4. Make the following settings to TV found online through the router: Menu "Network Setup" - "Cable" - "Next".


computer People often want to connect the TV to the Internet smart TV to watch exciting movies, transmission, not provided for in the program of the different channels.Desire is quite feasible.The house needs a computer, a modern plasma, hdmi cable.connect operation in the presence of all the funds executed so:

  1. cable connects the computer to the TV (to do this each device must have hdmi output, and if not, then use a special adapter).
  2. Looking on the remote TV button on the «Source», click, choose to «HDMI» item screen.The screen should then display the desktop computer.
  3. click the right mouse button, find the item "Resolution", select the desired mode of operation of the screen and the monitor, push the button «Ok».All you see whatever he wants!

With the help of Wi-Fi

hotspot Want to know how to connect the TV to the Internet without the smart TV?Then this guide is sure to help if your TV can not boast of the advanced technical equipment:

  1. Buy 4G modem (if you do not), a router that supports Wi-Fi and suitable to your modem.
  2. Connect the router, the modem to a TV.
  3. Tune the television, open a network connection settings menu and select there the item "Wireless Connection."Your TV alone will find all available access point Wi-Fi.
  4. Select your access point, enter the password that gives you the right to use this network.

Using this connection method, you need to learn just that this modem will not be at the appropriate level to provide a high speed connection.The second point - the volume of traffic.If the packet is a limit, enjoy the internet will not work for long.You want more?Then buy a good digital TV screen, which has a decent hardware.Advanced purchase other devices that will quickly connect to the World Wide Web.

Video: how to connect to the Internet TV yourself

Tired simple television, I want to see other films, commercials, music videos, programs on the big screen?Watch this interesting video that will help you without the help of a technician to connect the TV to the Internet.Practice shows that this is no big deal, if you have on hand all the necessary devices.Videotutorial will help connect even a novice.Just imagine how much you will save time and nerves, if you follow the advice of an experienced person!

connection example on samsung smart tv

TV brand Samsung has in many homes, but not every owner knows which way it is connected to the Internet.The video will make the task easy for you.This interesting movie, you'll be able to accomplish the task, and on the big screen to watch your favorite movies, programs which formerly viewed on your computer.You will be much more convenient to look at the picture on the big "monitor" - a luxury plasma screen.

How to connect to the TV does not have a cable lg and

Footage modem for those concepts, how to connect the TV LG brand to the Internet.An experienced specialist will help you know what is needed, how to perform the connection, and in what sequence to perform all the required settings.It is better to see once than hear a hundred times, so be sure to use the video instructions.