Portal plasma cutting

Very often work with metal sheets used specialized machines, with the aid of which the fission process.One of the most popular devices is considered a portal plasma cutting, it has its positive aspects, which can be installed quickly, efficiently and at minimum cost.The article takes a look at all the nuances of this mechanism, the rules for its work and give tips on buying.

Features plasma cutting units gantry

Plasma metal cutting is performed both manual and mechanized way.The total set of equipment for metal division manner, when the plasma is used, includes: a plasma torch, a power source, the control system running and cutting mechanism that moves the unit.The latter can be both movable and immovable, hinged, portal, gantry or cantilever.Control of such facilities is permitted photomultiplier type, magnetic and numeric.

Whatever device may be, the problem is he is one - cut cleanly from the sheet metal on the above scheme.The main positive feature when used for plasma cutting - is no need

for post-processing the edges of the resulting product.For example, if a cutting machine with metal cutters, the edge parts need to be smooth and should not be performed by using the plasma of the work.The second positive feature plasma cutting - the opportunity to work with different material thickness and cut out the most difficult part.


It is understood that the cut sheet metal using plasma begins with warm-up first point arc, which is created by the difference in potential between the electrode and the workpiece (when current passes through the nozzle).When the place is already warmed up, the oxygen stream or other gas under strong pressure displaces it and get smooth and smooth edge detail.This process is supported by thermal oxidation of the metal, which occurs along the line of cut.The main objectives of plazmoreza portal type, you can add to this list:

  • cutting any kind of metal of different thickness up to 0.1 mm;
  • production of parts of any complexity from a sheet of aluminum, iron, steel, etc .;
  • cutting pipes of different diameter, thickness and length;
  • highly accurate results without the possibility perekalivaniya profile.

Features and operation

plasma cutting machine gantry type is characterized in that the metal sheet is placed under the portal.This is the main difference, as the console device, this detail is placed under the console and in the hinge mechanism - under the frame hinges.In addition to the portal in this device will certainly be support, copying mechanism and the plasma torch.Perhaps photoelectron and control, which has the task of tracking accuracy of the contour drawing, which was sent to the device (special cell is used here).

If plazmorez supplemented controlled, then it will make many of the same parts, without the slightest difference.Such an arrangement is often used in the mass production.In the current environment of plasma cutting machines gantry type and is constantly being improved to increase the speed of their work, the quality of the parts with a parallel decrease in operational costs.It is necessary to watch the video, which will demonstrate the work of such a mechanism:


Standard plasma cutting should include a number of components, which together perform quality work.Each of these parts can be replaced in the operation of devices on or adjacent the same mechanism (only working).Consider each piece:

  • portal system with guide rail type and the transfer from the rack to the stepper motor.Here there should be a system of dynamic protection against possible vibrations, it increases the life quality of uninterrupted service the entire apparatus.Portal system is a major part of the entire system, it allows an additional activation of the compressor.
  • plasma source.It is allowed to choose any, depending on the preferences and the desired result.
  • Automated Caliper, which carries most of the plasma torch moving vertically.If the automatic monitoring system, it may additionally be present touch mechanism that determines the height of the future workpiece will be used.
  • table saws should be aligned with the portal.The choice of such details should depend on the maximum sizes of sheets for cutting, as well as the dimensions of the main parts plazmoreza.It will be a fixed or portable, it is available on request.
  • front CNC or other software that will submit the problem the main unit.
  • panel or control board.There is not in all devices, but in the presence of these components in the kit, it is much easier to adjust the metal cutting process, stop and start the device (this requires one button).
  • software.Present for improved mechanisms and allows the operator to create layouts and transfer them to the installation.

CNC control system for machines for cutting metal

If the device is present numerical control, the quality of the cut is increased significantly and thus increases productivity.Any configuration or scheme can be easily implemented using a CNC, which is not so difficult to connect to any machine (such as plasma and laser).The advantages of such a management portal installations for plasma cutting of metal include:

  • the possibility of any repetition of the contours in different parts;
  • creation of identical metal parts on the most complex figures;
  • opportunity to cut any contour;
  • increased plant productivity;
  • ability to control the start time, the duration of the works.

Prices gantry installation of air-plasma cutting

cost of these mechanisms varies within large, depending on what parameters will have plazmoreza and what its power is.The most popular model MAX 200 from Hypertherm can cost up to 500,000 rubles.There are small tables with a portal system that can be applied to small industries, then the price will be lower.If we are talking about large enterprises for production, the machines cost can reach several tens of thousands of dollars, here it is important to obtain a passport for goods.Average price dispersion is enclosed in a frame:

  • compact gantry plazmorezy (40,000 rubles);
  • CNC machines (from 150,000 rubles);
  • plasma torches (from 37000 rubles);
  • large plasma cutting (400,000 rubles).

Where to buy machines for cutting pipes and other works?

Buy portal plasma cutting easy as that large manufacturers and dealers.In the first case, the buyer will choose the device at low prices, but the terms of the purchase order can be multiple devices.In the second case, the cost may be much higher, but the acquisition parameters will be more acceptable (fast and free shipping, the possibility of obtaining a machine maintenance wizard setting mechanisms, additional hardware, maintenance).List of major Russian producers of portal installations:

  • Asterkat (St. Petersburg, St. Kurchatov, 9..).
  • MULTIPLAZ (Moscow, Leningrad highway, d. 34, Bldg. 1).
  • Siberia-Technology-Service (Altai region, Barnaul, Kalinina Prospekt 24 B).
  • manufacturer of machine tools Chelyabinsk (Chelyabinsk, Komsomolskiy pr., 14).
  • kotodama (Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, ul.Kutuya, 159).