Home kneading

Arsenal home appliances and kitchen gadgets steadily replenished in every home.Modern hostess free from an increasing number of the necessary manual handling, until the dough.This function is successfully carrying out kneading machine for the home.Learn at last, that is the electric machine for making dough, what types of equipment are available.Ask how many mixers are popular manufacturers.

Types of mixers for home

Kneading home - it is not too powerful unit designed for mixing liquid, yeast, steep, puff pastry.Externally the car looks like a mixer and a blender immersion "in one bottle."Often the unit is equipped with additional nozzles for kneading and whipping sauces, creams, mousses and other confectionery masses.The performance characteristics of household mixers for home machines are classified into:

  • with batch or continuous operation;
  • with horizontal, vertical, inclined axes;
  • mechanical, vibration, ultrasonic type of exposure;
  • with rotating bowl, a lever or a mixed mode of operatio
  • dough mixers general rotation;
  • with Z-shaped and S-shaped blades.

spiral kneading machine

Spiral kneader for the house will be the best purchase, if you are going to make bread, cakes and other yeast pastries.It is believed that only such unit (except of hands!) To cope with the dough with yeast.The unit is perfectly knead other types of tough tests: Fresh, flaky, sandy, as the cup rotates, rather than a spiral mixer in the process.This helps rotate the dough easily to the blade.Its advantages:

  • greater efficiency when mixing the dough cool consistency;
  • great performance - one bowl is designed to test various sizes;
  • ability to control the temperature of the dough.


This type of aggregates is called by the process of the work - the planetary rotation.During the mixing nozzle and rotates around its own axis and a circular inner cup space.Machine dough planetary demand due to the wide scope of application.As standard, the kneader has a whisk, blade, hook.Many models are improved with additional nozzles for:

  • whipping cream or mashed potatoes;
  • cooking souffl├ęs, minced;
  • kneading yeast, liquid, custard, puff, protein assay.

How to choose a mixer for home

kneader are going to buy for the house, enjoy all the advantages and disadvantages of existing models.This technique does not apply to low-cost purchases.To the attachment was the best, you need to choose the unit, taking into account the following factors:

  1. What are you going to mix (unit type).
  2. Do kneader additional features, and whether you will need all the available features.
  3. To what extent will knead (the size of the bowl, the unit capacity).

On 5 liters

five-liter volume - standard size bowl most household spiral kneader.From popular models of this type of production is worth noting the following brands:

  • Clatronic KM 3323 (bowl 5 l, power 1000 W, timer programming system);
  • KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE (bowl 4,8 l, power 1600 W, timer, 12 nozzles included);
  • Olimpic Multifunzione (bowl 5 liters, power 1000 W, 6-speed);
  • Gastrorag QF-3470 (4.5 l cup, power 650 W, 6 speed).

Household mixer for tough test

on industrial production to knead dough cope units horizontal type.At home, this technique is cumbersome, and it is very expensive.Therefore, the optimal mixing machine for tough test for the house - a spiral kneader with two Z-shaped blades, capable at once kneaded from 800 g to 1.6 kg of dough.Some of the popular mixers available on the market:

  • Marcato Regina (mechanical mixer operates with a manual drive);
  • Marcato Pasta Mixer (horizontal electric blender-mixer with capacity included);
  • Reber (electric spiral mixer, designed for 1.6 kg of dough).

Food processor Mixers with

Additional mixing function is available in many models and Bread Food processor:

  • Clatronic KM 2718 (bowl 5 l, power 1000 W, 6 batch modes, Germany);
  • Olimpic Multifunzione (bowl 5 liters, power 1000 W, 6-speed, Italy);
  • Profi Cook PC-KM 1025 (bowl 1,5 l, power 1200 W, additional attachments, China);
  • Redmond RFP-3903 (0.8 l cup, power 1000 W, additional nozzles, Russia).


mixers-mixers - the most popular type of machines that can mix several types of dough, meat, pastry mass.These models are equipped with three speed modes, equipped with additional paddles:

  • Kenwood MX271 (bowl 4 l, 400 W, standard);
  • Bosch MFQ 4020 (mini-mixer for test 5-speed, 450 W);
  • KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE (bowl 4,8 l, 12 additional nozzles);
  • Sirman MARTE LT 5 (bowl 5 l, 500 W, standard);
  • GAM GM5 (blender-mixer with bowl 4,6 l, 750 W, standard).

Prices kneading for home use

range of prices for equipment of Italian, Chinese, German, Russian manufacturers wide.unit cost is determined by its type, equipment, specifications, popular brand, the country (Chinese technique is inexpensive).Machine dough with the average cost of about $ 1,000.In ruble terms prices range from 3 to 40 thousand.Price Top 5 popular manufacturers testomeshalok Home (in dollars):

  • Kenwood - 1000;
  • Pizza Group - 1200;
  • Bosh - 1300;
  • Fimar - 1300;
  • Electrolux - 1500.

reviews Kneading

Elena, 35 years : I take mixer Clatronic German for five years.I have it kneaded biscuit, oparnoe yeast, brewing, shortbread dough and pizza.It also whip the oil and sour cream, cream.Very pleased, because the machine saves time and frees your hands.

Marina, 27 years : do not understand what the need for such an expensive technique, if the dough easy to knead by hand.I think that home is best to buy a bread machine "Bosch", which is a function of mixing.If you are going to open a small business for baking, I acquired a horizontal semi-industrial kneader.

Nina, 57 years : Peck his entire adult life.In recent years, started to hurt hands - arthritis, kneading dough, especially cool, it was hard.Deny as yourself the pleasure could not.Children with her husband gave me on the anniversary of the pension a two-speed planetary kneader for "Kenwood" Home.For two years I do not know grief with this wonderful machine.Very happy!