What that itches

According to national signs knowledgeable person will not be difficult to make a forecast for the near future.Such people immediately answer the other party to the question: what it itches?Nose, neck, arms, belly, as well as other parts of the body, who suddenly itch, may be harbingers of success, profits, failures or tears.The body or inside the sensations can occur when you want to scratch.What are the signs of fate sends across this category of people's will?

What itches head

What tells folk interpretation of the person of interest in anything, and that is scratched when it comes to your head?The general interpretation of the prophesies quarrel.The pretext is able to serve any reason why knowing the interpretation of people's signs, you can avoid an unpleasant moment.If scratched near the right ear, then on you will be glad to helpful advice, near the left - someone older age will give you his neck - portends a difficult thought.The intensity is also important: the more it itches, the more diff

icult it will be to resolve the conflict.


Along with when the ears are burning or itching of the nose tip, this national sign is included in the list of the most popular and familiar to many.The symbolic omen promises to those who have itchy eyes, radically opposing the state - with tears and sorrow to joy, and visits from loved ones.The reason that the eyes twitch, fatigue is a strong nervous tension, as if he was scratched or tear, it is necessary to eliminate the inflammation or foreign body.

If you wanted to scratch his eyes spontaneously and this effect is short-lived, the popular interpretation of the signs says that the right eye itches to tears, and the left - a joyous event.To influence the interpretation of the omens are the days of the week.The approach is simple: if the artist meets the letter "p", for example, the environment, but not Friday, then itchy eyes promise joy, and the remaining days of the week are predicting tears.Good news at work - that is what the left eye itches Tuesday.


When scratched earlobe, the sign predicts worsening weather wait for a strong wind or bad weather.People's outlook regarding the privacy promises addition to the family or receiving unexpected news.Pay attention to the interpretation is the fact how itching ears: if the right - for you say unpleasant words or abuse, and the left ear is traditionally itches or burns those who has received praise from unfamiliar people, co-workers, superiors.


Often the appearance of the signs there is a way that bridge itching, so I want to scratch your nose.Folk legend has it that in your life will soon knock the glad tidings.If suddenly itching right nostril, it heralds the birth of the son of someone of good friends, and the left nostril to the appearance of the girl scratched.It is standing on guard for those who have itching under your nose, as it portends ingratitude.Combed his nose - a sign of this is familiar to many: get ready for a feast with strong drink.


await guests who come from far away to visit you - this is the most common interpretation, when scratched an eyebrow.This visit is linked with the best of intentions, because guests will be thanked for the kindness that you have shown once.For a girl or woman itchy right eyebrow predicts a meeting with the man left - communication with representatives of the same sex.If itching between the eyebrows, then you have to communicate with the couple.


sure sign of why scratched her forehead - it was time to take a serious decision in your life.Prepare for the unexpected conversation with the opposite sex should be those whose forehead itched badly.There is a possibility that your spouse has decided to leave and end the relationship, thus configured to do so decisively.Prevents this sign of an unpleasant meeting with the doorframe, so if you do not want injuries, be careful.The best interpretation states that your dream will come true in the near future.


time for kissing - that will soon come to those who suddenly wanted to scratch lips.Signs indicate that initiated a pleasant event will the other person.If the girl combed upper lip, then kissing her become a prominent man, and the lower portends that her kiss a woman, for example, a mother or a friend.According to national signs, it is not only when the lips itch, but still burning, or begin to twitch.Get ready for serious discussion, if the tip of the tongue itches.


Burning cheek predict tears, insults and negative comments about your person by close people.Unpleasant events can be expected, if the itch left cheek, because it speaks of the imminent division of property, quarrels about the will, but it will be solved peacefully.For pregnant such a sign announces the birth of a girl.When itchy right cheek, then the sign is positive, because you think about a loved one, which is the most sincere intentions.

Signs that what itches on the body

Why and that itches on the body - these superstitions are constantly passed on from generation to generation.Folk predictions associated sudden impulse to scratch one or another part of the body to the upcoming events possible.As the desire to scratch your beard, chin, or the little finger, such sensations come on suddenly.Symbolic interpretation of what and why itching on the body, includes phenomena such as sadness, joy, money, misery.Wrist, back, armpit, groin, soles of the feet - all able to give an idea of ​​the future.


The largest number will associated with this part of the body.Many people believe that if the right hand was itching, you should expect to gain or receive large amounts of money, but left prophesies costs.About emergency meeting with someone whom you have not seen for a long time, tell slicked right hand.Cheerleaders is worth it if you inadvertently scratched his elbow or fist.This national sign predicts very unpleasant events.

Expect huge profits, if you scratched the middle finger on his left hand.Good interpretation shall be a sign to those who itched index or ring finger: prepare for rapid advancement up the ladder of success in either study.Thumb as plot hands up to the elbow, itching in people who are coming life changes.If your right hand, you soon will be acquainted with the person who will change your life, on the left - with respect to your mate comes frustration.

If scratched his chest

The fair sex of the events of the near future will be judged when they suddenly zacheshetsya breast.Communication with the subtle world reports about violation of harmony, of possible concern if there was a tingling or itchy sensation in the sternum.If the itching is only left breast, the sign indicates a longing lover for you, right - to change the part of the elect.


no particular reason combed right foot?You will enjoy the journey, a long journey - that predicts people's desire to scratch a sign of respect to the foot.Superstitions have arisen whenever the cars and paved roads could be no question.The traveler had to overcome the distance on foot, because only wealthy people traveled on horseback.The treatment of the signs has a positive character, because the way to overcome due to the joyful feast upon arrival.

combed heel heralds a change in the weather, and the desire to scratch his knee promises good news.When itchy right leg (foot, knee, hip), that is connected with it most of the positive predictions.The left has always warned about the events of a negative character: a person must be careful, careful on the road, he faces the loss and even treason.


variable weather and the best events in the life of the popular signs of promise for those who have itchy belly.Movement downwards predict possible events that will occur in the near future, and on one side of the abdomen to the other - harbingers of deferred time circumstances.A good omen is when scratching the navel - it portends a holiday or fun.


longing in my soul, sorrow and not bright prospects brings with it a sign of combed back.Puzzling question concerning the area, it is easy to see: the loin - unfortunately, as the blades are itching to bad weather.All superstitions associated with the area below the shoulders, impose negative predictions.Only those who have itchy tailbone, will dodge out of trouble, because the lucky ones will be able to escape in time or simply avoided the collision.Swift feast awaits those who have itchy neck.


Very soon you have to go out on a date - that says a popular sign.Also subtle worlds make it clear that in the coming days will great mysterious event that will affect the course of destiny.Scratching fifth point starts before the good events concerning his personal life.If the itching sensation arose only in one buttock, the right of the predicted or envious rivals with malevolent intentions, and the left - you have to be careful to stay away from doubtful adventures.