Ways to find out the debt on housing and communal services

Payment of utilities required under the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, but the modern pace of life does not always allow her to perform on time.Besides it is necessary to find out the exact amount to pay.Modern technology offers many ways how to find out the debt on housing and communal services.They come in handy when you are out of town or want to save time by using modern online payment services.The latter give the opportunity not only to watch the debt, but also to repay it.

way to learn arrears of rent

Each apartment owner in the mailbox once a month comes a receipt in which the current debt is written, the name of the debtor and the personal account.It sends them Energosbyt or LCD control company.However, the cases when they come fake receipts with incorrect information.To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you will get an idea how to find out the debt of rent on their own.Make it possible:

  • in the housing compartment;
  • via the Internet;
  • through a bank;
  • phone.

The utilities department

This method is better suited for people who live in small towns.Come at your housing department, where the employee of the company will provide detailed information on your debt and issue date for the receipt of payment.With it, you can pay for the same services.The dark side of such a method - often have to endure all of what is spent a decent amount of time.

Through the Internet

If you are outside the city, or you do not have time to visit the housing department, remember how to find out the debt of the apartment through the Internet.Most utility companies have web-based resources, which have the ability to register and open access to the Members Area.There will be a Set your debt and payment options through a network.The procedure is simple, you need to follow the prompts and instructions on the website.

became popular service portal "Public services» (gosuslugi. Ru), where it is possible to check the debt public utilities, monthly receive the latest information and pay utility bills.To do this, go through a simple registration procedure, where you are asked to enter the name, mobile phone number, specify the e-mail address.Then you get into the private office.Next, to find out the debt on housing, you must:

  • go to the "Charges" section;
  • further the tab "Accounts";
  • provide your payer code here.

If you want to pay off the debt as soon as you can see arrears of rent and pay for it in the "Charges".Click on the tab "Payment Service", select the provider company (it is listed on the account, which comes in the mail) and region, enter your registration number and click "Pay".This method is suitable if there is already invoice.

A bank

Ability to learn debt utilities provide most of the major banks.To do this, visit the cashier and give one of the old receipts.The employee will tell you the amount to pay.Most major banks have a online office where you will receive information on housing and utilities arrears.For example, the Savings Bank offers to join in a private office.For this purpose, sberbank official website.ru bottom of the page, locate the "Sberbank Online" section and go through the registration procedure.Next you need to:

  • go to the tab "Payments and transfers";
  • section "Utilities and home phone", select the required service for payment;
  • select the recipient organization;
  • fill in the required fields;
  • to pay for the service, click "confirm by SMS»;
  • enter the code in the appropriate field and click "Submit";
  • save this template and print the document in the form of a check.

If there's an ATM, it is possible to find out the debt utilities for the personal account.Click on "Payment of utility services" section of the terminal screen and enter a personal account.After that, select the "Electricity", "Gas", "light" and the terminal displays the debt.You will be able to immediately pay for it using cash or bank card.

How to check the debt for utility services in Moscow

For the convenience of the payers single payment instrument (ENPI) has been introduced in Moscow.It includes most of the utilities.Separately have to pay bills for electricity, home phone, internet.ENP sends in the mail every month.If necessary, it is possible to get online, pointing to pgu site.mos.ru payer code receivable period (month or debt).There are more ways to easily find out the debt on housing and communal services.


Learn debts for housing and communal services online by name does not work, but using a completely addresses.To do this, visit the Content Management Team Coordination Center (gu-is. Ru).There is publicly available information on debts under the residential addresses in Moscow.There is a special online calculator for exact calculation of the debt on the site, which make the following data:

  • the exact address of the apartment or house;
  • floor;
  • term debt calculation;
  • area of ​​housing;
  • as registered persons in a house;
  • type of dwelling hiring;
  • ownership of an apartment or a house;
  • type of home improvement.

For maximum accuracy of the calculations necessary to clarify some of the services you are calculated according to established standards, and which are on the counter, if installed (gas, water).All of these items will help determine the amount of payment for heating, hot, cold water, electricity, drainage, repair and maintenance of the building, the work of the housing department employees.

on personal accounts

there are several services for all the inhabitants of Moscow, where the learn arrears of rent is possible with the help of a personal account.For electricity responsible company "Mosenergosbyt", which has its own website and the opportunity to enroll in a private office.To do this, enter the account number of the receipt from the meter and code (written on the instrument).Next there is a simple registration process and you will get access to your personal account where you can see the electricity bill.

All other data for the debts in Moscow or St. Petersburg can be specified in any branch of the bank, calling the employee number of the personal account.In addition, it can be done through any ATM or terminal that accepts payment for public services.Select the appropriate section, enter your personal account to receive data and payment options.

By phone

If desired, all of the data on payment of housing and communal services in Moscow is possible to update the phone.To check the debt for electricity call the "Mosenergosbyt" to phone number: +7 (495) 981-981-9.To check the status of bills for fixed line services, dial +7 (495) 707-44-55 and the data system will automatically on the debt number from which the call.Help is available around the clock.The rest of the data on public services better clarified in the MAS "Center IC SU coordination" by phone +7 (495) 659-15-81.

consequences of late payment of debts for utilities

Non-payment of utility services - a violation of the Russian legislation.So in your best interest to understand how to quickly find out the debt on housing and communal services.This offense is the culprit for the backfires.For example, the cost of services can grow through the laying on defaulter penalties, fines, penalties.Services have the right to reduce the volume of services provided, temporarily or completely stop them.Debt collection can delegate or sold to collection agencies.In an extreme scenario, the eviction from housing.

If you do not pay the entire debt at once, you should do it at least partially.This will demonstrate your desire to specialized institutions to repay the debt and to persuade them to refrain from extreme measures.Even if now you do not have funds to pay utility bills in full, is to know how to specify the arrears of housing and communal services convenient for you.

Video: how to know the debt and pay for housing and communal services

Each apartment owner is obliged to pay under the law of utility services.Modern technologies make it possible to do it much faster and easier than ever before, when huge queues had to stand.Who is to specify the amount to pay and spend it, you do not even need to leave the house.Details of how to find out the debt and make a payment, see in the video below.